My quest for the woman able to convince me to give up my freedom and marry?

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  • Scully
    convince me to give up my free agent status,

    Once you are someone's parent, your "free agent status" is forfeited. Time for you to grow up.

  • simplesally

    You live with her? Either marry her or move on............. if you want someone else it's not fair for her for you to be there, it keeps her in the hoping you'll change faze.

    -------Sally, of the "been stupid but got smart" class

  • Effervescent
    I replied "yes, I want to know every unmarried woman on earth, so I can insure I will never feel like I missed out on something.

    It may be because of this that you do miss out...

  • Nina
    "...and spend forever as her property alone."

    Property? As in you want someone who will take care of you forever?

    Dream on.


  • DavidChristopher

    My my, what a good way to meet chicks!!!

    Don't get impulsive girls, and don't burn ya bras yet either. This is not about just the guys. this is not about sex either. Meeting all the women, is not sleeping with all the women. I can assure you may sexual equal(s) have been found and proceeded to spin my head off too.

    This is not about being a "player" misleading and hurting people for personal gain. This is about making an informed decision possible by great spiritual freedom.

    Do you want to live forever with wondering if you missed out? Would you want your man too? Is there a way to find true happiness with that lying in the shadows? Or should we boldly explore new options and freedoms, taking our freedom to new levels in the quest for true happiness?

    I will never choose a freedom or personal gain at the cost of my firstborns happiness or well being, or his mothers. I will remain her property until I can convince her it is in both our best interests to be free to forget the destination and enjoy the cruise.

  • rebel8

    It is not true there is just one "soul mate" out there for each person. There are many individuals with whom you are compatible and could be happy with on a permanent basis. The false belief that there is "only one", perpetuated by soap operas and love songs, causes ppl much emotional harm. So is the idea that with your "one soul mate" you will "click" fully and immediately and never feel hurt or lonely ever again.

    Just wondering if you are actually compatible with your son's mother and the belief that there is a magical angelic mystical soul mate out there waiting to be found is prompting you to want to leave a perfectly good relationship. Or I'm wrong.

  • carla

    So you are just using her till something better comes along? Wasting all her time? Why on earth would you have children with her? Why do men do that?! Hook up with a woman, allow her to believe there is some kind of future with him and when something 'better' (or so he thinks) comes along he feels he can toss her away like a piece of garbage. And the woman stupidly wasted years with the louse.

    I know a guy who did just what you are thinking of only he married the first woman, found something he thought was 'better' and let me tell you, it is not better!!! he is paying a heavy price with new and 'better' woman. You know who is paying the highest price? His three children of these two women. They are the ones who suffer.

    Sounds like your woman deserves better than she got.

  • serendipity

    HI David C,

    You have a child. It's not about YOU any longer. You have an obligation to that child to provide a good home. I agree with the others, either marry the woman you're living with and commit to making that relationship work for the next x years until your child grows up. Otherwise, move on and let the woman find someone who loves her. If MOM ain't happy, it's hard for the kids to be happy.

  • Insomniac

    You could have told her about your indecision/ambivalence/indifference before you got her pregnant, before you had sex with her, before you made her believe you held her in any special esteem. She apparently was under the impression that you were emotionally comitted to her, when in fact you weren't. That's likely the reason she's now upset with you.


    DavidChristopher - Become a Gladiator.

    Fighting off lions is the easy part. Fighting off all the women who will throw themselves at you, will keep you occupied.

    As for your quest to settle down with one women for the rest of your life - leave that to the Christians - that is, those that have not been eaten!

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