Richie: Taken in the Back...

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  • loosie

    At the next congo picnic wear your College team's shirt or baseball hat. As a topic of conversation of course.

  • jschwehm


    Wow! There sure are a lot of don't talk rules among the dubs. Getting called in the back for saying you want to go to college too often.

    It reminds me of how I was once counseled by an elder at Bethel for smiling too much.

    Jeff S.

  • Jeffro

    About the thread title... if I've got this straight, you wanted to tell joel bear, "back" to imply something else?

    Seems like you've taken all you can. The sooner you leave the JWs via the back door the better... before they take the opportunity to screw you over.

  • theinfamousone

    what you should do next time they wanna take u into the back is... get up on a chair and scream at the top of your lungs "I dont want to go in there again!!!! i dont want to be touched like that!!!!" then hand them your DA letter and leave that hell hole...

    the infamous one

  • AuldSoul

    LOL @ infamousone! (ya' sick bastahd!)


    You know what you have to weave into every comment from now on, don't you? And when you handle microphones have index cards ready to pass to people on the aisle seats that simply say, "I'm going to college."


  • trevor


    You are more likely to stay a Jehovah’s Witnesses than those that Pioneer.

    I knew people your age who delayed baptism, knocked the whole set up and went to college and university. They could not be touched because they were not baptised. They are all now elders. They have good careers and encourage others to Pioneer.

    Many of the people who gave the religion their all and Pioneered, became disillusioned and left.

    I should know - I was one of them!

  • LuckyNun
    It reminds me of how I was once counseled by an elder at Bethel for smiling too much.

    Smiling too much? Do was smiling too much a bad thing?

  • greendawn

    Another strange thing is that they specifically try to target those going to university, for pioneering. But most people do not go to uni, even in the non JW society, so why not draw pioneers from them and leave the uni lads alone?

  • silentWatcher

    when I saw the title of this thread, my first thought was that Richie and Joel finally meant ...



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