Noah's Ark.- Kangaroos

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  • Stewart75

    F(l)ood for thought,

    If God had organised for each pair of species into Noah's Ark prior the flooding which destroyed many in wildlife. I wonder if any of Australian animal species like Kangaroos, Wombats and Emus were also included? or did they find their way to Australia within about 6,000 years? (there are thousand Km separating from Australia and other continents.

    Surely the 7 continents didnt start to separate from each other until at least more than 10,000 years ago?

    to the point, where did these Australian animals come from?. Always been in Australia the whole time? or mutated from near family species?


  • stillajwexelder

    or mutated from -- problem is fundies do not accept mutation

  • jwfacts

    The flood happened only 4000 years ago, so the marsupials all got from the ark to Australia without leaving any offspring behind on the way, or mutated rapidly once here.
    BTW I heard that kangaroos are really good swimmers, and Tasmanian devils are great at sailing. Noah built them a little sailing boat to get across in.

  • slugga

    they flew there with quantas airlines stupid


  • Stewart75

    Hey Slugga,

    Thanks for your opinion, sorry if I asked this stupid question or said anything to lead you label me as stupid.. I wont label you anything, just for views which I orginally asked at first place.

    Forgive me for thinking" there was a flood, even claimed by Hindis, Muslims, Christians and JW.. I believe the majority of population has heard of this myth/fact.

    Who is to blame that the bible happens to be the most popular book - yes one of the most misunderstood by many too. I continue to try and find answers which I have found to have benefitted me. Despite my efforts to understand Evolution- I am still frustrated by many loop holes, gaps and I have never read such books which claims to be true which offers proof based only theories not facts.

    However I am always open to persuasion.


  • misspeaches

    Hi Stewart and Welcome to the board!

    You ask an interesting question which has piqued the curiousity of others before you.

    By the way I think Slugga didn't really mean to call you stupid he's a bit of a joker... Please don't let it dissuade you from posting.

    I thought you might find this link interesting:

  • m0nk3y

    All australian wildlife evolved from fishy's .. you see they didn't need to hitch a lift with Noah, they "just kept swimming, just kept swimming" then when Noah came out of the ark the fish decided that they hated swimming, yeah they were over it! So they did a super quick evolution jump to become the australian wildlife we know today .. of course they swam all the way to australia fist before they evolved .. didn't you know that ? monk3y is back

  • skyman

    Global Flood is nothing more than a big story retold and retold.

  • jwfacts

    They must have been salt water fish, cause all the fresh water ones died when the salt from the seas flooded the lakes. And then all the fresh water fish re-evolved after the flood, that is the salt water fish that got stuck in fresh water ponds after the water dissappeared.

  • skyman

    Just another line of thought for you. If salt water fish can not live in fresh water how did they survive. What about all the insects? What about the Bristlecone trees in California which is Earth's oldest living Tree called the "Methuselah" it is 4,767 years old, proved by the yearly growth rings. This tree has lived over 260 years longer than the flood. I guess it survived the flood.

    What about the core samples taken from both North Pole area and the Antarctic that shows the exact weather patterns that the earth had 4500 years ago? The samples prove conclusively that the flood is B.S. matter a fact prove that a global flood has not happen for 100,000 of years.

    Did God put the above concussive proofs proving the flood did not happen 4500 years ago to just test the faithful?

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