Would YOU Have Allowed Your Child To Die Instead Of Giving Blood?

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I had a scare with my second child. The doctors came to us and said they might have to give her blood. We said no and they redid a test.I don;t think I could have continued to refuse. In my heart I knew I would give in and sign the papers and take the flak from the elders. I knew my husband would never sign the papers.

    Fortunately the second test showed that she was fine and out of danger

  • minimus

    But you see, that's why the "friends" and the elders and the Liason Committees come by----to "help you" remain "faithful". After all, Jehovah will raise the dead soon enough!

  • Honesty

    Yes, yes, yes.

    I have begged Jesus' forgiveness for ever going along with that diablolical WT doctrine.

    I was thoroughly deceived and misled by the Governing Body.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee
    But you see, that's why the "friends" and the elders and the Liason Committees come by----to "help you" remain "faithful". After all, Jehovah will raise the dead soon enough!

    My hope was that I could sign the papers and no one would know until it was too late. The first test was recieved on a Saturday morning so all the dubs were out doing their ting waking people up. If she had needed the blood they were going to move her to another hospital so I hoped the papers would go with her and my husband would no t find out until it was too late.

    This was 30 years ago and I don't think they had the HLC at that time.

  • M.J.

    Well get this guys, I know of one case personally where dubs allowed their child to have blood to save the child's life. No disciplinary repercussions as far as I know.

    I know of another case someone on this board reported on which basically was the same thing. Could there be a trend of dubs allowing their children to LIVE, despite what the WTS says?

  • IronClaw

    Yes when I was a good little dubby. This is one of the areas my wife and I differ on. I've told her point blank that if my daughters need blood to save their lives, their gonna get it. I would override any decision my her or the elders. If any elders get in the way, they're gonna need a transfusion.

  • serendipity

    I would have said "No blood transfusion" but I wouldn't have sought the elder's/HLC's help, nor would I have asked my JW family to be there at the hospital. I would have also said to the doctor: "You're probably going to get a court order right? I'm not going to fight that."

  • vomit

    Up until I starded reading JWD I would never give a child or myself blood under any circumstance. Even though I left the org about 6 years ago.

    But when I actualy found out that the punishment in the Old Testement is only about 2 days of uncleaness then its seems stupid not to. Which is more of an important rule the santity of life or taking blood.

    After all every human has drank blood... since breast milk contains white cells. Its funny in the Awake that they refer to the white blood cells just as transfer of the Immune System.

  • damselfly

    If I had kids I would have allowed the blood. As a young JW I would have taken blood and let them

    disfellowship me, at least I would still be alive.


  • LDH

    On the other side of the spectrum are those of us who would have been the martyrs due to our parent's decision.

    I'm so thankful that none of the three of us kids were faced with this because we would be dead as a doornail right now.

    We would have been sacrificed on the altar without a doubt. My mother was prepared to die, and almost did die!

    What a HERO she was at the hall! Going to the brink of death, and relying on Jehovah! He pulled her through!!!!

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