Update On Russell Owned Allegheny Graveyard

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    Rig Boy

    Yes, in fact it might even be legally owned by Russell Trust....Remember, that Russell Trust legally owns the Masonic Lodge at Yale University, The Order of the Skull and Bones. Link: Order of the Skull & Bones, Chapter 322 and Russell Trust

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    Rig Boy


  • Kenneson

    Skulls and Bones was founded by William Hungtington Russell and Alphonso Taft in 1832. It was incorporated in 1856 as the Russell Trust Association to honor William Russell of Connecticut. Charles Taze Russell was born in 1852 and his only connection to William was his last name. He lived in Pittsburgh, Pa., not Connecticut. The plot where Russell is buried was purchased by the Watch Tower Society. No connection to the Russell Trust Association.

  • Rig Boy
    Rig Boy

    anything to clear Taze Russell from any connections to his Masonic brotherhood of death.

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    Rig Boy

    Truth about the Truth:

    Isn't it interesting that the Illuminati sort of appears to be leaving the Watchtower out to dry...The Watchtower is not as powerful as people think...They are under orders from on high in the Illuminati/Masonic power structure. For all we know the Illuminists could dispose of the Watchtower and let lawsuits finish them off. The Whore is getting old and tired and THEY may have no more use for her.

  • lovelylil


    You said it is all lies. What are you referring too? Is it the pyramid that you are saying is not really there? Is it the tombstombs surrounding Russells that obviously are buried freemasons? What about the Laodician Messenger written on Russell's tombstone? If he was a special messenger, how come he got so much wrong? Please read the old WTs. That is if you like comedies. I think it is VERY interesting that there is a Masonic Temple right next to the grave yard. Also, when I first left the Witnesses and went to a Bible Student meeting, it took place in...........you guessed it..........A MASONIC LODGE. I was totally outraged and asked the elder how you can bring the supposed living church of christ and his body into a mason temple for worship. He said they looked at it like a VFW hall or something. It is not becuase the free - masons God is Lucifer. How much more proof do you need? And about the pyrmidology, that is FROM THE OCCULT. How can Russell claim to be appointed by God if he was involved at the time in any way with the Occult?

    There is so much evidence pointing to his involvement with the free masons. But some, even if you were to show them a list of masons with Russells name on it, they will still deny it. They have to deny it because in order to accept it they will have to admit they were just following a man with no special abilities. This goes for JWs and the offshoot Bible Students. There is an expression: if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck and acts like a duck - then its a duck! And likewise Russell was a Freemason!

    Please note: there are some groups called "free bible students" who do not adhere to Russell's false dates and do not believe he is a special messenger who taught the only truth.

  • Kenneson

    Why don't you try calling the cemetery? I did. The man who answered said the cemetery is neither owned by Masons nor by a particular religion. As a matter of fact, he said it was non-denominational. The fact that there is a Masonic temple across the street has nothing to do with the cemetery, which was there years and years before the Masons came along.

    The pyramid is not a memorial to Russell alone. That's been covered many times before. And the pyramid is not exclusive to the Masons either. That's been covered before.

    Are you saying that the Laodician Messenger is a Masonic phrase? What the Bible Students believed about Russell has nothing to do with Masons.

    Moreover, I don't believe in the teachings of the Watchtower Society, but I also don't believe in misinformation.

  • Rig Boy
    Rig Boy

    Why don't you try calling the cemetary?
    haha! , Yeah I am sure they will fess up that Masons own it and that Russell was a Templar. In fact, they may have little phamplets available at the cemetary, displaying all this information if you take a tour of the graveyard.
    This rediculous reasoning is like asking people to call the Billy Graham Ministries and ask the secretaries, who are paid by Billy Graham, if Billy Graham is a 33rd degree Freemason.
    For the past three decades, we Fundamental, Born Again Christians have repeatedly shaken our heads in dismay at the many strange and apostate actions that the organization of the Reverend Billy Graham was taking. We could not understand why he was doing many of these things.
    But, if Billy Graham is a Freemason, as these two Masonic website report him to be, our questions are answered. We report this information, and we recount these many previously unexplainable events in the past 30 years.
    The New World Order is coming! Are you ready? Once you understand what this New World Order really is, and how it is being gradually implemented, you will be able to see it progressing in your daily news!!
    Please note that there are four articles that discuss Mr. Graham. We suggest that you also read the other three which include News 1098, News 1083 and News 1099.
    NEWS BRIEF: The Louisiana Masonic Family Website has a section entitled, "Famous Masons" In the subsection entitled, "Other Famous Masons", they report that the Reverend Billy Graham is a Freemason! The Home Page of the Louisiana Masonic Family was:
    The link entitled, "Famous Masons" was on http://www.la-mason.com/famous.htm - On Page 12 of 15, alphabetically presented, the Reverend Billy Graham was listed!!

    Note: This site was hot linked at the time we first posted this article. Masonic sites who list Reverend Graham as a Freemason come and go. You can see a portion of a screen shot from the site where his name was listed.

    If Reverend Graham is a Freemason as this Louisiana Masonic Family Web Site reported, and we have no reason to doubt it, then we can begin to understand why and how his organization has drifted far, far away from pursuing the true goals of the Fundamental, Bible-believing Christian Churches. These goals were well supported by Reverend Graham in the late 1940's, as well they should have been, because they were based upon Biblical principle. As Reverend Graham began to drift away from these goals, we in the Fundamental community were terribly dismayed and filled with consternation!! We began to watch the activities of his organization very carefully, and saw, to our greater dismay, that he continued to drift into the camp of apostate churches and New Age organizations! Today, Reverend Graham is cooperating with the Roman Catholic Pope and the Vatican on many issues, he has been seen speaking to the World Council of Churches, and cooperating with other apostate religious leaders. We will document these activities, below.

    The official Genessee Lodge NO. 174 also listed Mr. Graham as a "Famous Mason".
    Before we get started, however, we need to reiterate that we found this information on two official Masonic Web Sites, not on anti-Mason Web Sites. We cannot conceive that these two websites would print a lie concerning their membership. However, we have noticed that several official Masonic Web Sites that used to include Reverend Graham's name on their membership list have subsequently removed his name. Why would they do this? They undoubtedly took this action because of pressure from the Graham organization. NOTE: We have noticed that both these Masonic websites have now taken off Graham's name,
    Click Here For Rest of Story

  • Kenneson

    If the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association denies that Graham was ever a Mason, you say that can't be believed. But you believe with the Masons say. Do you really? There is a Masonic site that denies that Charles Taze Russell was ever a Mason. Shall I provide the link for you? No doubt they're part of your conspiracy too!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • greendawn

    Another possibility we may consider is that Russell may not have been a mason formally but he did nonetheless act as one, which means that in essence he was such.

    As Lilycurl points out the Bible students meet in masonic temples and that they have been doing since Russell started up this religion of which the JWs are also an offshoot.

    Now if the masons let them use their temples there must be some sort of secret connection and collusion going on between them.

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