Has anyone here asked you for personal information?

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  • integ

    My name is Jim Hunter. I live in Sparta, Wisconsin. I'm 6'0 375 lbs. My hobbies include classical music, hunting, and watching gay porno, even though I'm not gay. I am also an auxillary pioneer, but was removed from being an elder because I beat my step-daughter.

    My arm pit hair is like guitar strings. I can even play "Keep your eyes on the prize" with them.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    If a stranger asks for your contact information, it is wise to check with someone you trust before giving the information out.

    The moderators here have a pretty good idea of who's who, as do many of the long-time posters.

    Does this make it difficult for a newby? Yes, perhaps it does, but that's the way it is.

    One possible contact method that a sincere newby could employ would be to find a long time member or a moderator who might be willing to be an intermediary. There are no guarantees that every newby will find a willing intermediary.

    Watchtower lawyers are stalking about like roving lions, seeking whom they might devour. Let the reader use discernment.

  • jgnat

    There've been a few newbie posters who wanted to correspond me by e-mail. I am very cagey about even giving that out. I figure anything I want to say I can say here, publicly, on the board. If the newbie poster wants to set up their own discussion network outside the board, fine, but I don't have to play.

    When I'm meeting someone from JWD or if they've earned some of my famous baking, I'll ask for their address, privately. These are always long time posters who have consistently earned my trust.

  • Mary

    Enigma.......man, you look and sound really great. I was going to come to Michigan to meet you, but then I saw the luscious picture that ballistic put up and I decided I'm in luuuuuv........

  • wombat

    Wow.. maybe we should all get off this post and let Enigma One and Super_Beck a get it off together.

    If Jelly Beanz listens in she will give Engima a spanking.

    I am sure that I have met Integ in a bar before..

    Aah....as Bobby McGee said...Freedom is not having anything else to lose.....I've posted my name and address here before. Who cares? We will all be dead before this century is over.

    Integ......do you have any interesting tattoos or would that be releasing too much information? Could you be traced by them?


  • NYCkid

    Absolutely NEVER give personal information over the interenet or over the phone to someone you don' t know. Don't even do it if you've communicated with a person over the internet for sometime, unless you're absolutely sure who they are and why they want the information. Evan at that, NEVER NEVER give out financial information, social security number or anything of the sort.

    Best regards,


  • jgnat

    Hey, Blondie needed my address and phone number so she could come visit. I didn't hesitate. But then again...she's BLONDIE! I do think you can get a sense of posters over time. The fakers eventually "out" themselves.

  • unique1

    I have given my name to one person. The only people I give my address to is the two people I found on here that I have known for years. Everyone else gets the AREA in which I live. I say I live in the CITY area. That is all. I don't want a stalker or anything and you just don't know what you are going to get on the internet.

  • Sunspot

    There have been times that I have PMed someone to ask what part of NY they are from, and say what town I am in first. I don't get upset if they don't answer because of all the obvious reasons.....but most often they do reply.

    I have also given out my home addy for Christmas cards and have never had anything negative come about as a result. Bad stuff CAN happen....but so far---so good!


  • misanthropic

    I think you have to be careful about giving out any information, but I have several people I talk to regularly that I met on here like tijkmo, Tetrapod.sapien, MissPeaches, Preston and others..... Not to mention several people I exchanged Christmas cards with. I have even spoken on the phone with MissPeaches- who has the MOST adorable accent I have ever heard. I think you should be cautious but I have made several really good friends on here that I would have otherwise never have had the chance to get to know.

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