What proportion of JW kids stay Witnesses? How about in your cong?

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  • Think

    Somebody said about 50% kids run as fast as they can when they reach 18. I see that happenning. After 18 they just refused to listen to parents and go to KH, or any convention. The kids have more brains that some adults. They know what is going on.

    The "spiker" talks are : "we are SOOO concerned that so many of our children fade away from the truth".

    From the truth? How you can fade away from truth ???

    But you can RUN away from the Rapetower lies !!

  • blondie

    Upon reaching 18, out of 10 young JWs

    1 DA'd

    3 DF'd

    3 inactive, faded

    2 never baptized, gone

    1 remained

    One sister, told me that during a service meeting part, the PO told the congregation that in the last ten years only one person not raised a JW had been baptized and they had been df'd that year.

  • stillAwitness
    From the truth? How you can fade away from truth ???

    But you can RUN away from the Rapetower lies !!

    Good one! A few broken sentences here and there...but Think is on to something here!

  • jwfacts

    I feel for you StillaWitness. No one your age in the hall and you don't agree with the doctrine either. Make as many friends as you can at Uni and when the time is right RUN.

  • caligirl

    In the congregation I grew up in, my best "guesstimate" qould be a 70% exit rate. The ones that are left were either the "golden" children who could do no wrong or couldn't possibly fathom leaving mommy & daddy.

  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    Hmmmm... Am I seeing a discernable trend or what? In my earlier post [see above] I mentioned that the only figures I had were from the 60s - 70s and the number leaving was about 33% While reading the latest figures from the 80s - 90s - 2005 the numbers seem to have gone up alarmingly -approximately 85% !!!

    Give it another decade and who knows they will ALL leave - 100%!!!

    I wonder if the boffins at WT HQ are aware of this spiralling trend? Are they doing anything about it? Maybe they simply dont give a stuff


  • jojochan

    In the hall that my parent attend, the youths there are really young, the oldest being 21. And there not that many of them, and when they get my age 80% of them actually moved out of state or the city, and just fade away.

    Good health to them.


  • Dune

    In the years that i've been a witness. 70% of the kids that i've grown up left the orgo.

  • Think

    Children living Borg? That is a good news !!!

    A organization who rape their own children and kill them and disfellowship them, don't deserve to have any children !!!

    Pure and simple.

  • pratt1

    I attended a congo in the shadow of Bklyn Bethel in the 70' and 80's.

    At least 25% of the children of dub were out by the age of 18.

    Those that stayed into their 20's and got married, at leat 70% of those left the "lie".

    We were what I like to refer to as the lost generation. We were told the the end would come before we gradurated high school, we did not pursue a higher education in most cases so we worked marginal jobs with low pay and bad benefits, we got married too early, before we were mature enough to be comfortable with ourselves, much less comfortable with living and loving someone else. And most of us had children quickly that strained an already meager budget, thus heaping more pressure and problems on "children" ill prepared to deal with the harsh realities of life.

    I know many members of the "lost generation" and many are very bitter about their experience as a dub.

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