Elders playing GOOD COP - BAD COP.....Test your knowledge HERE!

by Trojan 39 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Finally-Free

    This picture is deceptive, and therefore it cannot be accurately determined which elder is the "good cop" and which is the "bad cop".

    Reason: Their shoes are not visible. If one of them had tassels on his shoes it would mean he's a wannabe elder, or a very new one. He is the "junior man". He will be the "bad cop" because he's still trying to impress the more experienced elder.


  • Chimene

    LOL, the guy in the middle, no suite, no tie, and the sort of side ways snicker on his face tells me he is thinking "Are you for real?, when can I get out of here!"

  • Think

    They show him that in the "New Truth" translation, God loved the world so much that he send the Governing Body, aby everybody believing in Craptower, not die, but to live forever in severe pain because listening forever to Watchtower wisdom.

    John 3:16

  • KW13

    The middle guy.

    Does anyone you know pull that weird face? Just after the shot he bites off the elders nose...you can see he is holding the cannibalism back but later he does fail.

  • stillajwexelder

    he might actually be receiving an upbuilding shepherding call (well it is in theory possible)!

  • Trojan

    I love you guys/gals!!! I knew it. I knew this would be good,....LOL to all of your comments.

    This community is the most fun and humorous community in the world! I mean, who could have such a good humour after the losses and shit you have gone through? Well done. Let's see other comments....

    Special thanks to belbab for his contribution. A man that has my deep respect and greatest appreciation!

    Saoirse: Yes, he gives me the creeps....but he is common among elders (and even worser)

    blondie: you're absolutely right! (How do you know?) These "techniques" are commonly used among elders (some are quite proud of the tricks they have pulled off to get some poor bastard nailed...they tell them as jokes at elders meetings, believe me. All the truth!) I call these methods Gestapo interrogation methods, and if somebody from WTBTS is reading this and thinks it is not true....go and do your homework. I had once one circuit overseer with three of us doing an interrogation that lasted until 1:00 a.m. in the morning....I almost wanted to stand up and knock the guy out of his suit, but I couldn't because I was soo tired and red eyed, that I couldn't distinguish who was who....


  • observador

    The guy in the middle is definitely evil; look at way he looks at that elder. He looks like he wants something... :) :)

  • bonnzo

    is the elder on the right starting to flip the bird with his left hand? the middle finger is just starting to rise! is that a (gasp!) cross in the window on the left side!!! these guys aren't elders... they're apostates!

  • slugga

    The guy in the middle has his hand on the left elders Leg!

  • geevee

    The shirt collar give it away, it is done like that for a purpose, to distract the young middle guy from what is really going on. The left guy with the collar problem is the good guy, he thinks that he is genuinely trying to help this young guy with the scriptures and sincerely believes what he is saying. The older guy on the right is in the supreme position of being able to sit back, and plan his attack. He sees the smirk on the kids face, he sees what scriptures lefty is using and he knows which ones he should have been using as they discussed in the half hour before the young kid turned up.
    So as soon as lefty shuts up, he is going to jump in and kick both their asses.
    He has already decided the kid should go, and when they report back to the body they will both agreee and the third member of the JC will then come in on it. And majority rules, so the kid is gone. He should have stopped a long time ago, he should have done more study, more prayer and definitely gone to more meetings and much more service.
    So I vote that the bad cop is the guy on the right.

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