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  • wednesday
    awww Wednesday it's over.

    ya can't look back... gotta move forward!


    sigh you can't go home. the stones will never be has beens, they are a legend in their own time, like the Beatles. we were young, we were wild horses. no one is ever putting a sadle on me

  • cruzanheart

    Oh GOD!!! I'm OLD!!! But they're older . . . However, mudflaps aside, it's nostalgia, y'all. And at least the networks didn't have to worry about Mick taking his shirt off . . . wouldn't have mattered anyway. Which I think is the idea.

    *sigh* I remember when they could really sing . . .

    Nina (of the AARP-class, dammit)

  • wednesday
    Oh GOD!!! I'm OLD!!! But they're older .

    it's terribly shocking

    isn't it?

    yes I remember when they could sing.they were hot

  • cruzanheart
    they were hot

    *sigh* Weren't we all . . . now I have to be content with MILF status.


  • stillajwexelder

    I wish they had done "Paint it Black"

  • CountryGuy
    Andy says, "Debbie Gibson? Has been. Stones? Legends."


    Oh my gawd! You did not just insult Debbie Gibson, Miss Electric Youth herself! What's next Tiffany? Paula Abdul?!?! Just go ahead and insult my entire childhood! LOL!

  • simplesally

    I thought it was too short and boring! I enjoyed watching them sing and play. My daughter refused to dance and she will dance to a commercial!! She said his neck was too old.

  • Sparkplug

    Yeah I have to admit that my son who is 16 told me to stop 'crackin' on the Stones...he said, "Mom, thats the Rolling Stones! That's not fight. Stop crackin'". So I have to admit. I hope I can still dance at 60 also.

  • DanTheMan

    I noticed that Mick stopped at "You make a dead man..." towards the end of Start Me Up.

    I wonder if ABC told him he couldn't sing that line.

    Anyways, I didn't think it was a bad performance, though it seems to me that since the game was being played in Detroit, they could've honored the rich musical history of that area instead of bringing in some British has-beens. And now for your halftime entertainment, a nice big scoop of vanilla ice cream!!!

  • cruzanheart

    Yes, isn't it sad that in this day and age the Stones are considered "safe" entertainment? Although my 9-year-old hid under a blanket during the performance -- either he thought they looked scary or he was scared of my dancing. Hard to tell.


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