Are you in a cult and want out? Be on the Dr. Phil show!

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  • Dogpatch

    Are you in a cult and want out? Be on the Dr. Phil show! you feel you're involved in a cult? Did you join a group or community because you believed in its values only to feel you've been deceived? Do you want to get out but aren't sure how? Has your family turned their back on you because you joined a cult and you have no where else to turn? Tell us your story!


    net Soup!

  • unique1

    Whoa that is loaded.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    My advice to anyone who is considering this to PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

    Some questions that you should ask yourself before responding to the request

    1. Do you have family who are still JWs?
    2. Do they shun you?
    3. How will affect any future possibility of reconnecting to the family?
    4. What impact will being on the show have for your family who is presently living with you?
    5. If you live in the same area where you were a JW are you prepared for whatever fallout might occur.
    6. Consider carefully what focus you have before submitting your story to the show. (anger, sadness, betrayal, etc)
    7. What possibility is there that Dr. Phil would approach your family and invite them to the show?
    8. Do you want to confront JWs on the show, if that is the format Dr. Phil takes? (not that I think any JW would agree to go on the show but if Dr. Phil asks for phone numbers/contact info are you willing to give it?)
    9. Can you take time off work + travel expences? (if the show doesn't pay for this) - count the cost, emotionally and physically

    I'm sure some others are considering this will come up with some other questions.

  • mouthy

    Yes I agree - Be careful.I was on the Sally Jessie Rhapeal show- also the Shirley show -also the Roughcuts show... Also Rogers TV about cults.... But I have sealed my fate with my daughter & grandchild.... So be wise IF you want to somehow retain a chance of making up with family BE SURE!!!! All the JWS that used to call me MUM, Gran, Friend, now say I became DEMONIZED!!!!

  • Fleur

    lady lee as always asks good questions; I would add, is there any chance anyone from your JW past could become violent toward you or any family/children you have if you appeared on such a show?

    I have used many aliases, gone to great lengths to protect my identity for the sake of myself and my child from what I consider to be an unstable element from my past. I would advise anyone who may have someone with questionable temperment in their own past to indeed, proceed with caution.

    I have always wanted to see Dr. Phil take on the JW mindset. He seems to take on groups that are not as easily 'mainstream' as JWs as far as beliefs go (as far out as we think they are, they can actually explain away a lot of their dogma and make it sound reasonable; on the surface).

    I've seen him take on cults with child brides, etc, but I wonder if he'd be willing to touch the JW issues.

    As always, my love to you Dogpatch :) *mwah!*



  • mouthy

    I was warned by an EX C .Oversear That I should be careful. As he said many come to the JW with mental problems. They could bump me off thinking they would be doing Jehovah a service- they would be willing to suffer for it... My answer to that is at my age the quicker I go it would be a service to me. So if there are any JW reading this,,,, BUMP AWAY!!!!

  • Mary

    Wow! I think someone should email this to Ted Jaracz or J.R. Brown. Maybe they'd like to appear on the Dr. Phil show.

  • RubaDub

    It might be worth attending the show.

    Maybe Dr. Phil will be giving away free cars like Oprah did.

    Rub a Dub

  • DannyHaszard
    DannyHaszard In a cult and want out? SIGN UP DR PHIL SHOW ON CULTS all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men/women to do nothing-Danny Haszard Bangor Maine

  • kristyann

    I would say, if anyone decides to do it, make sure that you wouldn't be putting your life at risk by doing it. Make sure that no one would come after you... or at least be as sure as possible. If you feel it is a dangerous situation, I would avoid it. However, I wouldn't NOT do it just because you're afraid some JWs might say something to you... or stop talking to you. Who cares? If you feel that they may be violent, avoid it, but other than that, don't let a JW or fear of a JW's reaction stop you from doing something that you want to do AGAIN. They controlled your life for long enough... unless it's dangerous, who honestly cares if they don't like it or what they think?

    I wonder if Dr. Phil would take on one of these cults that is considered more "mainstream." The only ones he has really come out and called cults so far are smaller, more "extreme" ones that generally everyone hates and would agree upon that they are a cult. He took on some fundamentalist Latter Day Saints that practice polygamy and was very careful to emphasize that they are NOT affiliated with mainstream Mormons. He seemed to be afraid of offending a large group like the Mormons, but taking on the smaller, even more outwardly nuts ones was okay. Also, he took on "The Family" (a.k.a. "Children of God")... but he hasn't done anything related to the more "mainstream," larger cults... so I wonder if he'd even do anything about JWs, or if it has to be something really small and even more nutso.

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