Can you celebrate your 100th birthday when you are a JW?

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  • uninformed

    On the other end,

    my son and daughter in law just had a little girl at a birthing center late in 2005.

    The nurses brought in a cake with one candle in it and took a picture of the new father, mother and baby and gave them a copy.

    When her ex-witness brother living with a worldly woman that is studying saw the picture he called her and chewed her out for celebrating birthdays, and "stumbling" his girlfriends efforts to study and accept the teachings of the WT on birthdays.

    It's just beyond words.

    Go for it Grandma.


  • Leolaia

    Every birthday my JW aunt would mail me a birthday card, with the word "birth" rubbed out with ink, so that it would say, "Happy xxxxday!!"

  • BluesBrother

    I would like to see the body of elders that would dare to take action on this one, with publicity and all... good luck Grannie .(may your team win superbowl)

    BTW it is reputed that in the UK one receives a telegram from the Queen on your 100th. I cannot swear that that is true. But if so, would you have to send it back?

  • gumby
    Technically, I don't think you can be df'd for celebrating a birthday; I'm sure they find some other "principle" though.


    You can be disassociated(same thing) if you broadcasted to all others you did. If it became known to a number of ones or came to the attention of the elders they could give you some shit over this. Just as they disassociate those who join the army( taking part in an activity jehovah detests) theyu can disassociate those who celebrate pagan holidays. The reason birthdays seem exempt from reprocussions such as judicial action, is because it's usually a private matter unlike christmas with a tree and lights etc. Gumby *who'd like to kick in the nutsack the dubs who won't take a red blood cell but they'll eat a whole fricking chocolate birthday cake*

  • wombat

    The pics from Hubble are incredible...Awesome images. Our planet is not even a pimple.

    Yet the great Creator says "Bloody hell - Geoffrey had a birthday party - he's dead."

    So silly.

  • gumby

    Actually this Birthday thing is a bit unclear. It's like the Oral Sex do it and don't say nuthin.

    Here's a post from "the listener" awhile back. It's all I could find for now

    TheListenerRe: Are birthdays now a "conscience matter" for JWs?
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    The latest publication, "What the Bible Really Teaches" on page 159 subheading: DO ORIGINS REALLY MATTER?, paragraph 12 says: "Maybe you feel that the origins of holidays have little to do with how they are celebrated today. Do origins really matter? Yes! To illustrate: Suppose you saw a piece of candy lying in the gutter. Would you pick up that candy and eat it? Of course not! That candy is unclean. Like that candy, holidays may seem sweet, but they have been picked up from unclean places. To take a stand for true worship, we need to have a viewpoint like that of the prophet Isaiah, who told true worshippers: "Touch nothing unclean."-Isaiah 52:11"

    Also page 223 of the same book under the appendix article entitled "Should We Celebrate Holidays?" says "Other holidays. It is not possible to discuss all teh observances held throughout the world. However, holidays that exalt humans or human organizations are not acceptable to Jehovah. (Jeremiah 17:5-7; Acts 10:25,26) Keep in mind too, that the origin of religious celebrations has a bearing on whether they please God or not. (Isaiah 52:11; Revelation 18:4) The bible principles mentioned in Chapter 16 of this book will help you determine how God views participation in holidays of a secular nature." ((((I quoted chapter 16 above))))

    I didn't find that birthdays were directly commented on in the new publication. Still I don't know one witness who celebrates a birthday. As they say in the Awake response "the Bible definitely puts birthday celebrations in a bad light." Since birthdays aren't a religious holiday but a secular one it appears that the information on page 223 condemns the practice of celebrating birthdays if for no other reason that it exalts a human.

  • Mary

    Just to show their hypocritical attitude and how they like to twist certain practices to their own liking, take a look at the quotations below on how the GB responds to questions about birthdays and other "pagan" rituals:

    *** w51 10/1 p. 607 Questions from Readers ***

    Doubtless many things practiced by Christians today were also practiced by pagans; but when these practices are steeped in false worship contrary to Bible principle they become objectionable. [so what about brides wearing a veil, or wearing a wedding ring----both are "steeped in false worship"]

    *** w98 10/15 p. 31 Questions From Readers ***

    Admittedly, true Christians today are not preoccupied with the roots and possible ancient religious connections of every practice or custom, but neither are they inclined to ignore pointed indications that do exist in God’s Word. This includes that the only birthday celebrations of Biblical record are of pagans and linked to instances of cruelty. [what about the night Jesus died? Wasn't that the utmost form of 'cruelty' that a human could endure? Yet the Witnesses celebrate this event every single year].

    Consequently, while it is entirely a private matter if Christians choose to take note of their wedding anniversary, there are good reasons why mature Christians abstain from celebrating birthdays. [actually, there's no "good reasons" provided at all----the translation is: do as we say, not as we do."]


    w72 1/15 p. 63 Questions from Readers ***

    Even if it were a fact that pagans first used wedding rings, would that rule such out for Christians? Not necessarily. Many of today’s articles of clothing and aspects of life originated in pagan lands. The present time divisions of hours, minutes and seconds are based on an early Babylonian system. Yet, there is no objection to a Christian’s using these time divisions, for one’s doing so does not involve carrying on false religious practices.


    w72 1/15 p. 63 Questions from Readers ***

    Really, the question is not so much whether wedding rings were first used by pagans but whether they were originally used as part of false religious practices and still retain such religious significance. As has been shown, the historical evidence does not allow for any definite conclusion on this


    w94 7/15 p. 25 Birthday Celebrations Have Left a Trail of Death ***

    the Scriptures contain no indication that any of God’s faithful servants celebrated birthdays. The only two birthdays the Bible does mention were for rulers who were enemies of God.


    w69 1/15 pp. 58-59 Christian Weddings Should Reflect Reasonableness ***

    Even if the Bible does not directly mention wedding rings, it is plain that Jehovah’s servants could wear rings.

    *** w92 9/1 p. 30 Questions From Readers ***

    Some customs that were once religious in nature no longer are in many places. (hmmmm.......ya, like uh, birthdays?!) For example, the wedding ring once had religious significance, but in most places today, it no longer does. Hence, many true Christians accept the local custom of wearing a wedding ring to give evidence that a person is married. In such matters, what generally is influential is whether a practice is now linked to false religion

  • rebel8

    did you have to give it back???

    Yes! Another shining example of loving JWs' mastery of social etiquette.

  • uninformed

    Didn't the WTS just get through celebrating the 50th BIRTHDAY of the UN?

    Oh, sorry, I forgot. That was them. Stupid me.


  • Lo-ru-hamah

    There are two occasions that birthdays are mentioned in the bible where someone did not get their heads removed.

    The first is at Job 1:4 & 5 - And his sons went and held a banquet at the house of each one on his own day; and they sent and invited their three sisters to eat and drink with them. 5 And it would occur that when the banquet had gone round the circuit, Job would send and sanctify them; and he got up early in the morning and offered up burnt sacrifices according to the number of all of them; for, said Job, "maybe my sons have sinned and have cursed God in their heart." That is the way Job would do always.

    In verse 1:1 of Job it call Job blameless and upright, and fearing God and turning aside from bad.

    In some transalations the term "his own day" is translated birthday. Job and his children made a habit of recognizing and celebrating "his own day" or birthday.

    The second occasion is at Luke 2:8-14 - There were also in that same country shepherds living out of doors and keeping watches in the night over their flocks. 9 And suddenly Jehovah's angel stood by them, and Jehovah's glory gleamed around them, and they became very fearful. 10 Buth the angel said to them: "Have no fear, for, look! I am declaring to you good news of a great joy that all the people will have, 11 because there was born to you today a Savior, who is Christ [the] Lord, in David's city. 12 And this is a sign for you: you will find an infant bound in cloth bands and lying in a manger." 13 And suddenly there came to be with the angel a multitude of the heavenly army, praising God and saying: 14 "Glory in the heights above to God, and upon earth peace among men of goodwill."

    There was singing and praises sung on the day of Jesus' birth.

    Also, in Matthew 2:2 - saying: "Where is the one born king of the Jews? For we saw his star [when we were] in the east, and we have come to do him obeisance." Matthew 2:10-12 - On seeing the star they rejoiced very much indeed. 11 And when they went into the house they saw the young child with Mary its mother, and, falling down, they did obeisance to it. They also opened their treasures and presented it with gifts, gold and frankincense and myrrh. 12 However, because they were given divine warning in a dream not to return to Herod, they withdrew to their country by another way.

    Jehovah allowed people to bring gifts to the baby/child because he was born.

    So, there are two occasions that birthdays were celebrated by servants of Jehovah.

    I can't see why, when a person has lived 100 years that priviledge should be taken away.

    Anyway, the WTBTS was found to be in an approved state in 1919 by Jesus and at that time they were still celebrating birthdays among various other celebrations.

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