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  • MidwichCuckoo

    She's going in March? Lol - it'll seem longer I bet. I like Jeff's idea.

    I don't think it's in your agenda right now, but what a dilemma for her if you suddenly turned apostate.

  • greendawn

    Are your parents JWs? If they are perhaps her mentality is that because she is a full time pioneer and spends her time and energy for the org rather than herself she is entitled to some help from fellow JWs.

  • Effervescent

    Have you ever seen "Single White Female"? eek!

    This person sounds creepy, I would bet she knew all along it would be longer than she said. She's slowly imposing more and more on your family. I hope your Dad says something (for your sake!) sooner than later.

  • codeblue

    wow...she does sound like a "freeloader"...

    tell her she has a week to find another place..........(lol)

  • rebel8

    It's not unethical, it is against etiquette. She asked if she could move in a few of her things and your parents did say yes. What she did is take advantage and go way overboard.

    There are lots of ppl in the world (and even more among JWs) who don't understand or observe basic etiquette. She probably has little clue she is being obnoxious, or doesn't care. There is often a sense of entitlement among JWs, that it is fine to totally and completely avail yourself of every hospitality fellow JWs could potentially provide to you, even if you don't need it or it inconveniences them. Your parents are the hosts and all they need to do is to set limits with their guest. Their silence is an endorsement of her behavior.

    When my guests do something I find objectionable in my home, I simply and politely ask them to stop it. If they don't, I hasten their departure. I do this with as much diplomacy as possible--there are ways to do it and still be appropriate.

  • luna2
    There is often a sense of entitlement among JWs

    I think this is the key, especially among pioneer sisters. There are some who seem to be able to disconnect themselves from the normal polite behavior that most of us observe. They have so totally accepted the witness mythology that they throw themselves on the wind and expect that, because they have chosen to serve Jehober "full time", HE will provide for them. They don't have to be courteous to which ever person or family takes them in because the individuals don't really matter...its all a provision from Jah. Some, like this woman, have no boundries and will push themselves forward and take as much advantage as they can, while they can.

    There was a similar situation that I observed in the congo here. There was a single pioneer sister and her teenage daughter who moved to the area and were put up by another pioneer sister. She was cut some slack with expenses...I think with the understanding that once she got a job she was to pay her share. Apparently she never did get a job...or if she did (I was fading at the time, so was not always up on the latest) she felt she didn't make enough yet to pay for anything. So, she mooched off of her fellow pioneer sister until she caught the eye of an elder who was on the prowl for a new wife. She snagged him, got married, and never paid the the money she owed. When the sister who was taken advantage of wouldn't let it go and made a fuss, she was soon removed as a pioneer for conduct unbecoming or something.

    Interesting that not living up to your word by not paying rent, not paying for groceries for yourself and your child, not paying your phone bill, and generally ripping off a fellow dub is just fine and dandy with the elders. However, its not okay to complain too loudly when you are used, abused and discarded...especially if the loving sister in question is now an elder's wife.

  • DaCheech

    When I had overseers sleeping over my house for 2 weeks, I thought we would eat dinner together and have a good time ( I bought all kinds of good stuff to cook ). Well they were busy half the nights in other people houses, and the other they were on "boys night out" eating in restaurants. I felt so guilty and stupidly gave them$50 each to enjoy dinner.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Last year I moved from Winnipeg. I stayed at my daughter's house for a short period of time before I moved to Ottawa. I had no idea when I first got to my daughter's place regarding how long I would be there. I would not have dreamed of unpacking my things (which were taking up half of her garage) and place my things around her house. If I know I am leaving shortly I certainly don't unpack any more than I absolutely need (clothes and toiletries)

    I think that's how most people would behave if they know they are not staying for long. I had my bed downstairs and even then I tried to minimize my belongings to one small corner.

    When a person unpacks their things (especially the kind of things you mention) they are looking at long term residency.

    Beware and be prepared

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I've been sitting here thinking about this. I think I have a solution that everyone could live with. Even your mother might agree to this one.

    "Oh my. How nice. I certainly hope nothing gets broken. It makes me nervous to see these here. But we can't be responsible if they get broken. I do you think it might be safer to keep them in your room. Here let me help you."

  • Qcmbr

    I'd pack her stuff up and give it back to her in a bag - tell her you appreciate that she feels comfortable in your house but tell her you don't want to change any of the layout.

    What a cheeky gimp.

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