By way of an apology...

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  • daystar


    Yes, there are many reasons for some to be bitter. Most of us hope to let it pass through us and eventually move beyond it. And many have.

  • Forscher

    Bitterness, not really. A bit of catharsis is in order so that one may move on. Otherwise one would internalize things and become really bitter! I've made no secret of the fact I was kicked around pretty much from day one after I took the dip. I endured it. But the straw that broke the camel's back was what I considered worship of the organization which became so open and obvious from the platform as time went by. That, added to the legalism that burdens most people while letting others off the hook for hurting their fellows, was what finally did the trick. I gave the organization more chances than it deserved!
    I don't want to be bitter, so I let bits and pieces out. As for those who see it as their mission to get others out, I understand the sense of betrayal that moves many of them to do it. I also understand the sense of love which moves others to the same end. Each one has his own reasons!
    No apology needed, We know what it is like.

  • PaulJ

    Hi Mum (it was a letter she sent me!!!)

    Thing is when you leave the JW's you still 'think' like a JW, and thats the toughest cycle to break. You might stop believing much of what they brainwash into you teach but ultimately you have to take a huge step backwards and try and look at things openly.

    The real "truth" is what you believe at the time. Previously we all believed that what we 'learnt' came directly from God, so we never doubted it. In reality tho it was simply the FDS version. Now if we go looking for answers while out of the "truth" we will only see whats already there, that is, other people's opinions and research. I choose to believe whats right for me.

    For example. Take God's name. Recently I've prayed to "God" and I've prayed to "Jehovah" and felt that he has answered on both occasions, so to me it simply doesnt matter, as long as what you are praying is hearltfelt. (thats my spin on it anyway). Now, unless someone comes along and blows that theory out of the water thats what I'm gonna believe.

    At the end of the day if someone found the ultimate truth about everything, something beyond critisism dont you think everyone would know about it by now?

    Ok, enough from me... I havent been on here for a while so hi to everyone!!!


  • diamondblue1974

    Hey no need to apologise; we have all been there, keep on posting!

    Ok, enough from me... I havent been on here for a while so hi to everyone!!!

    I had noticed matey; you were on my list of people to PM but I just didnt get round to it, apologies! DB74

  • PaulJ

    Thats ok DB. Well I used to go on mostly at work, but I'm not working there anymore, so my visiting this site is a bit more sporadic.

    Hope you are ok. I'm sure I'll be back again on here more If I can.

  • jwfacts

    Nice to read your story Tez and PaulJ.

    My name is Paul and when i was reading the letter i had a sudden hope that you were my mum. Oh well, one lives in hope.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I know a lot of people are saying the apology isn't necessary. I have a slightly different take on this.

    I think those of us who believed the WTS and would have followed them right down to sacrificing our lives or the lives of our children, stand just a bit taller when we finally understand the read truth. I know I have apologized to my kids. It helped ME a great deal to let them know that I truly do regret following the WT dictates.

    And if my mother ever contacted me and apologized (really apologized) for what she she had done to me I just might think a little more of her.

    I've seen ex-elders come on here and apologize for how they were forced to follow a bunch of rules and have since recognized how hurtful those rules were.

    Yes I think a heart-felt apology does a lot to soothe some of those wounds.

  • Tez

    Thanks everyone, yes I suppose apologising is a balm to my soul as well, but I have also learnt a BIG lesson! Again as Paul said we still tend to think like JW's and one of the things they are big on, though they may deny it, is being judgemental... Well no more of that for me, if there is something I don't understand I will have to ask more questions to see if I can learn to understand, otherwise just learn to put up and shut up!!

    For the 'other Paul' on here, hope one day your Mum comes round.

    loadsa love everyone{{{{{{{{{{{{xxxxxxx}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  • trevor


    Sorry to hear you going through such growing pains. I would add that if JWsaccept that it is permissible to use certain components of blood - is it OK for JWs to be blood doners? After all it is not fair to take these blood parts from worldlings but say it is wrong to give in return

  • Tez

    Good point Trevor !!!!

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