how to behave in judical committee? pls help

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  • Cordelia

    if the guy doesnt want to get dfed then we should respect his decision, ( it thought thay being dfed would give me a magic freedom, it didnt!!")

    if you dont want to be dfed i suggest you read up about godly sorrow under repentance in the insight book, and do what that says and yes i agree with tijkmo cry and cry it works, loads of my friends hav been there and just being honest doesnt work theres no holy spirit if there is how the hell im getting a scriptual divorce i dont know!!!!! (not that im complaining!!)

    anyway let us know how you get on, and remember there not the police thats something we can forget at times !!!"

    ps. id ring the sister does she have alot to lose,

  • James Free
    James Free

    First, the only one who needs to forgive you is your God. Pray to him for forgiveness and if you are truly sorry he will forgive and forget.

    Second, the Elders and the Lit. will tell you that they do not want to disfellowship anyone, and will do all they can to readjust erring ones in a spirit of love. There are countless thousands who have been to Judicial meetings who can prove that's simply not true. In many cases, the decision of whether tho disfellowship you or not has been taken before you even open your mouth. Factors that will be considered include: what is your standing/popularity, or your family's (son of Elder etc.), in the congregation. How many people know about it. What is the standing/popularity of the girl and her family etc.

    They will want to know the intimate details.

    If you are sorry, and have already prayed to God, he has already forgiven you, so move on with your life.

    Finally to billyboy. I do not wish to rant at you as some have. You are a victim of the Org as much as most of us here have been at different times. The Org. encourages the belief that most who leave the Org. are immoral and lacking in self-control. Since they also stop you from talking to those who disassociate themselves for other reasons it is very difficult to prove to you otherwise. In time you may discover the truth. Many leave, including myself, because they discover that what the GB teaches is wrong. Sometimes it takes many years to accept it, and once I was as dogmatic as you in defending the Org. In time I hope your eyes will be opened too. Ray Franz's two excellent books will help you finally see the truth if you ever get the courage to read them.

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