Christians - Do you believe the flood occurred?

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  • oldflame
    You should take a course in Geology 101


    You should take FAITH 101 and get down on your knees and pray that God forgives you for youe lack in FAITH in Gods Holy word...

  • skyman
    their first emperor, Fu Hsi, was recorded to have begun his rule in 2952 B.C. which is about 600 years before the Hebrew date for the flood

    Just a note on this. The first recorded record said the temple before him was from ancient times made by the men that came from the heavens.

    Notice the temple was made long before the first recorded record putting more evidence against the flood date.

  • james_woods

    Hi SeatleNiceGuy -

    I got that story from a very interesting book on the history of time chronology (beginning of time / end of time) by author Martin Gorst. The title is "AEONS - the search for the beginning of time". The ISBN is 1-84115-118-1 . It is published (2001,2002) by Fourth Estate - division of HarperCollins. Gorst is credited as author/director of a number of science programs for Discovery Channel.

    Address is 77-85 Fulham Palace Road, London W6 8JB. They also show -

    Note that this is also where I found that history about James Ussher and his date of October 22, 4004BC for creation of Adam. I put that story up on the thread a few days ago about Jesus birth 1/2 BC. This book is not really interested primarily in debunking the flood myth, but is mostly about how science and philosophy has had to adapt from the primitive Hebrew chronologies (including creative 24 hour days) and move forward to more credible timelines.

    It does, however include the 17th and 18th century failed efforts to find a strata of human remains from the flood, and the efforts to explain how there could possibly be enough water to cover all land. One prevailing theory of the time was that the earth was totally featureless - no mountains or valleys at all until after the flood. Otherwise the science of the day thought there was only about 1/8th enough water everywhere to do the job.

    It might be of interest to note that the great scientist Lord Kelvin insisted for all his life that the sun was "only" about 50 million years because he had no idea of nuclear fusion as its source of energy. He thought that the suns heat came from its gravitational attraction and calculated his date from that basis.

    So, the picture develops of ever-improving dating methods and processes; extending to subnuclear physics (decay of proton, etc) all the way to modern cosmology (big bang, expansion of universe, etc.).

    May I just also mention (as I am sure others have already) that reality should reveal that practically no species can be maintained with a starting breeding stock of only two individuals. Witness (sic) the California Condor or the Whooping Crane.

    Your friend, James

  • BlessedStar

    Christians - Do you believe the flood occurred?

    Yes I believe the flood occured. How else would you explain the rainbow?


  • BlessedStar


  • AlmostAtheist
    Yes I believe the flood occured. How else would you explain the rainbow?

    I can only assume you're speaking facetiously.... I hope?


  • kid-A

    Yes I believe the flood occured. How else would you explain the rainbow?

    Oh my........hmmm, how else can I explain the quarters I would find under my pillow when I left a tooth out as a little kid? Guess the Tooth Fairy is real after all!!

  • james_woods

    I believe the rainbow is caused by a diffraction of light in the atmosphere under unusual meteorolgical conditions.

    I do NOT believe that the Mississippi River was dredged out by Paul Bunyan and his great Blue Ox.

    I also do NOT believe that you have to insist on scientific absurdities in order to (believe/not believe) in God or Christianity. Both have survived a great history of learning and enlightenment...after all, even the society is pretty hard pressed to tell us how they made the leap from 24 hours to 7000 years for the creative day.

    And, don't even get me started on flying saucer aliens building the pyramids.

    Your respectful but skeptical friend,


  • joelbear

    actually the whole rainbow part of the story makes it sound very much like greek mythology.

  • RodentBoy

    The "rainbow" aspect of the story is pretty standard for mythology. But it's also another bit of idiocy. Are we to believe that light also behaved differently prior to the Flood?

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