Anyone here have access to deer meat or sausage?

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    L'ilToe said,

    All that cammo gear and a bright orange cap!!!


    Deer are color blind and the bright orange doesn't mean anything to them.

    Slightly inebriated hunters, however, CAN see the bright orange, and are not supposed to shoot at it.

    Soon deer will adopt bright orange coloration as a survival strategy.

  • james_woods

    Some of the PETA people snuk in to a compound of captured deer which were due to be released prior to the first day of season. They had been found in semi-urban neighborhoods and needed to be culled.

    These idiots strapped on orange hunter safety vests on each one and let them go ahead of time. The theory was that the hunter crowd would be afraid to shoot at them because they might be shooting at each other.

    Predictably, every single one was bagged with 24 hours. (pretty easy to see with that vest strapped on).

    So, did you ask Ted Nugent - I think he has a big stash.

  • Abaddon

    Seems like PETA helped PCED (People for the Culinary Enjoyment of Deer), LOL

    Actually, evolving rifles would probably be a big help to deer... more so than orange fur... I think the thrill of the hunt would be substansially reduced if the hunted had a decent chance of potting you.

    Now bow hunting, that's an art form. A real sport. You have to be good to get a deer with a bow, a woodsman.

    High powered hunting rifle with good sights make your effective range so high it makes up for lots of smell and noise.

    Still, if I was hunting for the table I'd use a rifle anytime...

  • hillbilly

    The Camo thing is driven by sports marketing folks. Thousands of deer have been harvested over the years by folks in work clothes, jeans, and loincloths over the years,

    Orange wont keep you from being shot by a dedicated incompentent. The Orange Army comes out in droves here and somebody gets shot ...often.

    Rifles and bows..again big guns and techie bows are lots of fun... and a lot less skill is involved than spearing a critter with a sharp stick or killing him in a deadfall trap.

    The last few deer I have shot have been in daylight with me in a bright cowboy shirt, jeans and hat.


  • jgnat

    I usually won't eat gamy meat, but the deer sausage in these parts is delicious. I highly recommend Cameron's Meats. It looks like they deliver. Anywhere.

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