Call someone who shuns you and tell them you love them.

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  • Finally-Free

    There's only one person who is a JW that I love and she doesn't shun me. I either dislike or am indifferent to all the other JWs I knew. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones here.


  • Forscher

    It sure wouldn't hurt! But then, if the possibility that there attitude might turn it into a hurtful episode for you is there, then you are better off leaving well enough alone.

  • kristyann

    I think you're right about love being much stronger than hate. However, I don't think that this should be done in all cases. I don't think that someone should call up some wackjob family member that they have already tried so many times with, and the person goes all out psycho on them. I realize maybe most situations aren't like this, but some are pretty dangerous. My boyfriend and I tried being nice to his JW family awhile back and his "father" chased us angrily in his truck!

  • jeanniebeanz

    Don't think I'm up to having another dagger planted firmly in my already scared and bleading heart... but... whatever makes you happy.


  • rebel8
    their behavior has not stopped us from loving them.

    It did for me. Sorry.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    This is something I might do in the future, but not yet. I haven't been out long, and my former friends might see this as a cry for help because I've realised I made a mistake in leaving. Nothing could be further from the truth, I have no desire to go back, but I don't want to give them any encouragement, I want to be left alone to heal in my own time.

  • Wolfgirl

    I've tried with my sister and brother on more than one occasion, even giving gifts. All it ends up doing is upsetting my ailing gran, because she sees how they treat me in return (still shunning, blaming me, not thanking me for the gifts, etc.). And it really angers my grandfather. I keep trying and keep getting ignored. Maybe someday their eyes will be opened, and they'll remember that I love them.

    My parents can kiss my white *bum*.

  • joelbear

    i agree you can't call everyone and i agree the timing might not be right for all.

    just keep this in mind for an action you can take with the proper people at the proper time.

  • alamb

    This made me recall an interesting conversation I prompted.

    During a self-improvement course I called information for my parents number as they had moved and not left a forwarding address. I phoned them and left a message thanking them for all the nice things they did for me. It was painfully hard and took much thought to come up with anything but I did it.

    My dad phoned back about a month later and said, (I kid you not) "Well, if you still care about us that's not fair. That means you are putting all the hate on us!" Yup. Handed all the hate back and it felt great. I would not choose to be family or friends with them without changes in them, but they are now playing my game. no game.

  • theinfamousone

    ive found punching the shunners in the face much more efrfective than loving them.... but thats just for the hypocrites, i was at a club a while ago, and one of the young MSs from my old hall was there and i remember him telling me to stay out of clubs and stuff... but whatever his hypocrisy didnt bother me much until he started making snide comments about my dad losing his priviledges and shit like that... i didnt care about my dad, cuz you all know what my relationship with him is, but his egotism and hypocrisy came to be too much for me, so i knocked him out... JWs fall easily!!

    the infamous one

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