Elders playing GOOD COP - BAD COP.....Test your knowledge HERE!

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  • Think

    Here is another twist: The Elder on right side, with his smart look, is the one screving others brothers wifes. Now, he is wondering about his wife, because for about 6 months, they have no sex at all with her, she have headaches, periods, colds constantly.

    This young stud have errection all the time just looking at a woman, and he he accused of fornication with wordly woman. But he also is frequent guest at her sick wife, helping her with yard work, shoping, cleaning. Elder on the right side is worring that he may also bang his wife.

    Exactly, this young dud is f***** his wife 5 times a week, every time Smart elder is on the meeting !

  • MadTiger

    Yeah, I had 'em try a "We called brother such-and-such about his party" thing on me. I answered with what I knew was true, and hedged on the rest. Talk to Bro. Such-and-such, and of course, they never called him. Liars!!! Trying to fish, and came up with nary a minnow!

  • DavidChristopher

    I think everyone is mistaken.....They are reading a bible, NOT a book or watchteller...these are NOT witnesses, BUT really us apostates in disguise, searching the scriptures for tips on oral sex!!!!


  • Hellrider

    This wasn`t to difficult. The old white guy on the right (from now on referred to as "the old white guy" is the bad-cop. He will remain silent thruout the conversation, and only raise his voice if a "problem" arise (like if the young man in the middle, from now on referred to as "the burnoffering", was to ask a critical question. The young black guy (from now on referred to as "the young black guy") is the good-cop. The burn-offering in the middle is the innocent man being "shepherded" (indoctrinated). The reasons are: The old (white) guy is the bad-cop. These older elders don`t have to talk so much, they can just base all their guidance on their status in the congregation, as life-long JWs, men who have "served Jehovah" thruout their entire lives. They don`t have to talk much, because their job is not so much to guide, it is more to over-see, to "pull out the weed" when it is necessary. So this guy will most likely be listening very carefully, to constantly making notes (either in his head or on a paper) as to how the young burnofferings "spiritual state/attitude" is, if there is hope of again to pull him back into the fold of happy, unpaid magazine-publishers, or if he is on the way to apostacy and DFing and you know, a horrible, violent death at Armageddong (because "it`s just around the corner"). The extreme dominance of the old white guy can be seen also in his body language. His legs are separated, he`s dangling his penis and testicles freely, a clear way for a dominant male to show how dominant and cool he is, both in showing his huuuuge, hairy testicles, and in showing that even though this is his weak point too (which any guy that has taken a soccer-ball in the nuts can testify to ) - he is not afraid. It is almost as if he looks like he wants to just stand up, get up on the coffee table, pull down his pants and start shaking his stuff around. In adition to this, he has a big, fat tie, another way for dominant males to show their superiority (the tie is an age-old fallos-symbol). The Bible he is holding in his hand is not really being used/read, it`s just there to give a heavenly justification and mandate to the old white guys gigantic testicles.

    The young black guy is doing most of the talking. He wears glasses, which really makes him look a bit like a geek. No matter how politically correct we become, there is this thing deep inside of us that will always look a glasses as a sign of weakness (it`s almost a part of our biology). He is "weak", a nerd, but in addition to this, he is an "intellectual" (or as close to an intellectual you can get on planet JW). Therefore, he will be doing the actual "studying" with the young burnoffering (they`re in the process of reading a Bible passage now - carefully ripped out of context, probably in Joel, to suit the issue in the Watctower which they are really studying, probably the importance of abstaining from sexual imorality and avoiding college, and instead devoting ones young and healthy years in Jehovahs and his "mouthpiece on earth, the Watchtower Society"`s, service). He is actually reading this particular Bible passage. He is the submissive male among the two "spiritual shepherds", shown clearly by the fact that his legs are not just closed, they are pressed firmly together, almost crushing his ridicolously small, tiny testicles under and into his own bottom.

    The young burnoffering is pretty innocent in all of this.. Fortunately for him, I don`t think he even knows what is going on

  • ezra

    well the person thats probably the bad guy for posting something thats copyrighted and doesnt belong to them .

  • blondie

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    Notice that white guy in suit on right is not looking at his Bible; he is watching the body language of the white guy in shirt sleeves in the middle..

    Notice that black guy in suit on left is not letting white guy in shirt sleeves follow along in Bible.

    Notice that black guy in suit on left has bad haircut (and looks like a mustache under that upper lip).

    This is not in anyone's home, most likely the KH, so why is the white guy in the middle in shirt sleeves?

    Notice that they are not sitting at a table with both guys in suits on one side and white guy on the other (normal technique in many elder ambushes).

    The shirt sleeve guy in the middle should know that if he goes to the other elders with any complaints about what happened, that the 2 men in suits will lie and support each other as to any point that was or was not brought up.

    Never meet with 2 elders alone.


  • Trojan

    RFLMAO!!! I'm having soo much fun with this.....your answers are absolutely hilarious!!! You guys/gals are the best!!!!

    blondie: I have always appreciated your posts (when I was lurking)....just tell'ya: WOW! You have more knowledge about elders stuff, than most elders I know (and count CO, DO, too). You really know what you're talking. Hats off, to you.

    hellrider: LOL. A lot!!!!!!!! Your comment really made me crack up.....I've had such a good laugh, man, thank you. That description is one of the best I've ever read about elders/elders meetings/elder behaviour. You really hit the nail.

    Both of you: you're both sharp and witt.

    Here's the solution to the little riddle (throwing in most of "Think" ideas and some others that have suspected for a long time that, how was hellrider saying?, let's stick to his descriptions, "the old white guy" is the bad cop....):

    Great fun! This is so relaxing. Love you all!

    Trojan. (I don't mind if you go on commenting the "mind reading" scene here....)

  • AuldSoul

    It is noteworthy that the "elders" are reading from the Governing Body playbook. The spines of the Bibles are opened near center, to the OT (of course) wherein their organizational arrangement is loosely based.

    The guy in the middle is sneering, has hands folded, isn't looking receptive to the message, he doesn't have his own Bible, and he isn't reading along in the one being offered. It isn't a case of weakness, whatever the supposed offense. This is a proud man and he is guilty of wickedness. But, the good news is he isn't an apostate. If he was, he would have a Bible opened and the elders would have frustrated expressions on their faces.

    However, these aren't like the elders who came to visit me. I know because I had meetings with elders throughout last year and they hardly ever cracked the spine of a Bible unless I directed their attention to a Scripture. After or during the reading there was at least one heavy sigh. Maybe the one on the right is actually an elder and he just hastily turned to the Scripture mentioned by the Ministerial Servant on the left who is "reaching out" for an office of judgeship.


  • Legolas

    LOL...I still think that he looks like he is saying...Are you for real?..Are you really from this planet?

  • Think

    Wise Elder give advise to young horny stud, not to tell anybody about his coitus with next elder wife, because they don't want to disfelloship him, because every year they have to do this to about 60,000 people, and they are loosing money, because they are not comin to KH and not puting money in voluntary extortion boxes.

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