Dad very seriously ill..... How did I find out?

by Gretchen956 33 Replies latest social family

  • jojochan


    Sorry that, that has happened to you, please get well soon.You're in my prayers as well.

    Damn...don't you just feel the love from the collective


  • DaveNwisconsin

    It is so strange that they turn there backs on people. Nice religion! Hope you feel better soon!

  • montana96

    Sherry I hope you are feeling better by now. I am sorry to hear about your Dad, such a shame that family relationships can be so fractured by this religion. You cant get back time with loved ones and I liked that you sent flowers,why stoop to their level

    Mercedes x

  • aquagirl

    I can relate.My father was an elder for 40 years.I got baptized in 1972 bcz the "end" was coming.I was a very naive 12 years old,but wanted to make my parents happy..I got booted in 1990.Now,my parents{both JWs}need a lot of help and no one in their church will lift a finger.Ive actualy called their elder to ask if i could buy a phone card so the congregation would call my parents once in a while.I was told that that wasnt needed and that they would call.That was a month ago..No calls.My sister,a jw in good standing,{human being in bad standing}dosent know or care if they are dead or alive.All they have is me..and they are tattled on and 'warned' if they spend more than the needed amount of time w/me..In the "Tending your Flock" elders manual,there is a paragraph that clearly states that it is not necessary for someone to be disfellowshipped for associating w/a disfellowshipped family member as long as there is no spiritual guidance offered,on support for the original wrongdoing...Why does this change?This is supposed to be a loving flock?For this i am supposed to give up my true friends and life? I think not..I will continue to spend time w/my folks,and not play the jw game...their rules,their rules,my game...

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