Can DaVinci Code make Witnesses think?

by Lilycurly 25 Replies latest jw friends

  • Brigid


    Aaah, you're awakening, sweet dreamer. You're gonna love the journey.



  • Gretchen956

    Nothing makes JW's think. If they start thinking its the road to freedom from the WTS.


  • Sentient

    I have to respectfully disagree with your group's conclusions about what people need and what they don't. On the one hand I'm more of a realist now, I know that everybody in the world is not going to wake up tomorrow and see that some of their most deeply held beliefs are based on mythos and societal programming. On the other hand, I believe that at the individual level letting go of all perceived safety nets based on unrealities is what can bring real peace and freedom to an individual and possibly to the world. The most liberating faith is complete faith in yourself and in your fellow human being. You would be surprised how much better a person you might have thought needed something to survive might be able to do without it given time and the right environment and information. The purpose of a change like that should be healing and greater peace and happiness, and it must be internally motivated.
    Also, I believe that with the advent of the information age and despite the overload of information, people of the world who have the greatest access to information are increasingly able to sift fact from fiction in their personal lives. I think it is something that will progress and can't really be stopped at this point, it is taking place exponentially. I think it's difficult to see the positive changes happening through the turmoil and pain that is to be found on the road to truth. Not absolute truth and all answers to questions of existence, but the truth about what ISN'T true and why we may have believed what we have for so long, the truth about how certain beliefs about the hereafter are perpetuated and have been used to blame and control our fellow human beings in the here and now. The most rewarding place you can go is through the Walls of Fear that exist within you into the Void of the Unknown and Confusing and Painful Stuff, whether you are JW, Jew, or anything else.

  • Super_Becka
    I know of dubs who've read it. Dubs are reluctant to read it. Those that do are even more reluctant to tell others.

    My boyfriend is an inactive, unbaptized JW who reads just about anything. He's read "The DaVinci Code" and "Angels and Demons" and he thoroughly enjoyed both and wasn't afraid to tell me that he liked them, but it most certainly didn't make him stop to think about the beliefs that he so stubbornly clings to. Granted, he doesn't follow all of the WTS's doctrines, just the more obvious ones, but still, this book had no effect on him whatsoever. It surprised me that he would read something to religiously charged, but it didn't faze him at all.

    Maybe when the movie comes out, I'll take him to see it, men are visual creatures, maybe seeing the story represented on the big screen will get him thinking.

    Hey, a girl can hope, right??

    -Becka :)

  • justsomedude
    Anyone got a good experience making a person spark using DVC?

    Honestly, even though it was largely fiction, that book was more or less the straw that broke the camels back for me. It gave me a whole different way to approach things and I finally started looking at all the doubts I had.

  • roybatty

    Funny thing. I have yet to read the book but my 14 year old just finished and now is of the opinion that ALL religion is a bunch of BS. My 11 year old (who is still following the JW way of her mother) is now reading the book. I wonder how it will effect her beliefs in the JW system...hmmm....

  • undercover

    A close JW friend of mine read both DVC and A&D and loved them. I was surprised that he read them, being a pretty loyal company man. So many JWs have basically put DVC in the same lot with the Harry Potter books, demonized and not to be opened at all.

    When I heard he had read them, I hoped that it might spark a little curiosity in to more about the real history of Jesus, the Bible and events surrounding them. If he got to looking around he just might stumble onto something that could trigger one of those long-suppressed doubts we all had. But, like most normal cult members, he was able to separate the real world from the one he lived in and not see anything amiss at all.

  • Brigid


    <<I believe that at the individual level letting go of all perceived safety nets based on unrealities is what can bring real peace and freedom to an individual and possibly to the world.>>

    I agree with the above statement but honey, look around you! Do you think joe blow is ready for such knowledge? Maybe so. Maybe we've evolved to the point or we're on the cusp of some evolutionary leap where we can take off the glasses and look at naked truth without the color and softening of mythos.

    We are in the Age of Aquarius. But I'm not so sure. I know a lot of people who go to church and schul (synagogue) and I'm just not so sure how well they (and myself included) can process reality.

    Satanists are some of the only ones I've who can look nakedly at life.


  • Gerard

    No independent thinking allowed.

  • Lilycurly

    Thanks Justsomedude! I`ll cling to that tiny hope. You never know! It's true, it might at first have no effect, but then he can rethink on a small point and it can trigger the researches...and from there, who knows where it can lead.

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