Is There ANYTHING Good About Jehovah's Witnesses?

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  • Cat-er-daynightfever
    Slugga said:
    Apparently dub girls are dirty and not in the smelly way

    Is there anyone else out there that finds this statement rather offensive? He actually seems like the type of brother I would have run into that would have thought that he could get away with treating me in a raping fashion because he was under the wrong impression that he could get away with taking advantage of a sister. Dealing with brothers like him were some of the reasons why I had to leave!!!!

  • minimus

    If you find comments like his "rather offensive", I'd suggest you develop a thicker skin , especially if you want to be on these boards. Perhaps he was out of line but there's lots worse here that I've seen. Hopefully, Slugga ain't the type of guy he might come across as.

  • ColdRedRain

    Racism was rampant when I was a dub. No dubs of different ethnicities could marry until the early '80s. Also, I got pulled aside by a dub elder for being "non spiritual" (wrong skin color) and talking to his daughter.

    When I think about that moment, I feel as though I want to go visit an assembly just so I can punch the living shit out of that man.

  • stillajwexelder

    They are quite good about beiung genuinely non-racist

  • Elsewhere

    They’re not slimy brain sucking parasites.

  • greendawn

    CRR that elder had quite a cheek, very elitist mentality he separates people into spiritual and non spiritual. His daughter must be the incarnation of spirituality.

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