I'm sick of Atlanta, where should I move?

by joelbear 61 Replies latest jw friends

  • NYCkid

    Although most of us including myself would rather not waste precious time reading your responses, let alone responding to them, it might help to get your point across if you could spell. Here's some advice...buy a dictionary and read it, then take the time to painstakingly check each word before you hit the "submit post" button. Just like having good hygiene and a sense of style are important attributes for one socially, in the cyber world, good spelling is just as important......UTHERWIZE YU SOWND AND SEAM VERE STOOPID.

    Oh and one more thing, what is your opinion about Lot raping his daughters as described in the Bible?

  • rebel8
    why is it so bad to say move to soddom and gommorah.if homosexualty was the accepted there?

    If you meant it in the vein of "move somewhere where homosexuality is generally accepted", that is not quite as bad as "move somewhere where you and your evil cohorts will be destroyed by a vengeful god who will melt you alive". I think when you mentioned Sodom and Gomorrah, it conjured up thoughts of the latter. I am sorry for calling you mean if that's not the way you meant it.

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