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  • Tez

    To all JWD posters that I have felt go overboard with your bitterness toward the borg! See below a copy of part of my letter to my son (he posts on here when he gets chance to). I now fully understand your anger and your desire to try and get JW's out of this blood guilty cult. Please accept my apologies! Many of you are very informative on here and I appreciate all your input, keep up the good work!

    ....Anyhow aside from that, you may have received the email (sent it to your Yahoo address) that I got from ***, could you open the attachment on the Blood Issue? this was a chapter from Ray Franz’s book, not sure which one. Well I the thing is last night I garbled a prayer out, very garbled because I don’t know who I am praying to any more, if anyone. One thing I asked was if it is possible to find the ‘truth’ and could JW’s have any element of it. I haven’t read much of that email yet, just up to paragraph 20, and I am absolutely gob smacked!! I didn’t think I was naïve, and now I cannot believe how naïve I have been Paul. I have blindly followed that organisation and trusted them. You may say it shouldn’t be such a shock, and up till now I haven’t felt too shocked by anything I have learned, and as you know I have felt the folk on the JWD site go overboard in their bitterness, but now I fully understand it!!!! Yet when I read that article it was so bloody (‘scuse the pun) obvious! If they accept that it is permissible to use certain components of blood why did I never question how those components were taken from the blood? And you know what is the worst possible thing? I would have blindly gone along with this if any of you, as children, had needed to have blood!!

    I am glad you never did, but sorry too for those that have refused blood for the wrong reasons.

    All I can say to you and to your brothers and sister is that I am so, so, so, sorry. And I am happy now that at least the four of us have left it. It has been quite a step forward to at last say that I am happy to have left because up till now I wasn’t truly sure how I felt. This also now, makes me feel like taking the bull by the horns and printing the article off and sending it to your dad and ****** if it means that they will never talk to me again, at least I will feel that I have tried to set them straight in something. How would I feel if anything happened to them and they refused blood and lost their lives as a result if I hadn’t at least tried to show them this article? The organisation harps on a lot about ‘blood guilt’ but they have so much of it hanging over them…..

  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101

    Its good to have your eye's open isnt it. And dont worry we were all in the same boat once

    CS 101

  • KW13

    Your apology isn't necessary, we all have been there and we will do our best to SHARE THE REAL TRUTH. Glad you've seen sense mate! :)

  • Shazard

    What it is this letter you were reading. What are the chapters? Can we (I) have it?

  • luna2

    Yup, its a journey. LOL When I first faded it wasn't because I knew all the ins and outs of the various scandals or because I'd been treated horribly by the was because a lot of little things weren't adding up and because I was desperately unhappy. So, I didn't always understand the anger towards the WTS at first. It wasn't until getting on this site (and others) and having certain things clarified, defined and the ramifications explained, that I started getting rather upset myself.


  • yesidid
    What it is this letter you were reading. What are the chapters? Can we (I) have it?

    I think this is what you are looking for.

    It is chapter 9 in Ray Franz's book, "In Search of Christian Freedom"

  • Tez

    Shazard, see Yesidid's note. I wasn't sure that this was from Ray's second book. Chapter 9 was emailed to me from a friend who knows some of the struggles I have been having. It is quite long to email through to you but let me know if you have any problems and I will send it to you later. I haven't read it all yet! but what I have read has made me feel disgusted with myself for having been so blind!

  • Legolas

    I'm glad the scales fell off your to say....I have both of Ray's book's, they are great!


  • Honesty

    You don't owe an apology. Most of us would have defended the Watchtower against all 'opposers' at one time. We felt that all former JW's were evil people because that is what we were taught for years.

    Isn't it great to have an open and free mind!!!!

  • Billygoat


    No need to apologize as we've all been in your shoes dear!

    This is probably a great lesson to have learned: that we don't always see the "big picture" of someone else's perspective. The JW culture is so quick to judge without having all the facts. You think when we leave the bOrg, that this method of looking at the world would automatically stop. But it doesn't. Old habits die hard. I am still trying to learn this myself, even after having been out for almost 16 years now! But epiphanies like the one you just had, are huge "mile markers" to us. Always use it as a touchstone - remember what it feels like and what your thoughts are when you don't understand where someone else is coming from. There is rarely a situation where we see the WHOLE picture.



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