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  • hawkaw

    Not that anyone cares but you made the old grey lady's (NY Times) website:

    I sent a copy to Laurie Goodstein.

  • willyloman
    The smart ones will either step down and take less responsibility in the congregation or have an epiphany of self-realization

    Dave: To say nothing of the wealthy ones, who will crap their pants if it looks like they have to get anywhere near the blood topic from this point on.

    "Err, sorry, I can't do that part on the medical directives because I could be sued and I have a lot to lose. Get someone else."

    In my former congo there was a brother who had made a lot of money who often declined to serve on judicial committees when it appeared that the publisher under fire was someone with enough intelligence to contact a lawyer. He made it clear he had too much to lose. So if a publisher was contacted about a little meeting at the hall with three brothers and he even mentioned the words attorney or lawsuit, this guy was adamant about not being on the JC. I'm sure this scenario repeats itself elsewhere, and often.

  • james_woods

    If you think about it, once the JWs start the hushed gossip about this, there will be very few who can resist sneaking a peek at a newspaper. The paper is not so "apostate" as going on the internet...Wonder when it will hit cable news channels?

  • DannyHaszard
    Those of you asking how you can spread the news can call your local daily newspaper and ask if they plan to run the AP story and when. Say you're a reader and want to clip a copy when it appears and send it to all your friends. They love that.

    Call em! Right on advice mate,many will consider it as a feature for the sunday religion page

    It ain't over till it's over...

  • The Leological One
    The Leological One
    But Raymond Franz raises questions about the blood policy in his book "In Search of Christian Freedom." Among them:

    _Why forbid a patient's own stored blood yet permit components derived from large amounts of donated and stored blood?

    _Why allow organ transplants, which introduce far more foreign white blood cells than transfusions?

    _The Witnesses forbid plasma, which is mostly water, but allow the components in it that provide therapy. So what's the point of banning plasma?

    Man; that is ucked fup~!

  • stevenyc

    Just spoke to the Daily Brooklyn Eagle's editor. Looks like they're goning to run it.


  • sf

    Pardon me, but did anyone read my post above? I said to CALL YOUR LOCAL PAPERS and tell them, as a citizen in your community, that you want to see this in the paper when it hits the wire.

    I shared above that that is exactly what I did this morning. So can everyone else.

    Start circulating it to guestbooks, forums, blogs, etc.

    Thank you.


  • Neo


    It's an awesome article!!

    I only have a problem with this paragraph:

    Aside from the new directive, a footnote in the Witnesses' standard brochure, ''How Can Blood Save Your Life?,'' mentions the 2000 article on fractions -- but then omits its contents.

    They messed up a little on this. The brochure is older than the 2000 WT article. The reporter was trying to say another thing.


  • fullofdoubtnow

    Very interesting article, thanks Danny

  • kls

    Happy dancing ,,,,,,,and may the poop hit da fan,,YIPPIE!!!!!!!!!

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