Update On Russell Owned Allegheny Graveyard

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  • Rig Boy
    Rig Boy

    "They write their boasts upon tombstones; they incorporate their deeds in obelisks; they place their hopes of remembrance in solid stones joined to other solid stones, dedicated to their subjects or their heirs forever, forgetful of the fact that stones that are deserted by the living are even more helpless than life that remains unprotected and preserved by stones (quoted in Young 1993: 5).

    A lot of skeptics have tried to weasel their way out of debates over weather Masons planted the pyramid next to Russell's grave and as to wether or not they wrote C.T. Russell's epitaph. All the evidence points to the fact that the Knights Templars, of which Russell was a member, erected the pyramid in the Russell family owned Allegheny graveyard in Pennsylvania, as well as wrote his epitaph. What is interesting as you will see below, is that there is more Masonic symbolism on other headstones next to Charles Taze Russell. As if his fellow Knights Templars were buried next to him.

    Discussing Riegl, Forster observes that the intentional monument, “is exposed to a kind of historic double jeopardy: memory is all that sustains its meaning but its physical form will have to survive the vagaries of changing perceptions and values” (1982: 6-7). In other words we could say that a monument, by virtue of its enduring materiality, may outlive the intentions of its makers: the intentional monument to one memory becomes an unintentional monument to another. Thus, instead of commemorating the deeds of a philanthropic agricultural improver, the Duke of Sutherland statue on Beinn a’ Bhragaidh now symbolises, for many, the injustices and crimes of unchecked landlordism and all the evils associated with the Clearances.

    Whether the statue should stay or go is another matter. One of my informants explained why she thought the statue should be left standing:

    “I feel the Duke’s statue should be left because the Clearances will be forgotten all over again unless that irritation is left there on Ben Bhraggie. I don’t think it should be pulled down at all. It’s a continued
    memory of man’s inhumanity to man.”


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    Notice in the background the original Charles Taze Russell tombstone.

    And in the foreground, another Masonic gravestone

    Notice the little pyramid to the left? Pyramids are for Freemasons. Freemasons are called "builders," after Solomon, the Apostate hellian from the Bible who began worshipping Satanic gods. The "Great Builder," is called the "Grand Architect." The Masonic god Lucifer.

    There are 6 layers of bricks on the little pyramid on the Rogers tombstone. Six hundred, three score and six. 666 The number of the anti-christ.

    Now keep in mind the Russsell family own this graveyard, where the late, Charles Taze Russell was buried. The skeptics say that the Pyramid which is found next to Russell's tombstone, dawing the Knights Templar logo, with the all seeing, Illuminatti eye, was added later. SO WHAT! THe Russell family allowed the pyramid to be placed in the graveyard to hounour their fallen Masonic leader, Charles Taze Russell. This other tombstone is yet more evidence that Masons are buried with Masons, pictures of pyramids or monuments of pyramids are for dead Masons, and finally that Charles Taze Russell was a Freemason. Knights Templar of the York Rite.

    Take another look at the pyramid:

    View of Pyramid Memorial next to Russell grave. The building in the background happens to be a Masonic Temple. This is the approximate view when looking from the gravestone towards the pyramid. Thanks Quotes

    Notice the Knights Templar logo, Cross inside the crown...as if the pyramid didn't already give it away.

    Charles Taze Russell, a York Rite Knights Templar Freemason.

    Some might mistake it for a Christian symbol, but Masonic author Ray Denslow reveals its true meaning:

    "The Cross and Crown may be said to be confined almost exclusively to the historical degrees in Masonry as exemplified in the various orders of knighthood of York and Scottish rites. In Gaul we find the cross to have been a solar symbol when it had equal arms and angles; to the Phoenicians it was an instrument of sacrifice to their God, Baal; and to the Egyptians, the crux ansata was his symbol of eternal life." (Ray V. Denslow, Masonic Portraits, Transactions of this Missouri Lodge of Research, vol. #29, p.7---emphasis in the original)

  • Woodsman

    That pyramid would be awesome in my garden. Is it solid?

  • Rig Boy
    Rig Boy

    http://knightstemplar.org/ ask them, they built it. Don't expect an honest answer though...shits and giggles perhaps.

    The Billy Graham association secretaries are a riot when asked about 33rd degree Billy's association.

  • Kenneson

    What an obsession you have! It's all based on lies. You obviously have not read anything about the origin of Rosemont Cemetery. It never was a Knights Templar cemetery. And it is known who erected the pyramid and why. Again, nothing to do with the Knights Templar. The cemetery predates the Masonic Lodge built nearby and has nothing to do with the cemetery. It's a bogey man argument.

  • Rig Boy
    Rig Boy

    Nice obfuscation Kenneson. You have not managed to make side issues to take away from the obvious. I never said the Templars owned the cemetary. I specifically said the Russell family did. If you want to make the leap and say that because the Russell's were (at least one Russell) was a Templar, than by definition, Templars did own the cemetary, than go ahead. That is not the point I am trying to illustrate here. People keep saying that Masons would not be allowed to erect the pyramid...Of course they would be allowed to. If people knew an ounce about Freemasonry they would know how ritualistic they treat the deceased brethren and the ways they go about honouring them. This is all common sense though....Something rarely found in America these days.

  • Rig Boy
    Rig Boy

    courtesy flag for stevenyc
    Pleas tell us about your experience in Allegheny county?

  • Kenneson
  • Rig Boy
    Rig Boy

    yeah, and your point?

  • Kenneson

    Pyramidology for Russell and the Adventists he associated with was a religious issue and had nothing to do with Freemasonry. That's the point.

  • greendawn

    Rig Boy is it certain that the graveyard belongs to the Russells, and is it Charle's father that purchased it? I think that big masonic temple nearby is part of the same complex, there is no fence between the two. That could indicate a lot about the connection between the Russells and free masonry.

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