Get a four door car...or else!

by Dune 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • loosie

    Well I didn't have a dad that would buy me my first car. I had to buy my own car. One pioneer girl about 17 at the time said to me "aren't you going to buy a 4 door car for service?"

    I said "I can afford this 2 door honda civic. If anybody insists that I buy a 4 door car let them make of differnce in price. Until that happens I don't want to hear about it again."

    And I never did hear about it again. Nobody wanted to put their $$$ where there mouth is.

  • MinisterAmos

    Have lots of cars and enjoy describing how I will be towing one or the other to an out-of-state car show. I also enjoy complaining about the fact that Ministerial School was switched from a location 20 minutes away from my home to a place 45-60 minutes away from my home. I tell the elders that I am "unable to travel such a long distance at night."

    Anyway I used to cart the Dubs around in a super SUV (like a Suburban but better) but found that they left it like a freakin goat pen inside.

    I have no clue what they did while I was driving, but it was an hours long affair to clean up after them. It got go bad that I started bringing the Corvette to service.

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