Before or after?

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  • finnrot

    As a kid growing up in the "Truth", I had always had my doubts. I wasn't an especially bright child, but things just seemed a little too odd to me about this religion I was being brought up in.

    I stayed a disinterested Witness as I was growing up, mainly because my parents made me go, and mostly because I alwasy felt that just in case they weren't totally full of bullshit, maybe I could slip by and survive Armageddon in 1975. When 1975 came and went, that religion was pfffttt for me, I was out and there was no looking back. They like to deny it now, but EVERYONE thought that was the end date for this wicked system of things, to quote a phrase that was shoved down my throat all my childhood.

    Anyone who stayed in that religion after 1975 came and went, is a moron. Unless of course they just stayed because they didn't want to be "personna non grata" with all their lovedones. I didn't care, I wanted to experience life without cultish chains restraining my every move.

    I'm loving life. Glad I'm out!!


  • inbyathread

    I left the catholic faith for the dubs because what I was reading convinced me that the priests and the church was lieing to me. Now that I know that the dubs have been lieing also is is just as easy to leave them.

    What the WTS and the FDS fail to realise is that once someone has left a religion it just makes it easier to move again when troubles brew. I do believe that someone who has grown up in thier grasp has a more difficult time to leave but will leave it all behind just as I did my first.

  • mrsjones5

    before...way before

    the internet just confirmed it

  • Cellist

    Before. We faded about 14 years ago and found this site just a couple of years ago.


  • Jamelle


    I remember the day I decided to leave the JWs for good. I remember the relief I felt that I'd finally made that decision. It was like the weight of the world rolling off my chest. The sick feeling in my stomach faded.

    About 8 months later I found this website. I looked for ex-witness websites on a whim. Up until that time I had dealt with my situation by not facing it. I was somewhat successfully ignoring the first 19 years of my life.

    This website and others like it helped me face my past and come to terms with it. I was fascinated to find all of the information that supported my decision to leave. I left because I couldn't take it anymore - I've stayed gone because I have this site and other support mechanisms to remind me that it was the RIGHT decision.

    Thank whatever powers that be for that!

  • diamondblue1974

    I left before....but this site helped me become mentally free from the WTBTS.


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