Is There ANYTHING Good About Jehovah's Witnesses?

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    The JW religion is not good, we all know that's a fact. However, there are some good JWs who are loving and sincere people. I think the good ones are feeling trapped and gut shot over they things they're seeing on the inside. One of my dear friend was an elder and PO. He stepped down and just sits at the meetings with his family. I don't believe he goes from door to door any more. He is greatly loved by the worldly people in his community. I won't go and see him because I know he would talk to me and go out to dinner with me if I asked. If he is seen with me, he would be disfellowshipped. I could call him right now if I needed something and he would help me. That's a good friend no matter what religion. Eventually people like my friend in Wyoming will leave the religion. If he never leaves I will still consider him a good man and a great friend.

  • JH

    They produce high quality apostates

  • Amazing1914

    Yes, there is something good about them. - JimW.

  • Apollyon

    I was very happy ....wait a second- :snort:- and I still emmmm

  • Carmel

    That they teach "science and religion are in agreement" is wonderful!


    ouch, bit tongue while in cheek

  • Think

    First, let's make here some things straight.

    They are very quick to label EVERYBODY who don't agree with their man made cooked up religion by "Pastor" Russell.

    The truth is, they are NOT a true christian religion according to the Bible and they never been from the beginning.


    They don't know the Bible, they can just take some verses out of contest, and try to "glue" them to the sick writings in their books, that the Bible point to them as to the "ONE TRUE RELIGION".

    If you ask them to prove anything just from the Bible, they can't.

    Without their garbage literature, they can't prove anything.

    They are so hypocritical, that they live the lie so deeply, that when you prove to them, that they lie, and you can read from their faces that they know that they are lie, they will try to change the talk to something different, or tell you that they don't want to talk about that, or that they will do research and come later, and they NEVER SHOW UP AGAIN. They will not admit that they lie, have no Truth at all, or are mislead into man made religion.

    My heart was stoping many times, when I saw that.

    Ask them about the children rape and cover up.. there will be a long silence. Code of Silence. They will stand with th Borg, against the innocent children, to protect the "Holy Org" IMAGE.

  • scout575

    I consider myself very privileged to have have spent many years as a JW. Many, many of the brothers and sisters were such outstanding examples of Christianity, that my memory of them will inspire me to my dying day. Whilst of course there were varying levels of spirituallity within the congregation, the vast majority of people treated me with kindness and respect. I have no complaints.

    There were football matches, get togethers, alot of laughter together whilst out in the ministry. I enjoyed all of this, as did the majority of people in the congregation. I certainly don't consider my years as a Witness as a waste of time, after all I, along with the others in the congregation tried hard to be kind and helpful to people ( both inside and outside the congregation ) and that is the way that I intend to continue living my life now that I'm no longer a Witness.

  • minimus

    Scout, if everything was so hunky dory----why'd leave???

  • CeriseRose

    The organization as a whole, not really. The small amount that might be good on a community or humanitarian level is overshadowed by the bad. Individually, I know tons of sincere, loving JWs. Misguided and (I think) deluded into believing they're truly happy with their lot in life (maybe they are, who am I to judge), but sincere and doing their best in the face of a lot of organizational hypocrisy and rigidity.

  • The Leological One
    The Leological One

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