List of family/friends lost to the Watchtower cult? (suicides)

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  • Sunspot

    To put my previous post into perspective....I live in a very remote area where all the suicides I mentioned took place. Those deaths were inside of a 10 year period and all were within a 20-mile radius of here.

    I just wanted to point out that had I been living in a large city....where there is a larger proportion of JWs to what we have here....I am reasonably sure that the numbers of WTS-related suicides would be higher.


  • BrendaCloutier

    James Souder, my ex bro-in-law. about 38 years old. Used a shotgun. He couldn't live up to his still-active wife's expectations as a husband after 16 or 17 years of marriage. He was found by his 15 year old son.

  • BrendaCloutier

    1970 +/- A woman my mom had studied with. The JC which included my dad went over to her home where they "caught her" with her boyfriend. She excused herself, went into the bathroom took pills and crawled into the bathtub and ran water. They found her and took her to Emergency. She lived. She was DF'd. i don't know what happened to her later.

  • hubert

    So far the list of suicides is up to at least .....16, many "attempts".

    I don't mean for anyone to disclose any personal information on anyone. You can just say "A" or "B" instead of a name, or "someone I knew", as many here have done. Thanks........ Any more?


  • cruzanheart

    My dad, Bill Bibbee, an elder for 40 years, shot himself on February 16, 2002. He had been DF'd for adultery, groveled to the elders for a year to be reinstated, and was totally ignored by the Witnesses after his reinstatement. (The only shepherding call the elders made on him after reinstatement was to scold him because he had hugged an old family friend who happened to be female.) The loneliness and rejection was more than he could bear.


  • GoingGoingGone

    Depressed JW man with a history of mental illness asks for help many times, from elders, as well as from doctors (I believe). One day, he is home alone, and calls 911 and tells them to send a squad car because he is going to kill his family. Before the police arrive, his young daughter comes home from school. He shoots her. She was 9 or 10 years old.

    He is now in prision for life. Despite having a history of mental illness and having the presence of mind to call for help, he was DF'd.

    The child's school has set up a memorial garden in her name.


  • Bryan

    Wasn't there a woman here about a year ago that said her daughter was removed from Pioneer list or reprooved for something, then commited sucide?


  • Kenneson

    Randy (Dogpatch) tells of the suicide of a Bethel factory overseer, Richard Wheelock, who jumped out of a window to his death. Scroll down to the end of the article where he dedicates it to Richard.

    For suicides and murders go to

    See also


  • Gill

    Sister Mansell - 40, DF'd for writing a letter complaining about her treatment from an Elder. Overdosed a week later.

    Sister Sue - OD'd 3 weeks after being DF'd for sex.

    Sister Sue's brother - OD'd after being DF'd.

  • silentWatcher

    From rural upstate NY, a JW mother (mid 40s) asked her son to show her how to handle a shotgun so "in case she was ever confronted by a rabid animal, she could defend herself." It's a very reasonable request, so son thought nothing of it.

    A week later, she used to gun on herself.

    Out of respect for the family, she was "allowed" a full Witness funeral. Good family friend. Not disfellowship or anything, but the unhealthy JW mental climate contributed.

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