Would YOU Have Allowed Your Child To Die Instead Of Giving Blood?

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    4 yrs ago yes I would. Now...NO WAY IN HELL! If this situation ever came up I would immediately out myself as an apostate to save my childs life.

  • minimus

    Imagine being told by a group of "comforters" that as you're possibly dying that if you do take blood, you've pretty much committed the unforgivable sin and if you die on the table, say bye bye. Truly, these people suck!

  • Jamelle

    I have never been a parent - so was never faced with even the thought of that challenge while in the organization. But if there had been a situation where my parents or my sister needed a transfusion and I as next of kin was asked to make the call...???

    It would have been very difficult for me...but I hope I would have said "Yes - do the transfusion." I would have known that my parents and/or sister would be able to blame me when they survived the situation. I hope that I would have put their lives ahead of my fears of the congregation or what anyone would "think" of me.

    To be honest I would have been torn - which is sick and twisted in and of itself. At that time I wasn't aware of the lies the Society told about the real medical risks of a transfusion. Plus I had been brainwashed - my mother overcooked our meat and cracked eggs in seperate bowls just in case one had blood in it, for god's sake.

    Add to that the pressure of a hospital liason committee and it's a marvel anyone can think clearly under the circumstances!

    Good thread...very thought provoking.

  • caligirl

    No. As a matter of fact, getting pregnant was what sped up my exit process. I knew without a doubt that I would never let my child die, or lose a parent if there was any hope of any medical procedure saving a life.

  • minimus

    Thanks, this is a thought provoking thread. I think we forget that as JWs the vast majority of us would've done whatever we were told to die--------including die (either us or our family). Heck, we ignore our dearest friends and family and treat as dead those that are disfellowshipped. Yet we believe that JWs will snap out of their spiritual zombieness just because they read something in Satan's media.

  • IMustBreakAway

    I recently had this discussion with my wife, (still faithful) even though i still go to meetings i wouldn't let our child or myself die from lack of blood. (i might let her die but she is an adult) The funny thing is she didn't exactly disagree. Just said it was wrong but didn't push the issue. I don't think she would want our child (as of yet still a figment of imagination) to die either.

  • delilah
    I never shunned anyone, DF'd, DA'd, or otherwise, so I know in my heart, that I would not have followed the WTBTS orders, and allow my child to just die, because they needed blood. In all honesty, though, my husband would have overruled any judement call I would have made anyways. He never would have allowed the JW's to take over, (the liason committee)...he would have showed them the door with the end of his boot.
  • Crumpet

    It would depend on how often they disrupted meetings because they were hungry or bored or had soiled their napies.

    (I give that answer on behalf of my parents who cannot be here on account of this being an apostababe - sorry apostate place).

  • Bryan


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex


    I had been out for 4 years when Jennie was born. Nina was still a full throttle Witness. I went along with her insistence that the OB/GYN and pediatrician "respect" the blood issue. My feeling was no need to try solve a problem until there's a problem to solve.

    If however it had happened, I would have instructed anyone and everyone to do whatever was necessary to save my child's life. That includes blood.

    I never told her that, even now. sshhhhh

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