JW dating website?

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  • figureitout

    Sorry went to happy with some friends from work and have a slight buzz, and if it wasn't for the 7am flight I have to take I would be more then willing to polish off the 8 cans I have left from the Steeler gme on Sunday. Anywhoooooooo.. I did a quick search and here were the first 4 results I found and I swear I thought I was going to die laughing...

    I am very spiritual minded yet I like to have fun as well. ...

    HAHAHA the two do not mix....

    He comes before anyone or anything in my life. I am very studious person.

    Wow I am will be choppedliver next to this religion. But hey guys she is a studious lady.. I miss the old I have a great ass profiles!!

    I am regular pioneer, I like to travel, I want to do friendships and brother and sister....

    Hell yeah this is my kind of chick.... she wants to do brother and sister...

    when i was about fifteen my parents cracked down and got serious and it is a good thing for me they did

    So the first 14 years you were a train wreck.. dear god she was only 22

    I am laughing on the outside but crying on the inside....lol

  • rebel8

    I think it's good for them to use websites to meet other singles. Like jgnat said, the pickins are slim. A web site increases your chance of meeting someone you're compatible with. Too many times, I've seen JW couples marry who have little or nothing in common except membership in a cult. Since the JW religion takes over one's entire life and thoughts like an out of control weed, they are blinded to the fact that they do not belong together. They think they have a lot in common, when in reality they have only one thing in common--the borg. Then a few years down the road, the realization hits them, and they've already taken their marriage vows.

    I do find it very sad and amusing to view the profiles once in a while and see how poorly they present themselves. The guy with the furry chest and belly hanging out--yuck. We know all guys don't have perfect abs, but there is no reason to put your worst foot forward!

    I remember another guy who posted a pic of him standing in his 1 room apartment's kitchennette with a big mess on the counter and sink behind him. Others don't seem to comb their hair for the pics. Another (black) guy from Africa and weak in the truth, looking specifically for a white woman who could help him become strong. I just shake my head.

  • billyboy

    Although I'm a (fairly) loyal JW , I reckon that these dating sites shouldn't be discouraged. After all , they are just an electronic extension of the old boards at District Conventions. Remember them , anyone? The society need to embrace the internet rather than demonise it.

    I feel sorry for some of the late twenty/thirty something sisters - there are some terrific ladies out there who can't find someone simply because of the demographics. Having said that - " Thirtysomething-wild-eyed-fidgety-career-pioneer-oh-I'm-not-bitter-don't-touch-me-there-last-eligible-sister-nobody-talks-to-anymore?" - there are a few of these around - sounds like my first girlfriend! She was so hung-up , she would even hold hands with me unless she was wearing gloves!

  • stillAwitness
    The guy with the furry chest and belly hanging out--yuck.

    Hey! That's my future hubby you're talking about!

  • stillAwitness

    Things in his world

    are never just black or white

    Uh...nevermind! This guy sounds a little too "spiritually weak" for me.

  • Lilycurly

    I remember being on a site like that when I was a JW. The only guy I met that was in my vicinity turned out to be a short 30 years old loser virgin with a superiority complex, dislike for animals and a racism problem. That's when I realised that people in the borg were defenitly not all that good.

    Hmm...I think I'll try to find my old profile, might have a big laugh at myself!

  • stillAwitness
    The problem is that the men are holding out for the beauty queens, rather than just pursuing someone equal. The women are holding out for their equals

    All the older brothers with the already visible receding hairline are seeking out the fresh out of high school, young meat. And these girls think their lucky to be sought after by such a "fine example of a Christian brother" especially if he's an MS or worse..an elder.

  • rebel8

    stilla, I don't think you should go out with that guy. I heard he doesn't know how to undo bra straps.

    After all , they are just an electronic extension of the old boards at District Conventions. Remember them , anyone?

    Nope, never heard of it. I would love to hear about it though!!!!!!!!

  • stillAwitness
    I heard he doesn't know how to undo bra straps

  • billyboy

    In the seventies and eighties , there were big noticeboards at assemblies where people would pin messages. There were always several "I'd like to meet a 30-35 sister - I'll be here at 3:30pm" type messages so you could go down and check out the talent at the appointed time. I know of several meetings that ended in marriages from these messages.

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