Elders playing GOOD COP - BAD COP.....Test your knowledge HERE!

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  • Trojan

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    A) The one to the left, because, well, somethings wrong with his collar,...a real elder wouldn't walk around like this.

    B) The guy to the right. People in black suits are suspicious.

    C) The guy in the middle, I mean...isn't he disfellowshipped or so? Come on, NO TIE? NO SUIT? He must be very evil...look at his grin.

    D) All of them.....I don't trust anybody....I will shun them all! (Just in case....)

    What are your options? Let the fun begin.....

    Question: Why can't elders show up with their sleeves rolled up, without suit and tie, just like friends talking to a friend??????

  • Legolas

    Sorry, I only see a red x.

    Is the picture from your computer? If so you have to have it hosted. Go to www.tinypic.com upload it from your computer and then hit the 'host' button.

    When it is hosted...click on the picture, then another box will open....highlight the picture and copy it...when you come back here just hit the clipboard icon to put it on the page.

  • daystar

    Yeah, you can't link to a picture that resides on your own hard drive and expect other people to be able to view it from there. I'd be very worried if we were able to.

    Your link points to (link removed).

  • blondie

    Actually elders do play good cop, bad cop, using lies to trick the rank and file.

    Such as saying the your friend, brother so-and-so told us everything (when in fact he said nothing).

    Or saying that if you tell us who else is involved your punishment will be less than theirs.


  • Clam

    I can see the picture by the way, although it could have been edited since the other guys advised.

    For me the bad guy is the one in the middle. It's a hospital maternity unit waiting room and he's an expectant father.

    The two helpful members of the HLC in their suits are reminding him of scriptures and Jehovah's dislike of life saving blood transfusions; just in case the guy's wife has a haemorrhage.

  • belbab


    The guy on the left is definitely the bad cop.

    Look at the derogatory semi-sneer of the white shirted, short haired dude in the middle directed towards the guy towards Brother Lefty..

    Lefty is on the left, out in left field so to speak, side of Jah's disfavor.

    Besides his collar not kosher, look at the profile of his head, definitely not a sign of intelligence, like the ancient Golden Age mags showed. He has poor eyesight, sign of defiency. Oh, and the finger on the Bible, demonstrating accusatory pointing the finger at crimes against Jah and humanitiy. And the size of his nose, sticking his nose in where it don't belong, kinda brown nosing type.

    I am sure he probably is J. R. Brown's cousin. He is certainly the hatchet man, has to be, as he is the Son of Ham, again check ancient publications.

    Brother Benevolent Dick on the right, though, is the Good guy, he is the one that stays to the side, not getting his hands dirtied, the situation is beneath him. He is Lefty's mentor, he is there to ensure that Brother Sneer gets what's coming to him. At the same time, he makes sure his ass is covered, so no reproach comes back on him.

    What's that association's name, that started around the time of Martin Luther King?


  • belbab

    PS. I forgot, Brother Lefty also has a mustache, a sure sign of marginal rebellion against the principals of Brother Right.


  • Legolas

    LOL...The guy in the middle looks like he's thinking.....Are you for real..I mean are you really from this planet?

    The guy on the right looks proud of what the other guy is reading!

  • Saoirse

    The guy on the right gives me the creeps.

    The guy in the middle looks like he's being counseled on masturbation.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    The guy in the middle has his hands folded over his, um, shall we say 'private area' !

    This could carry two messages in my mind -

    • 1 - He is being counselled on sexual issues.
    • 2 - He is showing an instictive reaction to 'protect' himself when threatened.

    Also the presence of just two elders suggests it is not a 'judicial matter' yet. Just a matter of counsel or investigation. Of course, it will likely go the next step if some sort of wrongdoing can be adjudged here.

    He is also clearly the 'weak' one. No tie and jacket. No Bible in hand. And he looks to 'military' with his grooming.


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