Before or after?

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  • flag

    I'm curious, when you made your decision to leave the org.

    Did you do it before or after looking at this kind of internet sites?

    In my case I made my decision without ever looking any of this websites. It was two weeks after my decision that I started to log on and see what it was that the WT was so affraid of.

  • lola28



  • joelbear

    way way before. in my early 20s while pioneering. too much cognitive dissonance due to hypocrisy and discovered doctrinal error.

  • delilah
    Hello Flag. I left the borg first, then a very good friend of mine told me about this site. She's been on here for a couple of years, and she would tell me of the the funnier threads here, so I had too see for myself.
  • cyd0099

    B.I. (before internet) but once I found this site, it helped.

  • elliej

    I made the decision to find out it wasn't The Truth before I started looking at these sights. But I always knew they were here waiting for me and that they would be devastating to the JW faith. I gave myself permission to look at them after seeing something else that they lied about.

  • KW13

    i was on the road to success in the organization, i was starting to get priviledges, my talks were good, i was clever and successful, my ministry was good. Why did i leave? my stepdad was a bully, hypocrites, things didn't make sense.

    Then on my road to recovery, even now a few years later i found this site

  • GoingGoingGone

    I knew long before I left that it wasn't the truth. Even after I left, I wouldn't let myself go online and read 'apostate' websites. It took years before I did, but once I did, I was immediately convinced that I wasn't losing my mind, and I had been right all along. I've never looked back.


  • tweety

    I left along time ago and just recently joined this site in 2005.

  • deeskis

    I left nearly 25 years ago, I don't think the internet existed then (scary thought). I wish that the support of this and other sites had been around at that time for me.

    best wishes


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