Why Do Some "JWs" Do This???..........

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  • minimus

    But the blue pill is better..

  • Legolas

    LOL...Min why would you say that?

  • minimus
  • sass_my_frass

    It takes a long time to make the break, and many people are 'fading' without even knowing it. I suspect that they'd accept a transfusion if their life was on the line though.

  • Super_Becka
    I know of some Witnesses that haven't go out in service or attended a meeting in years. Most "new ones" (to them and they could be Witnesses for 10 years!) that live in the territory have no clue of these "Witnesses". Maybe, just maybe, they might attend a Memorial. YET, they would NEVER accept a blood transfusion, would shun a disfellowshipped person, etc.........What's up with that???

    Hmm, beats me, but then again, I can almost understand why inactive Witnesses behave this way. I contemplate that concept a lot because my boyfriend is incredibly inactive - never goes to meetings, hasn't been out in service since he was 8 years old, went to university and got a degree, associates with "worldly" people like me, etc. - but he still clings to his beliefs about holidays, blood, etc.

    For him and probably lots more like him, I think it's because he grew up that way. He grew up being told that "worldly" holidays and blood transfusions, etc., are all evil and that you're gonna be destroyed if you take part in these things. He grew up believing that these things are wrong, his entire family are Witnesses, parents, siblings, grandparents, so the people with the most influence and meaning in his life have been telling him for his entire life that there are things that he should and shouldn't do, so even if he's not a practicing Witness, or even a baptized one for that matter, he can't let go of the only things that he's ever known.

    Think about it - what things did you learn as a child can you not let go of?? When I was growing up, alcohol was evil, it was bad, it was only for grown-ups and I was not supposed to go anywhere near it, so even now, I can't touch the stuff. I'm 20 years old, nearly 21, I've been legal drinking age in Canada for nearly two years and I have people offering me drinks all the time, even family members, but I can't bring myself to drink the stuff. I was always told that it was bad, so I can't reconcile that with the notion that I am old enough and mature enough to partake in it. The thought of having an alcoholic beverage kinda freaks me out, it's fine for everyone else, but it's just not meant for me.

    The same goes with things like cooking styles and how you fold your clothing, it all has to do with how you grew up. I grew up making scrambled eggs in a frying pan, but my roommates, who are from other provinces, all make theirs in a pot, and for me, that's odd, but for them, it's perfectly normal and using a frying pan for scrambled eggs is weird. Different people grow up with different values and practices and customs and these things tend to stick with us forever. And when people ask me why I do things a certain way, like how I make stuffing for a chicken, my answer is generally, "Well, that's the way Mom always did it." I do things the way that I learned to do them, we all do.

    Plus, there's the WTS's mind control and scare tactics, those things will cement any kind of behaviour just as well as any form of conditioning. Those things are the basis for conditioning Witnesses to do the things they do, and then it's just a matter of making it a family thing, just like anything else.

    Does that sound reasonable to you??

    -Becka :)

  • wozadummy

    Maybe the people are the tortured product of this...where did all of these types of orgs. come from ,and what is the image they portray?(clean shaven ,fresh crisp shirt, fake smily faces ,smart corporate image)............JW's, Adventists ,Latter day Saints ,McDonalds and any other insidious buy or die org...............the land of the unfree


  • Think

    Yeahh i was thinking same way. How is that the all crazy cults and crazy religions have birthplace IN USA ???

    This is Phenomena !

  • unclebruce
    Yeahh i was thinking same way. How is that the all crazy cults and crazy religions have birthplace IN USA ???

    This is Phenomena !

    Yeah well, don't you guys go bragg'n too loud - we could start a cult down here if we wanted to! We keep arranging meetings but trouble is people just don't turn up. .. mmmm What should I do today? Go to the beach or go to a bible meeting? .. ooo this is such a hard decision .. nice soft sand under crystal blue ocean or nice hard chair under sore butt? ...

    Of course some JWS tried to combine both by "study'n at the beach" .. too radical an idea and now very much frowned upon lol.

    unc who floated away from his watchtower

    PS: Seriously - many cults have been started in most contries and cultures but you yanks are just so loud and good at marketing

  • wozadummy

    Ah I see Iam not alone I love that word "insidious"...it perfectly describes how cunningly the American culture of selling has infiltrated the world, and if you think about it metaphorically "The American Way" is also - sell the product and if it kills you ,it's your fault for seeing it as something else than what it is and buying it. As seen in the JW 1975 false alarm and the explanation given later that YOU mis interpreted it all, like McDonalds burgers ...oh there great are'nt they customers but if you get fat and clog your arteries , well you should,nt have desired it so much!!!

    So what do we say .....OH those stupid people who are hooked on the society but can't commit fully or do we need to see them as casualties of American selling and have some compassion instead of trashing them!

  • unclebruce

    Well said wozadummy.

    ..and in a suburb near you:

    Sister Slave: "Good morning, I'm here to offer you the latest Watchtower & Awake! magazines"

    Smart Alex: "can I have everlasting fries with that?"

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