Elders playing GOOD COP - BAD COP.....Test your knowledge HERE!

by Trojan 39 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Effervescent

    The guy in the middle is thinking

    "Dude... I just did your wife last night"

    Pictures like this are just creepy to me. I start having JC flashbacks....

  • Honesty

    Trojan, I just want to know where you obtained my picture?

    That was supposed to be a confidential interrogation meeting I was attending.

  • Think

    The Dud in the middle is thinking, ( as you can read clearly from the expression of his face) :

    Brother Elder, How many times you have sex with your wife in a year? She seems so lonely at the meetings, and inwited me for diner so many times... then ... she took a bath... and started romantic music... the rest was history... How about that ?

  • Trojan

    LOL!!! Good thinking "Think".....hehehehe....I like the sexual twist you're giving to the story....hehe.

    Isn't it wonderfull HOW MUCH a picture like this teaches you???? A picture is worth thousand words....you don't need to read the article once you see the photos....do I hear several of you saying: "creeps"...wow, not exactly the feeling these elders should awake in you, isn't it?

    I just wonder....question to the ones that have thrown in the "im-screwing-your-wife"-thing.....WHY is lefty the only affected one? WHY is everybody humping HIS wife? Is brother righty (righteous) wife OK?

    Greetings to all of you! You're a funny bunch. Man, you should be the ones visiting this poor guy.....

  • Think

    Troyan, thanks for compliment !

    Yes,, we make this very humorous, but we all know that there is so much truth to that. I know many of them, stories like that. They are sadly very true.

    There was an Elder, and he refused to have sex with his wife for 5 years. She fell in another man arms. Can you blame her for that ???

    She was very beautiful and sexy woman.

  • Saoirse
    I just wonder....question to the ones that have thrown in the "im-screwing-your-wife"-thing.....WHY is lefty the only affected one? WHY is everybody humping HIS wife? Is brother righty (righteous) wife OK?

    Brother Lefty always has his nose buried in the Bible so his wife doesn't get enough attention. He also looks like the type that trusts everyone so he would never suspect that someone is banging his wife. Brother Right looks like a domineering control freak. He probably monitors his wife's every move. She would never have the chance to screw anyone else.

  • Think

    Trojan, I like your name, tell us everything.

    The Books and mag we accepted as a Free GIFT IS, make no mistake abouth it: THey are the Trojan horse to conquer us.

    We have to learn from history, because ignorance IS Very deadly.

  • Think

    The Brother on the right side with his smirk on his face is the one banging OTHERS BROTHERS WIFES.

    They come to help the wife, when the brother is away working to provide for his family.

    Then the Elders come to "comforth" the sheeps and give them "affection". Then the ' banging starts as regular or even more as "Theocratic meetings".

    Know about this a lot.

    Know many, many families destroyed.

  • rebel8

    The guy in the middle is the bad one. Yes he is not wearing a jacket or tie, but don't forget the biggest transgression of all:

    He is YOUNG! And everyone knows all "youth" are fools on the verge of spontaneous sex and drugs.

  • Trojan

    rebel8: How sad, but true!! As a JW you must almost be afraid if you:

    a) are young (everybody: "is he having an ehm....erection...he must be, look at him, he's YOUNG" or: "will he pioneer? he doesn't dare to go to college, does he?")

    b) have a computer (statement: "everybody that has a computer MUST be a pervert.....i don't care if the guy works as an accountant and needs to work on a computer....it's a universal rule: everybody with a computer is so freakin evil, i can't even express it in words....")

    c) have a full-time job (good paying) (everybody: "look at this materialistic pig.....he has thrown the truth out of the window.....no, i don't care if hes shoveling in 20 hours in service, is an elder, gives xxx talks at assemblies.......he MUST be materialistic.")

    d) all of the above together!


    PS: To "Think": Yes my friend, I love the nickname.....to me it has lots of meaning right now... ;-)

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