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  • BrendaCloutier

    Hot Damned and AMEN!

  • Rabbit

    Watchtowerland...see ? NEW LIGHT SUCKS --------------------------->When it's shining on you, doesn't it ? Y'all just hate PR when it doesn't come from your own mouths in carefully worded 'written responses'. No way would you ever take the chance of a public interview, they would mop you up off the floor.

    You murdered my Mom, too. She needed Hemoglobin. She didn't get it even with the supposedly trained seal you call the Hospital Liaison Committee elder you sent to ensure her fate. Life is cheap to you.

    I'll be happy when your walls crumble. Jail time would not be adequate for your crimes.

    Sincerely, Rabbit

    PS: Thank you Kerry Louderback-Wood for all your hard work !

    I am sorry about your Mom.

  • kid-A

    Anybody know what the new directive is? Is it just a re-hash of the old policy? Any elders here that have received advanced copies?

  • hawkaw

    Wait ... this was non issue according to that Eduardo fellow ...

    Given that the publication will now get a huge amount of press play, this should help get people thinking. And it should bring a lot of people who were harmed out to understand that they were wronged and there is a possible legal course they may be able to take .... and there is a lawyer willing to help.

    Of course you probably vaccinated about 50 million people today and tomorrow after they read his in the local papers and hear about it on the radio news feeds.

    I repeat ....



  • TheListener

    Kid-A, the 1/3/06 letter to the congregations is online here somewhere. If I could link to it I would.

  • sf

    One easy and effortless thing everyone can do today, is call or email your local community papers and tell them that this article is already put up on the net by leading newspaper organizations and is due to hit in print tomorrow.

    As a citizen of your town, newspapers must take requests of items you want to see printed in your community paper. Let them know that you indeed want to see this in your paper this weeks, if not next weeks paper.

    I did just that a few minute ago. He asked what the title of the article was and who its author was. He said he will relay the request. I impressed upon him that if I did not see it within a few days, that I would make sure, in one way or the other, that our community does see it.

    I impressed upon him too, this is not about disgruntled ex members carrying a grudge. That it involved lives of innocent children in OUR TOWN and our county. That as our cities top newspaper, that they had an obligation to report this news.

    We shall see how serious he took my request.

    Incidently, most papers carry religious news in Saturdays papers. So you might want to look carefully in that section on Saturday.

    You can also make sure news orgs from your hometown, where you used to go to meetings, are well aware of the article.

    I was told by my papers top editor that they are selective in what AP stories they actually print up from the AP Wire. So make sure TODAY that your news orgs get this asap.

    I think quite a few people are eating crow right about now. Try not to choke!

    {{{{{ Barbarella!!!! Stand proud woman as I raise my glass to toast you and Joe....I told I KNEW saving that bottle of Spumonti was wise!}}}}}

    {edited to put in bold text}--[ MEMO TO TED JARACZ: You need to seriously get Brumley to put a rush-order on those man diapers you are all going to run out of soon. In fact, you might as well resign yourselves to those toilets you got the brothers scrubbing. Just WHAT does it feel like with all that blood dripping from your hands?! ]

    sKallyWaggin' KLASS

  • seven006


    I wouldn’t concern yourself about Eduardo’s opinion about anything. The only one who is impressed with his limited expertise or knowledge about anything is himself.

    Alan called me the other night about this being written and sent out on the AP wire. He also told me the reporter who wrote this asked JR Brown for his comments about Ms. Louderback-Wood’s Journal of church and state, JR Brown did not answer him back or return his calls (big surprise). This has put the JW leadership in quite the predicament. If they deny any of what was said they are legally liable to commit perjury when this is brought up in a court trial. If they admit to any of it, well we all know what will happen. Not much chance of that, they never admit to anything.

    For those who saw the importance of this when Barbara posted it and realized it would have a significant impact within time, this is just the beginning. For those who belittled what Barbra posted or thought it “a non issue” might want to try and open their minds beyond the simplistic mental box of instant gratification and try thinking instead of speaking.

    They get caught in this one conundrum in the first court case and any time they show up in any court case after the first one their true colors will be painted on every courthouse walls with very broad strokes.

    What I am waiting for is one of their rank and file elders to get sued over this issue and some of the hospital liaison puppets to loose everything he owns because of it. It will be the watchtowers version of the Nuremburg trials. The R&F elders will not be able to claim they are innocent because they were just following orders. Once that happens and the story gets out, the watchtower leaders will loose their middle man management power of having janitors and carpet layers run their followers lives. The link in their chain of command will break in the middle and those poor uneducated elders will be used as scapegoats. The smart ones will either step down and take less responsibility in the congregation or have an epiphany of self-realization and honesty and become…. Well, they’ll just become.


  • doinmypart

    Here is a link to the topic with the 5-page letter that will be read next week. Look for Elsewhere's post on the 1st page.

  • Dogpatch

    I think we should see if we can fly a plane over Brooklyn Bethel with a banner that says something like,

    "Jaracz has to go!" at lunchtime during the week.

    Anyone wishing to chip in?


    Net Soup!

  • willyloman
    willyloman do these wires get sent / put up at the various sites?

    The Associated Press is a wire service, meaning they send news stories by wire (or did back in the days of the telegraph and teletype... now it's all electronic via the web) to all the newspapers who are members of their association. Almost every American newspaper of any size belongs to AP and gets their stories. They decide individually whether to run them, and those that do either run the whole story or trim it down to smaller size for space reasons.

    So an AP "wire story" is huge in that it goes to nearly every daily paper you ever heard of, as well as to all major media outlets, including ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, and all the other broadcast networks.

    Barbara Anderson was right on the money when she said this would be big. Apparently the media agrees, which is why you're seeing this story pop up everywhere. Just how big remains to be seen, but this is an excellent start.

    Those of you asking how you can spread the news can call your local daily newspaper and ask if they plan to run the AP story and when. Say you're a reader and want to clip a copy when it appears and send it to all your friends. They love that.

    Also, all the papers cited above as having run this story have web sites; you can email a link (or the story itself) to anyone whose email address you possess. Newspapers publish a list of email addresses of their reporters and editors, so if it doesn't appear in your hometown paper, send 'em a link and ask 'em to consider running it. Give them a good reason, such as "there are X number of JW congregations in your reading area and that translates to X number of JWs who will all be very interested in this news story." That should work.

    --Willy Loman, Media Expert

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