Anyone else in PUTERNUT's shoes? Despairing? COME TO US!

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  • MsMcDucket

    Dave, in the above post, I was just trying to take some of the load of you...

    Man, sometimes, I just can't put my words together. I'm just trying to be helpful.

  • ballistic

    Here is a resource available to all. It is part of a project to make this information freely available on the internet.

    I haven't read more than the first few pages becuase I haven't needed to these days, years thankfully.

    It's called "The Forever Decision" and is sold on Amazon.

  • MerryMagdalene
    Is it possible to make a 24 hour exJWD prevent suicide support line/site? Made up of volunteers from around the world, so someone would always be there day or night?

    I've been wondering the same thing MsM, with an 800# too, like the BRCI Help Line but with a live person always available...

    Thanks for starting this thread, Dave


  • bavman

    e-mail me anytime at:[email protected] (if you want to talk...) For those near Milwaukee, WI contact me to get in touch with our nice little meet-up arrangement. There's plenty of support in Wisconsin.

  • DanTheMan

    I imagine my mom and how, in spite of the fact that she's driven me crazy my entire life, she would be hysterical and completely crushed with grief if I did it, and that puts an end to it. I couldn't do that to her. The temptation lurks though.
    BTW, one of my more vivid memories of the JW Dave was when I was (selfishly) trying to get his attention during a Circuit Assembly at the London Ohio JW Assembly Hall. There were some couches and chairs in the lobby, and he was there trying to comfort a middle-aged woman who was obviously experiencing some severe emotional distress. He ignored me completely in favor of her. Asshole! ;

  • hamsterbait

    dear God! I cannot find a reference here...

    What happened? I feel ill...


  • BrendaCloutier

    ((( BillyGoat ))) I completely understand your reasoning. He lost his ability to do his art/jewelry. From what I could tell from other posts. I'm wondering if it was MS or some other disease that wrecked his eyesight. Heck my eyes are going... got bi-focals a year ago and they aren't enough anymore!

    When I took those pills and I was on my way to the hospital in the back of the ambulance I was thinking that even though I had changed my mind about dying that I could still die. Ya know, I was at peace with that possibility. As it turns out, if I hadn't gone to the hospital, it probably would have been the tylenol that would have killed me - a slow painful death due to liver failure.

    It's just that I hate to see someone leave like that. Without trying to work out the possibilities. Then, again, he may have thought he worked them out and didn't see any.

  • purplesofa

    My 18 yr old daughter tried suicide twice this year..........I honestly feel that stopping the meetings was the best thing for her, but years of going and hearing how we are all going to be destroyed ...took its toll on her. Years of living isolated and then trying to venture out is overwhelming.

    I think hearing about how other people deal with depression, that most everyone goes through it sometime in their life. Sometimes I think we need permission to feel down and depressed......and not fight it. Talk about how awful things are........because most of the time they are........and it's ok to feel that way. And be a good listener so the depressed person can get it out of their system. But never forget that there is always hope for things to get better. Witnesses are told they are supposed to be the happiest people on the planet , so they feel guilty for being low. It is a normal process.

    I remember wanting to go to sleep and never wake up after a bout with depression, like it was just a few minutes ago. I thought how peaceful it would be and nice. The worst thing about it is I was not scared fantasizing about it. I could not ever imagine that 5 years down the road my life would turn around. I would have a job, a home again, friends and a desire to live on.

    I think this is a very good thread and I am going to let my daughter read it as well. The society can take away your self-esteem..........I feel so sorry for young people in the hall. Some do seem to turn out well adjusted, but most are so confused and messed up.

    thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings


  • LDH

    We all have two instincts when we are in danger.

    Fight or Flight. I imagine there comes a point when fighting becomes too much for some people, they choose Plan B.

    JW teach conflict resolution through AVOIDANCE. If someone disagrees with you at the door, leave. Isolate yourself at school. Eat lunch by yourself at work while studying your WT.

    This is not healthy. You can't 'avoid' your way to happiness. You need to confront your 'demons'~~ and it isn't necessary to understand them all at once.

    Just living is fighting, sometimes.


    Fight the Fine Fight Class

  • Think

    Rape Tower is the reivention of BabelTower. Worldwide domination? TRUTH monopol ?

    Only a Person without brain can claim that.

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