Christians - Do you believe the flood occurred?

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    If you are an all powerful god, why use a global flood anyway? If you are omniscient you will know that you will regret using a flood to murder everyone.

    If god is powerful enough to dissipate all of the energy released in the flood so that 8 humans and some animals could live. If he could keep the water salty enough so some fish could live. If he could teleport animals to other parts of the earth to start new evolutionary lines. If he was powerful enough to cover up all the evidence for a global flood, why not just zap the folk who he wanted out of the way?

    I dunno, perhaps he was just too cowardly to do the dirty work directly so wanted to use the forces of nature?

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    somehow double posted.

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    Really, does it explain where the water came from, where it went to? Does it explain how fresh water fish survived? Does it explain how the insects all survived? Does it explain ice cores going back many times the age of the alleged flood that show no evidence of a flood at all? Does it explain how an impossible wooden boat was built and survived the deluge? Does it explain how all those animals that did get on were fed?

  • jaffacake
    Flood story - God needs to clean the earth of the corruption and it has to be a total cleansing ( a baptism of the earth?) there isn't any space for a christian to honestly believe its saying anything local.

    Q. A strange assertion.

    But back to the question - I'm with leolai on this one, a couple of pages back.

  • seattleniceguy


    Fascinating information about using records of solar eclipses to prove the accuracy of ancient Chinese writings. Do you have a source on that?


  • Terry
    man has been to other planets and kid_a beleives noah couldnt build a boat.and they were not that primative look at the pyrmids

    1. Which other planet has man been to?

    2.How well do the pyramids float?


  • tetrapod.sapien
    they were not that primative look at the pyrmids

    and who went to all the trouble of scrubbing the water marks from that nasty global deluge off of the great pyramids?

  • hooberus
    The first Jesuit missionary priests to China (circa 1650) were just about laughed out of town because of their "bible" chronology - the Chinese had historical records showing their great civilization going way back before the accepted date for the flood.

    For example, their first emperor, Fu Hsi, was recorded to have begun his rule in 2952 B.C. which is about 600 years before the Hebrew date for the flood.

  • hooberus
    and who went to all the trouble of scrubbing the water marks from that nasty global deluge off of the great pyramids?

  • Terry

    The Answers in Genesis page reads a lot like the Watchtower.

    First, muddy up the facts.

    Second, cast doubt on sources.

    Third, introduce strawman extraneous material easily dismissed. (Space Aliens helping to build the pyramids)

    Fourth, use the red herrings to diminish any confidence in certainty.

    Kind of funny that the sons of Noah settled in various locations and suddenly invented completely divergent cultures with extraordinarily contrasting religious practices! And to think--this was the family God saved from the flood who were WORTHY of being saved!!

    Apologists do not deal in facts. They work backward from a position by damaging any evidence that damages their conclusions.

    The Flood Story is the most difficult bible story to prop up because of the ludicrous premise itself: God cannot simply make people die without having to use an elaborate machine of destruction :i.e.FLOOD which leads to wasting the lives of creatures other than pesky humans.


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