Blood giving =ed LIBERATION

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  • bem

    I had to share a Moment from my life that came today!! It was one of those inspiring things that hits you like a lead balloon, you know the feeling? Like good grief that is awesome, to have something that should be so obvious, but so elusive that you hadn't noticed it till now.

    When I was growing up it was mentioned how family members ( Not raised a jw) had needed blood and different ones gave blood and felt good about themselves for having made the effort to make the donation. I couldn't wait till I was old enough to be able to give blood...

    My years as a jw stopped that notion. Then last fall I made my first blood donation. I found my blood type is in demand. So I get frequent calls to donate. I got one such call this morning. There will be a blood drive at the area campus and they called to see if they could make me an apointment. Yes, I said. My point to this Post: WOW !! My aha moment What a thought I had a few minutes after the call. Here I am now pleased to be making a effort to save lives instead of praying for their destruction.

    Life is good.

    Hope today is great for all of you


  • AlmostAtheist

    Credit yourself with an extra pint! I have been trying to get up the nerve to donate for weeks now, and your post pushed me over the edge. I just called and set up the appointment.

    Thanks for the boost!


  • jwfacts

    "making a effort to save lives instead of praying for their destruction."
    Nice quote, it is such a different approach to people and so much more rewarding when you leave.

  • DaveNwisconsin
    Here I am now pleased to be making a effort to save lives instead of praying for their destruction

    I thought you were right on the money with this one, you should be pleased!

  • Ingenuous

    Donating was my first outright "rebellion" and quite freeing. I plan on giving regularly from now on.

    for Dorothy!

  • bem

    Thanks folks, I am really glad to hear that you decided to give that pint AlmostAthiest, You will be so glad you gave, It really is not as bad as the thought seems to be. The call meant so much more to me than giving the blood, It meant another freedom from the WTS. Dorothy

  • truthsetsonefree

    I did it last July. It was such a liberating experience for me as well. I vowed to be a regular donor. Which reminds me....

  • GoingGoingGone

    I've really wanted to donate blood since I mentally left the WT. Just the thought of being able to help people who are so desperately in need, makes me feel good.

    I'm going to call them tomorrow!


  • bem

    WOW you all make me feel better still knowing it's helped more folks decide to make the appointment to give.

    TSOF and GGG


  • Carmel

    Just got my eighth "one gallon" pin two weeks ago. Wifey and I give every three months. Someone(s) some where is/are alive because folks like you and I share. Good on ya!


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