Get a four door car...or else!

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  • Dune

    I'm considering buying a car this year.

    I'm getting a REALLY good offer for a 1994 ford mustang cobra for about $7500 (Its been modified :-d ). And a black viper that a guy has been trying to sell me for weeks. Anyway, while i love the cars, alas they are two door.

    I dont know about any of you guys, but here buying a two door car constitutes an act of rebellion. Two doors are "bad", because you cant fit people inside for field service. I'll probably buy it since i'm out the door anyway, but i wanted to know if any of you faced similar problems.

  • JH

    Back when I started as a JW, I had a 2 door car, and I knew and was told that it wasn't practical in the field service. Then a few months later, I bought a 4 door car, and you should have seen their faces shine at the KH. They were telling me that I put the kingdom first by doing this. Then a few years later, I bought a 2 door car, and I went to the book study with it.... A sister came inside the book study, and said out loud, "who bought a 2 door car"?

    Just about every witnesses around here as a 4 door car. Well, there are many more 4 door cars on the road, JW or not, so it really is an act of rebellion if you do like me and trade a 4 door car for a 2 door car.

    But you have to remember that we are owned by the Watchtower.

  • carla

    What about other countries?

  • james_woods

    CAR THREAD!!! - i am sorry but I can't help myself:

    James - currently

    1995 Corvette ZR1 #401 out of 448 built that last year - black on black and under a car cover in my garage.

    2004 Corvette Z06 - black on black; backup ride.

    1996 Porsche Carrera Targa - black on black; daily driver.

    1999 Mazda Miata; old lady's wheels.

    When I was an unwilling Witless, I had first a 2 door hardtop Corvair Monza 4 speed. It was replaced with a 1969 Porsche 911T - and yes, I was given a little talking to on each.

    The girls in the old cong. liked them, though>>>

  • garybuss

    Here we like 4 door cars. With a 4 door, there are almost always 2 that work. They are easier to find replacement doors for at the junk yard. We find with a four door black car with white doors and a siren, not at homes almost always come out from under the porch to see what's going on.

  • prophecor
  • blondie

    Actually, I have owned 4 door cars when I could afford it and I had to haul more than myself and one other person. Women tend to be the ones relegated to riding in the back seat. I hate having to climb back in there. Of course, if it will only be 2 people total riding, 2 or 4 doors becomes a moot point.


  • anewme

    Enjoy your two door sport cars!

    Just get a real beater 4 door for the FS!

    No one will want to ride with you and will insist you ride with them!

    I can remember so many times the sisters looked at my sad little 4 door Datsun (with no air con) and said "Well, maybe we should take Sis. Rich's car"

    Worked every time!

  • coffee_black

    My dad bought me a used 2 door chevy nova convertible to commute to college. (he was an elder) The CO tried to get him on 2 issues.. my going to college and my 2 door convertible. The college issue was dad made him look like an idiot. On the car issue my dad explained that he got a great deal on it that he couldn't pass up. Someone in his office sold it to him just when I needed it. Being an art major I had decorated the top with painted flowers...very realistic flowers. My father challenged the CO to show him how flowers would bring dishonor to Jehovah. It was 1969. The whole thing was hilarious. Dad won.


  • Highlander

    I was raised in a small town in minnesota. In the local congregation it was considered taboo for someone to purchase a two door vehicle. My first vehicle was exactly that.

    A two door jeep. I loved it, and it was strange, no one gave me crap about it,,, Well except for the time I did a 'burn-out' and left tire marks all over the parking lot.

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