If you could cheat on your mate...

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  • rebel8

    Honestly, no. I cannot imagine being as attracted to anyone as I am to my husband. If I found myself becoming attracted to another man, I'd just avoid him to ensure it didn't go anywhere. Also, I have to agree with your husband--I couldn't live with myself if I did cheat. If things were that bad, I'd get separated from my spouse instead of live a lie.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    In the long run, if a person values their marital relationship and their SO and their personal dignity, it's best not to even get emotionally involved with someone else. Run from it. Because it leads to cheating. Definitely.

    Frannie (of the JMHO class)

  • mrsjones5
    I have a crush right now
    It's me right... ok i wont show any interest...

    I have a single sister...


  • JH

    I wouldn't cheat on someone I love.....

  • juni


    See what I mean? There are a lot of people that have self-control and moral values. I hope you're not married. (I don't remember what you wrote) but, if you are, I feel sorry for your wife because of your attitude. Like I said before - infidelity breaks the heart of the one cheated on. It does change the trust and respect you have for that person who cheats. If you have a problem w/your mate, go get help. The answer is not to cheat to see if the "Grass is greener on the other side of the fence." Also, any good women /man would not want to involve themselves w/another person. It shows the character of that woman/man. She/he would want to wait until one relationship is over before starting a new one.

    Juni (one who knows first hand of the pain that infidelity causes)

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I did it once for the very specific reason the get a scriptural divorce so that my estranged JW-husband would stop coming to the door and expecting, demanding that I provide the marital due.

    Would I do it again? NO WAY The price to my self-esteem was way to high

    He said "If I cheat on you, I cheat myself." I asked what he meant by that. He said that he has set a personal standard of integrity for himself, and that if he violated that he would let me down, as well has God and himself.
    That is exactly how I feel. Even if he never found out, I would know.
  • Billygoat

    Two things... One...unfortunately, I can speak from personal experience. I cheated on my first husband when we were married for only a year and he had no idea until after it was long over with. To this day, I still struggle with the shame and guilt that I brought on myself. And honestly, I hope I struggle with that forever. When the pain of that memory is fresh, it keeps me clean. It reminds me of how precious my marriage is with Neil today and how having an affair would not only continue to degrade me as a woman, but would devastate my husband. Two...not that this is even an issue as I am very much in love with Neil physically, mentally, and emotionally. He gives me no reason to stray! I got myself the biggest catch ever! So, my answer is NO with a big capital N. It's not worth it. Andi

  • AlmostAtheist

    I'm all about stress-reduction. Best possible outcome is that the cheated-on spouse never finds out (as presupposed by the original poster), so at least you don't run the risk of stress from that direction. But when that spouse one day asks, "Have you ever considered cheating?" you'd have to lie. BAM! Stress enters the picture. (Or you'd have to tell the truth. Either way -- stress)

    And this isn't even touching on the stress you'd personally feel from then on. Will the one you cheated with re-enter your life? Call you? Will you bump into them on the street? What if you fell in love with the person? The mind boggles at the skipfuls of stress you'd be begging for.

    So no, I wouldn't cheat. Sorry Caspian, I can't back you on this one.


  • Finally-Free
    If a really gorgeous women approached ANY man and he thought that he wouldn't get caught, he would cheat and any man that says otherwise is pulling yer yanker.

    Tell that to the women I've turned down.


  • Rabbit

    After my JW wife left me, I spent 5 years alone & celibate, because there had been no adultry. After that I started dating, eventually marrying someone who has become my 'touch stone'. I would never deceive her by cheating.

    But, did I "cheat" on my first wife ? The JW's say, "Yes." I could still get DF for that.

    What do you think ?


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