Do You Fear That Islamic Fundamentalists Will Start WWIII ???

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  • Pole

    Hey, maybe it's that English is not my first language, but a few months ago I would have laughed seeing a news headline like the ones below (all of them original from CNN/BBC):

    "Cartoon protesters try to storm U.S. base"
    "Deadly cartoon riot near U.S. base"
    "Four die in Afghan cartoon riot"

    US soldiers fighting off "Cartoon protesters", WTF? You mean Micky Mouse is givin' them some real trouble? Deadly cartoon riots? Excuse me? It all sounds so surreal.

    I'm telling ya the cartoon war is coming. Islamist protesters and those who manipulate them have been waiting for an excuse. Now they have it. A holy war over 12 cartoons.


  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    im finding it difficult to contribute.....still stunned at rig boys post!

    Where to begin shooting him down in flames..................................

  • flyphisher

    coffee black

    They HATE anyone who does not believe as they do, and believe they are given a mandate by allah to kill us all

    They have got an enormous hate against the western political sphere, because their technology is far superior compared to their own. This is the actual reason for their "holy war" against industrial countries. They got the feeling that Allah prefers the non-muslims, and they cannot understand this situation.

    Its like JW`s waiting for armageddon and the new system (feeling they are living in a "spiritual paradise" meanwhile") - and nothing changes; the things are going on as usual, and the non-JW`s have more success than they have.

    Same thing - in psychological manner - happens to the Muslimes. They cannot understand the whole world anymore. And thats the reason why many of them lost their minds.

  • DanTheMan
    The west has dedicataed the last 50 years to not believing in anything, let alone anything worth fighting for.

    I feel like I've just been chastized for my lack of fanatacism.

  • Check_Your_Premises
    I feel like I've just been chastized for my lack of fanatacism.

    You think there is nothing in your life worth defending? protecting? nothing?!

    Being willing to lay your life down (or take another's) for something doesn't automatically make you a fanatic.

    It is what you are willing to kill and die for that makes you fanatic.

  • Pole

    Whohoa! Update. I wonder when "the West" (whatever that means) finally comes up with some response?

  • Outlawed
  • Check_Your_Premises
    "the West" (whatever that means)

    Western Civilization... the civilization that came out of the amalgamation of Judeo-Christian ethics and Greco-Roman political and philosophical tradition.

    aka the civilized world.

  • NYCkid

    Absolutely I fear this and although I believe "political correctness" has it's place, it cannot be utilized when dealing with fundamentalists of any kind. We have to say, "no, you're beliefs and your God incites anger, hatred and murder, they are wrong and will not be tolerated." Nor should nations who allow freedom of speech cower to religious rights. Religious rights DO NOT supersede individual rights...we of all people should appreciate this.



  • minimus

    A poll today says most Americans fear Iran over any other nation.

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