List of family/friends lost to the Watchtower cult? (suicides)

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  • hubert

    I am updating my count of suicides on this post. These are not exact figures, but they are close. I have added a few murders, because of the cirumstances involved in the stories, but there are MANY more murders that I am not including, as I am trying to keep this post to suicide related deaths.

    We are up to an approximate number of .....64 !!!!..... suicides in this post, counting the 5 links that Kenneson added into this post. PLUS MANY MORE ATTEMPTS !!!!

    Thanks to all the contributors.


  • ColdRedRain

    Well, this may not be an official death due to the WT, but my dad was under alot of stress when I renounced the JW religion, which led to a stroke.

    If he only believed that people weren't evil if they left a religion, he may have been under less stress.

  • Chimene

    Can't remember his name, but an ACTIVE Providing O'r for my friends congregation that I work with shot himself in the head last year. No note left, only thing any one could figure is his wife was dying of cancer, maybe he couldn't handle it, but a PO????

  • Fleur
    I don't want to disclose names due to respect to the victim's and their family's privacy. I knew two friends one a young family man who jumped off a building after being df'd. He had a kind personality, he went through a lot throughout his life, yet he was positive towards others. Too good a person to be in such a destructive cult.

    If memory serves, this was a friend we shared, Myself. I loved him dearly. He was too beautiful for this world that can be so ugly and cruel in the "light" of the JW cult.

    I knew another...a young pioneer who I had a huge crush on in my teens. Stories varied...but I think he was gay. Heartbreaking.

    hugs to everyone who has lost someone they loved...


  • alamb

    * Bible study stabbed her little boy (5) to death and then tried to OD. She survived. Went to prison for murder and was baptized there. My mom studied with her. She's still in prison.

    * A sister from our hall hung herself in her garage after returning from service.

    * My daughter left a suicide note after I was invited to attend a church service shortly after leaving the JW's.

    * (Bryant Family)

  • mouthy

    Jon Mitchell

    Huntley Scott

    Many more but it was 20 years ago, Cant remember their names

  • mouthy

    Also I remember BR Hawthorne... He was a bank manager - We served at a JW together.. He told me he was understress because so many were coming into the bank for loans... crying because of the debt they were in. As he believed Armeggedon was to come in 75 he gave in... He shot himself in his car a few weeks later.. The held the funeral in a Funeral home - they said "ON THE QUITE" to all us MATURE( ) ones that some one in the Mafia shot him.... I cant remember his first name. But his wife is still a MATURE JW. This was in Montreal...

  • mouthy

    we served at a JW WEDDING!!!

  • calico

    I know of an apparent suicide from the early 1980's--I don't know the reason but, I think this person just never felt that they were good enough.

  • mouthy

    I know of a young
    husband, father of 2 in Saint John who drowned himself in the Saint John
    River. It was ages before they found him. I know of a young newly married
    fellow from the Eastern Townships in Quebec who went out west with his
    bride, and shot himself in less than a year.I just received this from one of our support group when I was telling her about it. Her hubby killed himself

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