Get a four door car...or else!

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  • Spectre

    I bought a 1971 Porsche 911T back when I was in(bought it in 1992) and I was rather surprised that I didn't even get a raised eyebrow.

  • blondie

    Never heard of 4 door cars being required in any of the congregations I attended. Perhaps it was a regional thing or a pet peeve of certain elders or COs.

    I owned a 2 door car because I couldn't afford a 4 door. Pioneered for several years with a 2 door car. Of the 8 pioneers at the time, only 2 had 4 door cars, the married sisters with kids and hubbies with extra good jobs.

    The elders and COs I knew were more concerned that the sisters who pioneered weren't wearing nylons in the summer.


  • Honesty

    I bought a black 76 911S but the Pharisees didn't say anything to my face about it. It must of been because I bought it from another brother.

  • cyd0099

    Before I moved, my main transportation was a motorcycle. It was nice having the sisters' arms around my waist, squeezing a little tighter when I goosed the trottle.

  • mustang

    1. If you're not going in FS, it is a moot point.

    2. Try for something with one door.

    3. Motorcycles don't have doors. Excellent choice.

    4. Two seaters- yeah, good show!! Cargo vans have 5 doors and 2 seats; sounds good to me.

    Most of our cars in the US have a bench seat in the back, not bucket seats. Up front, bench or bucket is a tossup.

    Take back your power? Actually, that is what it amounts to!!


  • Cellist

    I don't ever remember it being much of an issue. More a personal choice thing. We didn't get a 4 door car until long after we quit going. So much easier to haul a cello in.


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    The disadvantage of two-door cars is not that they make service IMPOSSIBLE,

    but that they make it a little less convenient because it takes more effort to get in and out of the back seat.

    Fortunately, we know the Great Day of Armageddon is NOT close at hand, so it's OK if it takes publishers a couple of seconds longer to get into and out of your two-door car.


  • bonnzo

    while i was a ms, i had an elder tell me that if i bought a 2 door car, my qualifications could be in question. "why" i asked. he pointed out that one qualification was to be hospitable, and not being able to drive anyone, including elderly ones, in fs would be unhospitable. in my congo now, the po has a 4 door car and refuses to drive. who's showing hospitality now?

  • DannyBloem
    What about other countries?

    Carla, Well It was never an issue here (western europe). Must have been an north-american thing. People fit in 2 door cars also. So no one would critisize you if tou ever bought a two door or four door car, because it is a personal dessision. buying a very nice shorts car, like a high-end ferrari or so, people would feel that you are showing off to much, and would not consider it proper for field service. (and I guess they have a point there). In some other countries I've been I never heard it also. But then, I had more then 20 people in my car doing FS, and on a moor cycle 6 people do fit, if you really want to.... Danny

  • sass_my_frass

    Oh the life I'd have led if I'd bought the convertible I wanted instead of the four-door, practical commuter I got. Get the car you love, and if somebody has a problem with that, take them out on the preach on your own with the music on full.

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