Noah's Ark.- Kangaroos

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  • ColdRedRain

    The kangaroos simply hopped really far. They made it all the way from the Middle East to Australia.

  • RodentBoy
    Who is to blame that the bible happens to be the most popular book - yes one of the most misunderstood by many too. I continue to try and find answers which I have found to have benefitted me. Despite my efforts to understand Evolution- I am still frustrated by many loop holes, gaps and I have never read such books which claims to be true which offers proof based only theories not facts.

    Perhaps you could start by explaining what you mean by "theories" and what you mean by "facts", because from where I stand, you appear to be confusing the notion of a theory found in common nonclemature (ie. any assertion or bit of speculation) with the scientific definition of a theory (ie. a claim based upon evidence, that makes predictions and is capable of being tested).

    Evolution is perhaps one of the single most successful theories produced. It is built upon an enormous body of evidence, and matches very well other lines of evidence in geology and genetics. It is considered by biologists to be the unifying theory of biology. Of course it has gaps. Name one theory that doesn't. Other theories have far bigger gaps than evolution. Just look at quantum mechanics. We know that it successfully explains an enormous number of observations, and has been confirmed over and over (you wouldn't be using a modern computer if not for modern understandings of quantum effects). Yet it lacks an explanation for gravity, and fits extremely poorly with another enormously successful theory; General Relativity. So why is evolution singled out while no one seems to complain about the gaps in QM?

    Here's the long and the short. Evolution, simply stated, is a change in the genetic makeup of a population over time. All living organisms are imperfect replicators. Even in the simplest genomes, reproduction will lead to transcription errors of a number of kinds. That's the raw fuel of evolution. Marrying that to the nested hiearchies we see in the molecular and fossil data (which compliment each other enormously well), the twin theory to evolution, common descent, is confirmed (but please note that even if we found evidence that there were multiple unrelated lineages of organisms, evolution would still apply, common descent is an observation, and not necessarily a necessity of evolution).

    As to the Flood. It didn't happen. It could not have happened. Any attempt to make it work violates physical law or has no evidence whatsoever. Even if one could find some even remote way to make a global deluge work, there is little chance that much in the way of complex life could survive. Noah's Ark is an impossible structure, unbuildable even by modern engineering techniques using the materials that we know Bronze Age peoples possessed. Even using modern materials, no boat would be built that way. One would have to explain not only how kangaroos ended up in Australia, but how salt and fresh water fish survived, how plants survived, and how the thousands of species of that simply could not have all fit on the ark could have survived.

    The Flood is so obviously a story of ancient people, a people that did not understand geology, climatology, large watergoing vessel construction or a myriad other areas of fields of knowledge that preclude the claim. Perhaps it was inspired by some real events. It's hardly surprising that the source of this myth is Mesopotomia. People that live by large rivers have floods, usually in the rainy season though on occasion there are very large floods that turn wide areas around the river into temporary seas (just look at the Red River a few years ago).

  • Stewart75

    Woohoo for all your funny replies - I laughed at that Tasmanian Devil especially,

    Thanks for the entertainment ;-)

  • proplog2

    The only land animal fossil found in Antartica was a Marsupial. Australia, Antartica, South America used to all be connected.

    The Marsupials in Australia are harder to explain for creationist than any problem evolutionists have to explain.

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