Was Charles Russell Murdered and Why On Halloween Night?

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  • wombat

    Bloody hell..........Hey I was just a Newbie a couple of months back.

    What does "fjnord" mean?...Am I being complimented or insulted?

    Is this some inside Illuminati code?? Is this whole site plagued with Illuminati? Is this an Illuminati site??

    I think I should have a cup of tea and a good lie down.

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  • wombat

    IP_SEC..........I read the site you directed me to but I never saw the word "fnord" mentioned once.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    Russell was smoking dope with his secretary and he needed to take a crap. The secretary realized that the bloodline might get watered down so he started to write about the Holy Grail. Then Russell came out of the bathroom on the train to Israel and let gas out of his rectum. As soon as he did this it became obvious that the Jewish Conspiracy was a reality. Then the bewitching hour was nigh and the Illuminators were aghast! Blood, bloodline and bloodletting was all that they could think of. So they gave the Pastor sleeping pills to die like a Gentile. The demons of the Knights of Columbus were secretly rejoicing as Charles Taze Russell would never be That Faithful Servant for he was dead!!!! And the Secretary knew it all to be truth but knew that if he ever breathed a word of these truths, the Knighthood would make him sleep with the fishes. IT IS SO OBVIOUS! WHY CAN'T OTHER PEOPLE SEE IT???????????

    Minimus - could you please sing this to the melody of "Bye Bye American Pie"? Jeff

  • daystar
    IP_SEC..........I read the site you directed me to but I never saw the word "fnord" mentioned once.

    Ahhh... As I suspected... heh heh... heh heh... heh heh... heh heh... heh... ... ...

  • hamsterbait

    Interesting to find that in Frazer's "Golden Bough" there were corn rituals involving the death of "the Old Man" .

    (see telegram INTERCEPTED by MacMillan BEFORE it got to the addressee - "the Old Man is Dead")

    In Egypt and other lands until recently folk customs involved the burying of the last sheaves of corn to ensure a continuance of good harvests. This last sheaf was called the OLd Man. Similar customs existed in Europe.

    After the British King was "helped away" by the doctors, the message read "the old man is dead" (George 4th or 5th??????)

    That telegram was code for Juggerford.


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    I read the site you directed me to but I never saw the word "fnord" mentioned once.

    LMFAO! It works!

  • VM44

    bttt because last night was Halloween.


  • kid-A

    I joined the Illuminati last week (see inauguration pic below)......they give out complimentary red fezzes..!

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