Do You Fear That Islamic Fundamentalists Will Start WWIII ???

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  • Rig Boy
    Rig Boy


  • mkr32208

    That last post was the stupidest anti-semitic trash I've ever read! You need to stop smoking crack rig boy!

  • Highlander

    George Bush will start WWIII

  • flyphisher

    big roy

    I missed the pictures of Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Dresden. (in sum, about 400 000 dead civilists).

    And the Vietnam- and Iraq-pictures.

  • Gill


  • Gill

    There's no point in Iran, Israel nuking their neighbours etc.

    They'd just be nuking themselves, in reality.

    In a way, seeing the extremist behaviour of Islamic fundamentalists being shown on TV all around the world is good. I say this because the majority Muslims DO NOT APPROVE of this behaviour and are probably very embarrassed and ashamed of it. It also makes them think.

    Don't forget, they are also trapped in a terrible cult. One more terrible and brutal than the WTBTS. They can leave but they can never check out. However, once they look into their Korans and see what it REALLY says then some neurons may spark into life and the fall of a brutal cult may well begin......but again, this all takes time. They have more reason to be fearful of their fellow Muslims.....than just shunning.

    We are already at war with Terrorism. This is already a world war of sorts. I don't believe any country would nuke it's neighbour ie Iran, Israel etc. Having thought, and said all that, perhaps this is already WW III then.

    History shows that in time, people choose the more tolerant rulerships and more democratic. They have to break free of the shackles of their religious pasts however. Again, History show it takes a long time. Perhaps this is the birth pangs of a more democratic, and more freedom loving time. I certainly hope so.

  • Gill

    Whoops! Did I really write, 'they can leave but never check out?!'

    You know what I meant.

  • FairMind

    Gill, I believe you are too kind to the way Muslims think. Recently in France there was a major incident of the immigrant Muslim population rioting for weeks. The riots occurred in dozens of different cities over a span of several weeks. There were over 9,000 automobiles torched. This is one of the reasons the president of France said recently that if there were any 911 type Muslim terrorist incidents within the borders of France, France would respond with non-conventional weapons (nuclear) against the responsible Islamic nation. Mr. Chirac knows through bitter experience the hearts and minds of the Islamic community as a whole. They DO NOT WANT peaceful co-existence and only go that road until they gain control politically or militarily and then it is convert to Islam or die.

  • Gill

    FairMind - Though I agree with you that the philosophy of Islam is to take over the world, I don't think that every Muslim wants to be a Muslim.

    I believe they are more trapped and more brainwashed than any ardent JW you can find.

    Watch how they treat eachother, and watch how they behave when any affront is made to their religion or prophet. It shows UNREASONING DESTRUCTIVE AND MINDLESS behaviour.

    Poverty and lack of education is the key to keeping such drones to a cause and the Muslims certainly like to keep their people, 'barefoot and pregnant' instead of educated and well heeled.

    Egypt, a notably Muslim country, could have laws which would force shipping companys to have only sea worthy ships, lifeboats and life vests for all travellers. Do they? No!

    They show little respect for eachothers lives and so no respect for any one elses.

  • scotsman
    immigrant Muslim population

    I think you'll find a lot of the rioters in Clichy-sous-Bois were French, though maybe of French Colonial parentage.

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