I think Islam is a peaceful religion...

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  • Rabbit

    "Thank ya' vera much"...in my best Elvis bunny voice.

    Hey, I don't want to insult those here that still have faith in the Bible. When I first came here I was shocked at people (like I am now) who had 'moved on' past what I thought were still inspired teachings -- the Bible.

    As time went on I really started thinking about 'why' I believed the Bible. I just cannot reconcile, in my own little human mind...'why' & 'how' could God do things to people, "killin' & chillin'... ", that went against every principle and law that 'He' gave us.

    People say, God owns our collective ass, so He can "Do what He wants..." I disagree. The Bible says, "He created us in his image..." obviously not meaning -- in a physical way. So, if His "image" means moral characteristics, the true meaning of love and perhaps fairplay, then, I see a big problem.

    To me "glossing over" the very real ugliness of horrendous, murderous deeds by God and his faithful servants written down in the Bible is simply dishonest. I will not worship or have faith in the God described therein...when I know my own morals and historical deeds have a better track record.

    O-K...come on...breathe...here's some smelling salts. *Cough-wheeze* Feel better now ?

    Yes, I really said 'that' !

    Now, to 'splain it to you Lucy...' I believe in a Creator, I haven't figured out the "Chicken or the egg" thing either so, I don't know where She came from, etc. I just cannot fear or believe in that particular god anymore. My idea of "God" tells me (cause I say so) that if I am wrong or screw up a bit during 60 - 70 years of my life, "It" will look down at me, realize I am brain damaged and give me a break.

    After all, I am only the sum of the effort that She/He/It gave to construct me -- it's not my screw-up.

    If I build or concieve a child, then drop it on his lil' punkin' head, whose fault is it ?

    I'm just sayin'...

    Rabbit (of the 'all things are new' class)

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