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    Comments You Will Not Hear at the 01-22-06 WT Study (December 15, 2005 issue, pp. 12-24)(OBEY)
    Review comments will be in redWT material from today's WT will be in black
    Quotes from other sources will be in quotes boxesw = Watchtower
    g = Awake (various Bible translations online) (WT publications online) (child abuse) (blood issue) (United Nations issue)



    "We must obey God as ruler rather than men. "-ACTS 5:29

    Translation: We must obey the WTS as ruler; we will tell you what God wants you to do.

    Opening Comments

    Obey God or obey the WTS?

    *** w04 8/1 p. 11 Jehovah Reveals His Glory to Humble Ones ***

    Similarly, we will be blessed if we recognize and obey the prophet greater than Moses, Jesus, as well as "the faithful and discreet slave" appointed by him.-Matthew 24:45, 46; Acts 3:22.

    *** w02 10/1 p. 19 Cultivate Obedience as the End Draws Near ***

    By submitting to the slave class, God's people also show their subjection to the Master, Jesus Christ.

    *** w98 8/15 p. 19 Strengthening Our Confidence in God's Righteousness ***

    Let us be convinced that obeying Jehovah, following the direction given through his organization and accepting his decisions, is the right thing to do.

    *** w91 9/15 p. 17 "Help Me Out Where I Need Faith!" ***

    To ensure their salvation, Noah and his family needed to exercise faith. This meant following instructions and the leadings of God's holy spirit. During the great tribulation, it will be just as imperative that we follow the leadings of the holy spirit and obey Jehovah's instructions through his organization.

    *** w88 4/1 p. 31 Is Obedience Always Proper? ***

    When our heavenly Father, Jehovah God, speaks, whether through his Word, the Bible, or through his earthly organization, it is all the more important for us to listen and obey, thus proving that we are obedient worshipers who do not ignore the loving reminder: "Did you hear me?"

    *** w59 5/1 p. 269 Attain Completeness in the New World Society ***

    To hold to the headship of Christ, it is therefore necessary to obey the organization that he is personally directing. Doing what the organization says is to do what he says. Resisting the organization is to resist him


    (1 John 4:1) 4 Beloved ones, do not believe every inspired expression, but test the inspired expressions to see whether they originate with God, because many false prophets have gone forth into the world.

    *** w01 7/1 p. 18 Do Not Let Doubts Destroy Your Faith ***

    Of course, not all doubt is bad. At times, you need to suspend acceptance of something till you are sure of the facts. Religious exhortations to the effect that you should just believe and should doubt nothing are dangerous and deceptive...The apostle John also warns Christians against blind belief. "Do not believe every inspired expression," he writes. Rather, "test the inspired expressions to see whether they originate with God." (1 John 4:1) An "expression," a teaching or opinion, might appear to emanate from God. But did it really come from him? Exercising some doubt, or suspending belief, can be a real protection because, as the apostle John says, "many deceivers have gone forth into the world."-2 John 7.

    *** w01 8/1 p. 6 Why Do You Believe What You Believe? ***

    The Bible encourages us to check our beliefs against what it teaches. (1 John 4:1) Millions of readers of this magazine can testify that doing so has added purpose and stability to their lives. So be like the noble-minded Beroeans. 'Carefully examine the Scriptures daily' before you decide what to believe. (Acts 17:11)

    *** w88 4/1 p. 30 Is Obedience Always Proper? ***

    Rather, we bear in mind Paul's words at Galatians 1:8: "Even if we or an angel out of heaven were to declare to you as good news something beyond what we declared to you as good news, let him be accursed."


    *** w81 2/15 p. 18 Do We Need Help to Understand the Bible? ***

    How shall we view the spiritual food provided by this "faithful and discreet slave"? Should it be viewed critically-'Oh, well, it might be true but then again it might not be and so we have to scrutinize it very critically'? Some apparently have felt that way about it. To support their way of thinking they have quoted Acts 17:11, which says of newly interested persons at Beroea: "Now the latter were more noble-minded than those in Thessalonica, for they received the word with the greatest eagerness of mind, carefully examining the Scriptures daily as to whether these things were so."
    But does this mean that those Beroeans were looking for flaws in the message they were hearing, or that their attitude was one of doubting? Does this set a precedent for regarding critically the publications brought forth by the "faithful and discreet slave," with a view to finding fault? Not at all!


    THE judges of the Jewish supreme court must have been furious. The prisoners
    were missing. They were apostles of Jesus Christ, a man the high court had
    condemned to death a few weeks earlier. Now the court was ready to deal with his
    closest followers. But when the guards went to fetch them, they discovered that
    their cells were empty, although the doors had been locked. The guards soon
    learned that the apostles were at the temple in Jerusalem, fearlessly teaching
    the people about Jesus Christ-the very activity for which they had been
    arrested! The guards went straightaway to the temple, took the apostles back
    into custody, and brought them to court.-Acts 5:17-27.

    Must have been--adding to the Bible account

    The apostles were at the temple...teaching--why then doesn't the WTS have people go to the churches and other religious buildings to teach?

    2 An angel had released the apostles from prison. Was this to spare them further
    persecution? No. It was in order that the inhabitants of Jerusalem should hear
    the good news about Jesus Christ. The angel's instruction to the apostles was
    that they "keep on speaking to the people all the sayings about this life."
    (Acts 5:19, 20) So it was that when the temple guards caught up with them, they
    found the apostles obediently carrying out that command.

    An angel had released the apostles--how does the WTS portray angels helping the WTS today?

    *** w04 12/15 p. 14 Jehovah Is Our Helper ***

    The Bible mentions many other examples of angelic protection, confirming what Psalm 34:7 says: "The angel of Jehovah is camping all around those fearing him, and he rescues them."

    *** w02 10/15 p. 17 Jehovah Cares for You ***

    Are you convinced of Jehovah's saving power? Are you aware of his angelic protection?

    *** w01 11/15 p. 19 Jehovah Is Our Refuge ***

    Angels have been given power to protect us. (2 Kings 6:17; Psalm 34:7-9; 104:4; Matthew 26:53; Luke 1:19) They guard us 'in all our ways.' (Matthew 18:10)


    *** w04 12/15 p. 13 Jehovah Is Our Helper ***

    Indeed, the writer of Psalm 121 was confident that the almighty Creator watches over his servants with the gentleness of a caring shepherd and the vigilance of an alert guard. We have every reason to share the psalmist's confidence, for Jehovah does not change. (Malachi 3:6) Does this mean that we will always receive physical protection? No, but as long as we look to him as our Helper, he will safeguard us against all things that could bring us spiritual harm.

    *** w02 12/15 p. 15 "He Will Draw Close to You" ***

    How, though, does Jehovah guard his people? His promise of protection does not guarantee us a problem-free life in this system; nor does it mean that he is obligated to work miracles in our behalf. Nevertheless, Jehovah does provide physical protection for his people as a group. After all, he would never allow the Devil to efface true worshipers from the earth!

    *** w94 11/1 p. 22 Courageous Faith of Our Rwandan Brothers ***

    And while Jehovah does not promise his people miraculous protection from physical dangers, he does promise to safeguard their spirituality and relationship with him.

    *** w85 9/1 pp. 5-6 You Can Walk With God ***

    David's life would be under Jehovah's protective custody as if it were a precious object carefully wrapped up for safekeeping. Although this does not necessarily imply that physical protection will always be given God's servants, He is sure to protect the eternal interests of those who walk with him today

    Good news about Jesus Christ--new presentations in 1/06 KM; any mention of Jesus or Jehovah or the good news or the kingdom?

    Bible--notice how only God is mentioned not Jehovah, no
    Everlasting life--no
    Jehovah God--one mention of Jehovah
    Jesus Christ--2 mentions of JC, no mention of Jehovah, kingdom, or good news

    Not once a mention of the kingdom or good news, 2 mentions of Jesus Christ and only one of Jehovah--they dance around "Jehovah" and "Jehovah's witnesses" as if people at the door have no idea who they are.

    Blurb on page 19: "We must obey God as ruler rather than men"

    3 Two of those tenacious preachers, the apostles Peter and John, had been in
    court before, as the chief justice, Joseph Caiaphas, sternly reminded them. He
    said: "We positively ordered you not to keep teaching upon the basis of [the
    name of Jesus], and yet, look! you have filled Jerusalem with your teaching."
    (Acts 5:28) Caiaphas should not have been surprised to see Peter and John back
    in court. When ordered to stop preaching the first time, the two apostles
    answered: "Whether it is righteous in the sight of God to listen to you rather
    than to God, judge for yourselves. But as for us, we cannot stop speaking about
    the things we have seen and heard." Like the ancient prophet Jeremiah, Peter and
    John could not hold back from carrying out their commission to preach. -Acts
    4:18-20; Jeremiah 20:9.

    Tenacious--hopefully not the foot in the door kind

    Name of Jesus--not the name of Jehovah????

    Except for Matthew 28:19, all baptisms in the NT are in the name of Jesus. Hmmmm.

    Like the ancient prophet Jeremiah--don't you think the WTS could have come up with an NT example?

    4 Now, not only Peter and John but all the apostles-including the newly selected
    Matthias-had the opportunity to go on record with the court. (Acts 1:21-26) When
    ordered to stop preaching, they too boldly replied: "We must obey God as ruler
    rather than men."-Acts 5:29.

    All the apostles--including the newly selected Matthias--wasn't Paul the 12th apostle? Matthias was selected by throwing lots (like dice). Paul was selected directed by Jesus.

    God as Ruler Versus Man as Ruler

    5 The apostles were law-abiding men who would not normally disobey a court
    order. However, no human, no matter how powerful, is authorized to order another
    to disobey one of God's commands. Jehovah is "the Most High over all the earth."
    (Psalm 83:18) Not only is he "the Judge of all the earth" but he is also the
    Supreme Lawgiver, as well as the King of eternity. Any court order that attempts
    to override one of God's commands is invalid from God's standpoint.-Genesis 18:
    25; Isaiah 33:22.

    Law-abiding men--not like the elders today that disregard Caesar's laws on child abuse .

    No human (NOT EVEN THE ELDERS, THE CO, THE DO, THE FDS/FDS/GB) authorized to order another to disobey one of God's (NOT THE WTS) commands.

    Any court order (OR ORDER FROM THE WTS) that attempts to override one of God's commands is invalid from God's standpoint.

    Corban--taking time away from family, neglecting family responsibilities, to spend in placing WTS publications from door to door. Not donating to charities but instead giving the money to the WTS. Preaching is more important than helping people get food and shelter.

    *** it-1 p. 506 Corban ***

    Jesus denounced the Pharisees as hypocrites because they put their own tradition ahead of God's law. Professing to safeguard for God what had been declared "corban," they set aside the divine requirement to honor one's parents. (Mt 15:3-6) A person might simply say, 'Be it corban,' or, 'It is corban,' regarding his property or some part of it. Pharisees at that time taught that once a person declared his possessions to be "corban," or a gift dedicated to God, he could not use these to satisfy the needs of his parents, however needy they might be, though he could make use of such possessions himself until his own death if he chose to do so.
    (James 2:15-16) 15 If a brother or a sister is in a naked state and lacking the food sufficient for the day, 16 yet a certain one of YOU says to them: "Go in peace, keep warm and well fed," but YOU do not give them the necessities for [their] body, of what benefit is it?

    6 This fact has been acknowledged by some of the finest legal minds. For
    example, the noted 18th-century English jurist William Blackstone wrote that no
    human law should be allowed to contradict "the law of revelation" as found in
    the Bible. Thus, the Sanhedrin crossed the line when it ordered the apostles to
    stop preaching. The apostles simply could not comply with that order.

    Blackstone quote--just a snippet "the law of revelation"

    Upon these two foundations, the law of nature and the law of revelation, depend all human laws; that is to say, no human laws should be suffered to contradict these.

    7 The apostles' determination to keep preaching angered the chief priests.Certain members of the priesthood, including Caiaphas himself, were Sadducees, who did not believe in the resurrection. (Acts 4:1, 2; 5:17) Yet, the apostles kept insisting that Jesus had been resurrected from the dead. In addition, some of the chief priests had gone to great lengths to curry favor with the Roman
    authorities. At Jesus' trial, when offered the opportunity to accept Jesus as
    their king, the chief priests went so far as to cry out: "We have no king but
    Caesar." (John 19:15)* (Footnote: * The "Caesar" whom the chief priests publicly
    embraced on that occasion was the despised Roman Emperor Tiberius, a hypocrite and a murderer. Tiberius was also known for his debased sexual practices.-Daniel 11: 15, 21.)Not only were the apostles affirming that Jesus had been resurrected but they were teaching that apart from the name of Jesus, "there is not another name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must get saved." (Acts 2:36; 4:12) If the people began to look to the resurrected Jesus as their Leader, the priests feared, the Romans might come and the Jewish leaders might lose `both their place and their nation.'-John 11:48.

    determination--kept insisting--too bad this same determination is not present in the elders to shepherd the flock

    curry favor--Bulgarian blood compromise

    Not only were the apostles affirming that Jesus had been resurrected but they were teaching that apart from the name of Jesus (NOT JEHOVAH), "there is not another name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must get saved."

    Which is confusing when compared with this "altered" scripture.

    *** w04 1/1 p. 9 Let All Declare the Glory of Jehovah ***

    For 'everyone who calls on the name of Jehovah will be saved.'"-Romans 10:4, 9-13.

    Notice how they imply that Acts 4:12 is talking about Jehovah.

    *** w00 11/15 p. 19 Who Are God's Ministers Today? ***

    others to salvation on the basis of Jesus' sacrifice and teaching meek ones to call on Jehovah's name. (Acts 2:21; 4:10-12; Romans 10:13)

    *** w82 11/15 p. 20 Who Are God's Ministers Today? ***

    Well, salvation is still on the basis of Jesus' sacrifice. And those who wish to be saved still have to call on Jehovah's name. (Acts 4:12; Romans 10:13

    8 The future looked grim for the apostles of Jesus Christ. The judges of the
    Sanhedrin were determined to have them put to death. (Acts 5:33) However, events took an unexpected turn. Gamaliel, an expert in the Law, stood up and warned his colleagues not to act hastily. He wisely observed: "If this scheme or this work is from men, it will be overthrown; but if it is from God, you will not be able to overthrow them." Then, significantly, Gamaliel added: "Otherwise, you may
    perhaps be found fighters actually against God."-Acts 5:34, 38, 39.

    But if it is from God, you will not be able to overthrow them--if this was the case back then, why does the WTS use its wealth and legal resources to shut down websites like Quotes?

    You may be perhaps found fighters actually against God--in doing this is the WTS fighting against God?

    9 Amazingly, the court accepted Gamaliel's advice. The Sanhedrin "summoned the apostles, flogged them, and ordered them to stop speaking upon the basis of Jesus' name, and let them go." Far from being intimidated, however, the apostles were determined to obey the angelic command to preach. Thus, after their release, "every day in the temple and from house to house [the apostles] continued without letup teaching and declaring the good news about the Christ, Jesus." (Acts 5:40, 42) Jehovah blessed their efforts. To what extent? "The word of God went on growing, and the number of the disciples kept multiplying in Jerusalem very much." In fact, "a great crowd of priests began to be obedient to
    the faith." (Acts 6:7) How devastating that must have been for the chief priests! The evidence was piling up: The work of the apostles was indeed from God!

    Basis of Jesus' name--not Jehovah's

    Angelic command to preach--wasn't it a command from Jesus'

    The evidence was piling up--blood doctrine flipflops, two-witness child abuse doctrine, 1914, 1915, 1925, 1940's, 1975 (dates for the "end")...that the work of the WTS is not from God

    House to house--wonder why JWs interpret this so differently?

    Other viewpoints:

    Where did Paul teach and make converts according to all the accounts ?
    At Pentecost in a Public Place (Acts 2:1-41)
    In the Synagogue (Acts 13:44-48, 17:1-4)
    At a River (Acts 16:13)
    In a Jail (Acts 16:23-40)
    The Market Place (Acts 17-16-34)
    There are no accounts of Paul or any other disciples or apostles, making converts by preaching to someone at their front or back door, and going to the next house to preach to another. There are however, accounts of house churches, teaching in private homes. There, persons were invited to "gather together" at one of the small close knit family, house churches that met in private homes. All other accounts of individuals "coming into the truth" are by other means, none of which include a door to door preaching activity, with the statistical recordings of "hours", "return visits", "book & booklet placements" & etc., from an appointed "slave class" of men.

    Blurb on page 21: Caiaphas put his trust in men rather than in God

    Fighters Against God Cannot Succeed

    10 In the first century, the Jewish high priests were appointed by the Roman
    authorities. Wealthy Joseph Caiaphas was placed in his position by Valerius
    Gratus, and he held that post longer than many of his predecessors. Caiaphas
    likely attributed this accomplishment to his skill as a diplomat and his
    personal friendship with Pilate rather than to divine providence. In any case,
    his confidence in men proved to be misplaced. Just three years after the
    apostles appeared before the Sanhedrin, Caiaphas fell out of favor with the
    Roman authorities and was removed as high priest.

    Likely--the WTS will now add to the Bible

    Divine providence--the same power that had Jesus' disciples called "Christians" not Jehovah's Witnesses.

    (Acts 11:26) . . .it was first in Antioch that the disciples were by divine providence called Christians.

    11 The order to strip Caiaphas of his office came from Pilate's immediate
    superior, Lucius Vitellius, governor of Syria, and Caiaphas' close friend Pilate
    was unable to prevent it. In fact, just one year after Caiaphas' downfall,
    Pilate himself was removed from office and was recalled to Rome to answer
    serious charges. As for the Jewish leaders who put their trust in Caesar, the
    Romans did take away `both their place and their nation.' This occurred in the
    year 70 C.E. when the Roman armies completely destroyed the city of Jerusalem,
    including the temple and the Sanhedrin hall. How true the words of the psalmist
    proved to be in this case: "Do not put your trust in nobles, nor in the son of
    earthling man, to whom no salvation belongs"!-John 11:48; Psalm 146:3.

    OT--Do not put your trust in nobles--including the WTS

    12 In contrast, God appointed the resurrected Jesus Christ as High Priest of a
    great spiritual temple. No man can cancel that appointment. Indeed, Jesus "has
    his priesthood without any successors." (Hebrews 2:9; 7:17, 24; 9:11) God also
    appointed Jesus as Judge of the living and the dead. (1 Peter 4:5) In that
    capacity, Jesus will determine whether Joseph Caiaphas and Pontius Pilate have
    any possibility of future life.-Matthew 23:33; Acts 24:15.

    God man can cancel that appointment

    But the WTS can make it necessary to go through them to get to Jesus

    *** w01 8/1 p. 14 Make Your Advancement Manifest ***

    a mature Christian must be in unity and full harmony with fellow believers as far as faith and knowledge are concerned. He does not advocate or insist on personal opinions or harbor private ideas when it comes to Bible understanding. Rather, he has complete confidence in the truth as it is revealed by Jehovah God through his Son, Jesus Christ, and "the faithful and discreet slave.

    Fearless Modern-Day Kingdom Preachers

    13 In our day, as in the first century, there has been no shortage of `fighters
    against God.' (Acts 5:39) For example, when Jehovah's Witnesses in Germany
    refused to heil Adolf Hitler as their Fuhrer, Hitler vowed to exterminate them.
    (Matthew 23:10) His efficient death machine seemed more than equal to the task.
    The Nazis did succeed in rounding up thousands of Witnesses and sending them off to concentration camps. They even managed to kill some Witnesses. But the Nazis failed to break the Witnesses' resolve to worship God alone, and they failed to eliminate God's servants as a group. The work of these Christians was from God, not man, and the work of God cannot be overthrown. Sixty years later, faithful
    survivors of Hitler's concentration camps are still serving Jehovah `with their
    whole heart and soul and mind,' whereas Hitler and his Nazi party live only in
    infamy.-Matthew 22:37.

    Fighters against God...Hitler

    Thousands of Witnesses...kill some Witnesses

    How does this compare to the 6 million Jews and 6 million other groups the Nazis exterminated? Not a mention of these people because only JWs matter and only anointed JWs.

    God's servants--only JWs

    Christians--only JWs

    Serving Jehovah--where's Jesus?

    14 In the years since the Nazis' efforts, others have joined the losing battle
    against Jehovah and his people. In a number of countries in Europe, crafty
    religious and political elements have endeavored to brand Jehovah's Witnesses a
    `dangerous sect,' the same charge that was leveled against first-century
    Christians. (Acts 28:22) The fact is, the European Court of Human Rights has
    recognized Jehovah's Witnesses as a religion, not a sect. Opposers must know
    that. Still, they persist in slandering the Witnesses. As a direct result of
    this mischaracterization, some of these Christians have been discharged from
    their employment. Witness children have been harassed in schools. Fearful
    landlords have canceled contracts for buildings that the Witnesses have long
    used as meeting places. In a few cases, government agencies have even denied
    citizenship to individuals solely on the grounds that they are Jehovah's
    Witnesses! Still, the Witnesses are undeterred.

    his people--only JWs

    crafty religious elements...brand...a dangerous sect--what is a sect?

    cults and sections in France

    Religion not a sect...slandering...mischaracterization--no support

    15 In France, for example, people are generally reasonable and fair-minded. However, a few opposers have promoted laws aimed at crippling the Kingdom work. How have Jehovah's Witnesses there reacted? They have intensified their activity in the field as never before and with thrilling results. (James 4:7) Why, in just one six-month period, the number of home Bible studies increased by an amazing 33 percent in that country! It must infuriate the Devil to see honesthearted ones in France respond to the good news. (Revelation 12:17) Our fellow Christians in France are confident that the words of the prophet Isaiah
    will prove true in their case: "Any weapon whatever that will be formed against you will have no success, and any tongue at all that will rise up against you in the judgment you will condemn." -Isaiah 54:17.

    In France, for example, people are generally reasonable and fair-minded.

    However, a few opposers have promoted laws aimed at crippling the Kingdom work.

    Increase in JWs in France?

    Do you see an "amazing" 33 percent increase in baptisms from 2000 to now or an increase in the number of JWs in France?

    The WTS misrepresents itself to the French government.

    On the TJ Recherches mailing list, Charles Chasson posted a paragraph-by-paragraph rebuttal of the tract recently distributed in France by the WTS.

    I found the financial information especially interesting and asked Charles' permission to share a part of his post here. He kindly agreed. My translations are rough, but I think enough comes through to get the general idea. I use the BabelFish program to give me a base translation and then comb through it with a French dictionary. Any mistakes are probably mine, not Charles'.


    In answer to the paragraph that says:
    A tax on their church-offering [or donations], with heavy penalties, is thus required retroactively for the years 1993 to 1996. All to be paid by the faithful [followers], the great majority of whom live with modest means.
    Charles Chasson quotes from Report No. 1687 of the National Assembly (p. 195):
    The audit of the Association of Jehovah's Witnesses revealed the existence of a receipt of 250,579,860 francs received in the form of gifts between January 1, 1993 and August 31, 1996. In accordance with the General Tax Code, these gifts were subject to gift taxes calculated at the rate applicable to transfers on a purely free basis between non-related people, that is to say 60%. This resulted in back taxes owing of about 150.3 million francs. Since the Association did not pay these taxes within the deadlines, late interest was added, that is to say 26.8 million francs, calculated pursuant to article 1727 at the rate of 0.75 % per month. Moreover, the same association did not deposit, within an extension of 30 days following a second declaration, a formal warning containing [the indication of elements to retain for assessment? {I am not sure how to translate this.}] or the liquidation of these rights. Consequently the increase to 80% (that is to say approximately 120.3 million francs) envisaged in article 1728.3 of the same code was applied. The total of taxes and penalties against the Association of Jehovah's Witnesses thus reached 297.4 million francs, summons put in recovery on January 18, 1999."
    Charles Chasson comments:
    You will notice that the Jehovah's Witnesses, true to their legendary humility, did not answer a request for a declaration in spite of a second formal warning, which was worth an additional 123 million francs to them and for which the penalties of delay, despite the extension given by the administration, are 23 million francs. The Jehovah's Witness chiefs are responsible for more than half of the sum which they owe to the tax services!!!
    I (Ginny) translated this into dollars and was amazed. The WTS take in France over three years was about $33 million. That's $11 million a year! If they'd paid the taxes when first asked, the bill would have been $19.7 million. Because they delayed, the bill was something like $38.9 million on January 18, 1999. Their refusal to pay has already cost the faithful at least $19.2 million dollars, not to mention legal expenses, travel, the expense of moving equipment around, and the costs of printing tracts about the issue.
    I'd question the figures, especially a harsh penalty adding 80% of the amount due if not paid on time, but Charles Chasson quotes from a National Assembly report itself.
    Charles Chasson continues:
    There is no personal enrichment at the Jehovah's Witnesses, all is sacrificed to the idol that is their organization which will seize the power at the time of the New System upon which Jehovah's Witnesses wait--fanaticism is not inevitably related to personal enrichment and stock exchange appreciation. But while Jehovah's Witnesses pretend to their followers not to have any more money, the parliamentary commitee reveals what follows (p.194):
    c) The Absence of Declaration of Income from Inheritance
    Sectarian associations are often holders, as has been seen, of financial securities which earn income for them. Pursuant to article 206-5 of the General Tax Code, the associations not subjected to the corporation tax "are subject to that tax because . . . of the incomes from movable capital" they have. Regardless of the profitable character of their activities, all associations are thus taxable on the basis of their financial products. In spite of the importance of the income drawn from its financial assets, the Association of Jehovah's Witnesses did not conform, before its audit, with this provision. It consequently underwent a recall of tax of 7.3 million francs for the products received between September 1992 and August 1996."
    Charles continues:
    Wouldn't it be interesting to know how much capital it takes to generate 7.3 million [francs] payment of back taxes in 4 years? As by chance besides, our Jehovah's Witness heads had forgotten to declare this kind of revenue.
    In the same vein (p.155):
    The financial fixed assets and marketable securities held by the national authorities of Jehovah's Witnesses reached, as of August 31, 1998, 62.9 million francs. Local associations of the same sect would have also carried out financial placements which, according to the information submitted to the Commission, would have represented nearly 500 million francs deposited on the network of only one bank. This information does not correspond to the estimates of the national persons in charge of the Jehovist organization who declared before the Commission that the credit of local associations reached a total of 600 million francs, primarily consisting of real estate investments."

    infuriate the Devil--only the WTS is targeted by the Devil since they are the only true religion in their opinion

    *** km 5/99 p. 2 Service Meetings for May ***

    We encounter many people who are favorable toward the truth and admire Jehovah's Witnesses. However, the ties they maintain with their church hinder them. They find it difficult to believe that we have the only true religion and that their form of worship is false. This becomes a major barrier to their spiritual progress.

    fellow Christians in France--only JWs

    16 Jehovah's Witnesses do not enjoy being persecuted. However, in obedience to
    God's command to all Christians, they cannot and will not stop speaking about
    the things they have heard. They endeavor to be good citizens. Where there is a
    conflict between God's law and man's law, however, they must obey God as ruler.

    Jehovah's Witnesses do not enjoy being persecuted.

    But JWs are told that if they are not persecuted they are not really Christians. Persecution does make them happy.

    *** w04 8/15 p. 12 Hated Without Cause ***

    Further, the apostle Paul wrote that all of God's servants-including each one of us-should expect to be persecuted. (2 Timothy 3:12)

    *** w04 11/1 p. 17 Persecuted yet Happy ***

    Another reason why opposition and persecution for righteousness' sake makes us happy is that it proves that we are living as true Christians with godly devotion. The apostle Paul wrote: "All those desiring to live with godly devotion in association with Christ Jesus will also be persecuted." (2 Timothy 3:12)

    All Christians--only JWs

    Good citizens--paying all their taxes as in France? Does the WTS tell its members to only pay the taxes they think are just, to take out the percentage that may go to the military? Do they encourage their members to turn in murderers, illegal aliens, pedophiles? Can individual JWs lobby politicians and vote against taxes they feel are unfair or unjust?

    *** w72 10/15 p. 640 Questions from Readers ***

    · Can a Christian be expected to pay taxes to a government that engages in practices that are contrary to his beliefs?-U.S.A.
    The Bible definitely shows that it is proper for Christians to pay taxes. When asked whether it was lawful to pay head tax to Caesar or not, Jesus Christ replied: "Pay back, therefore, Caesar's things to Caesar, but God's things to God." (Matt. 22:17, 21) The apostle Paul, in discussing submission to governmental authorities, wrote: "There is . . . compelling reason, for you people to be in subjection, not only on account of that wrath [directed against lawless persons] but also on account of your conscience. For that is why you are also paying taxes; for they are God's public servants constantly serving this very purpose. Render to all their dues, to him who calls for the tax, the tax."-Rom. 13:5-7.
    Neither in the words of Jesus nor in those of the apostle Paul is there even a hint that the servant of God has any responsibility with reference to the use governmental authorities make of the tax money. The situation is comparable to one's paying an electrician, a plumber or other workman for services rendered.
    Governmental authorities are "God's public servants" in the sense that Christians benefit from their services, including the handling of mail, fire protection, water supply, education, public transportation, the building and maintenance of roads and highways as well as protection by law-enforcement agencies and judicial systems. Even when governments engage in practices that are contrary to a Christian's beliefs, he still benefits from these services.
    Also, as Jesus pointed out, the money belongs to "Caesar." This is because the governmental authority issues money and assigns a particular value to it. So when the government requires that part of the money be returned for services rendered, the Christian is under obligation to do so.
    Governments that misuse their authority will be held accountable by God.-Rom. 12:19.

    *** w77 3/15 p. 191 Questions from Readers ***

    Take note that while Onesimus was in Rome the apostle Paul did not hand him over to the Roman authorities for punishment as a fugitive slave and possibly a thief. We know from his writings that Paul believed that a Christian should obey the law of the land, but plainly he did not consider it the congregation's duty to serve as an arm of the government in policing individuals' lives.

    Blurb on page 23: The yeartext for 2006 will be: "We must obey God as ruler
    rather than men." -Acts 5:29

    Fear Them Not

    17 Our enemies are in a very precarious position. They are fighting against God.
    Thus, in harmony with Jesus' command, rather than fear them, we pray for those
    persecuting us. (Matthew 5:44) We pray that if any are opposing God out of
    ignorance, as Saul of Tarsus was, Jehovah will graciously open their eyes to the
    truth. (2 Corinthians 4:4) Saul became the Christian apostle Paul and suffered
    greatly at the hands of the authorities of his day. Still, he kept reminding
    fellow believers "to be in subjection and be obedient to governments and
    authorities as rulers, to be ready for every good work, to speak injuriously of
    no one [no, not even of their most ardent persecutors], not to be belligerent,
    to be reasonable, exhibiting all mildness toward all men." (Titus 3:1, 2)
    Jehovah's Witnesses in France and elsewhere endeavor to take this counsel to

    Our enemies--all non-JWs

    Fighting against God--WTS = GOD

    We pray for those persecuting us--pray that Armageddon come soon and wipe them off the planet

    Open their eyes to the truth--the doctrines of the WTS

    speak injuriously of no one [no, not even of their most ardent persecutors]--those dreaded brackets

    JWs have a hard time not speaking injuriously of fellow JWs, wearing an iron vest might help, protect from the backstabbers. They pray for the destruction of the wicked, everyone who is not a JW, over 6 billion men, women AND children, descending into eternal death.

    *** w70 8/15 p. 485 How Important Is Prayer to You? ***

    Things pertaining to Jehovah's purposes such as the vindication of his name, the destruction of the wicked, the unopposed rule of the earth by his kingdom and the public proclamation of the good news of his kingdom are all suitable subjects for prayer.

    Opposing God out of ignorance--opposing the WTS

    Ignorance--will all non-JWs get an individual witness before eternal destruction at Armageddon?

    *** w00 1/15 p. 13 "Keep on the Watch" ***

    Nevertheless, the Bible does not state that Jehovah will wait until every individual on earth has received a personal witness. Rather, the good news must be preached to Jehovah's satisfaction. Then the end will come,

    Jehovah will graciously open their eyes to the truth--Where's Jesus? the truth--WTS dogma only.

    *** w87 3/1 p. 14 'Upon the Watchtower I Am Standing' ***

    The magazine's first editor, C. T. Russell, instituted safeguards to make certain that what was printed in The Watchtower was the truth as then understood.

    *** w79 7/1 p. 31 'We Really Appreciate It' ***

    But after reading "The Watchtower" for an hour, I cried out, "I have found the truth," and I have never left it.'

    *** w79 11/1 p. 30 The Watchtower-Announcer of Jehovah's Kingdom for 100 Years ***

    Others said of "The Watchtower": "It's just like a letter from my father; I never miss an article." "'The Watchtower' gives us the truth and the truth makes us free."

    18 God told the prophet Jeremiah: "I am with you to deliver you." (Jeremiah 1:8)
    How might Jehovah deliver us from persecution today? He might raise up a
    fair-minded judge like Gamaliel. Or he may see to it that a corrupt or
    antagonistic official is unexpectedly replaced by a more reasonable one. At
    times, though, Jehovah may permit the persecution of his people to run its
    course. (2 Timothy 3:12) If God allows us to be persecuted, he will always give
    us the strength to endure persecution. (1 Corinthians 10:13) And no matter what
    God permits, we have no doubt as to the final outcome: Those who fight against
    God's people are fighting against God, and fighters against God will not prevail.

    OT--prophet Jeremiah, isn't there an NT example?

    Raise up...unexpectedly replace...permit the persecution--or use illegal tactics such as in Mexico at the same time allowing the horrible persecution in Malawi.

    It was under the policies of F. W. Franz that thousands of Malawians were persecuted, their homes burned to the ground. Many witness woman were raped and murdered and still others had to wander as refugees. [40} All this befell them because they were forbidden by the Watchtower Society's unyielding policies to buy a .25 cent party-card which would have simply recognized them as politically non-threatening in the single-party-state of Malawi.
    Simultaneously, brothers in Mexico had been paying exorbitant fees for many years to bribe military officials to obtain a "cartilla"- This cartilla card would officially mark one as a member of the first reserves, that is, a person who had already fulfilled his military service. (Military service is prohibited by the Watchtower). All these transactions were done clandestinely.
    When brothers in Mexico read in the WT what was happening to their dear brothers in Malawi, their consciences pricked them. Bethel headquarters subsequently received a flood of mail from Mexico asking what to do about their very similar, but covert situation. The response from Watchtower headquarters? "It’s a conscience matter."
    (Ironically, today Watchtower leaders have rendered political voting a "conscience matter," even piously preaching to rank and file Jehovah's Witnesses that they should not judge others for doing so when they themselves had the ability to spare their spiritual brothers in Malawi much pain by conceding them a similar right. (Watchtower November 1, 1999 pgs. 28-29. See Crisis of Conscience

    his people--only JWs

    God allows...God permits--If the WTS allows or permits

    God's people--only JWs

    fighting against God--fighting against the WTS

    19 Jesus told his disciples to expect tribulation. (John 16:33) In view of this, the words recorded at Acts 5:29 have never been more timely: "We must obey God as ruler rather than men." For that reason, these thrilling words have been selected as the yeartext of Jehovah's Witnesses for 2006. May it be our resolve
    during the coming year and throughout eternity to obey God as Ruler at all costs!

    Year's text--will the rank and file be obeying God or the WTS? Who says you can't have a beard, the WTS or God?

    CARROT--throughout eternity

    Concluding Comments

    Last year's convention theme: Godly Obedience
    2006 year's text--Obey God as Ruler Rather Than Men

    What is the real problem? Obeying God or obeying the WTS?

    Next week: Now is the Time for Decisive Action

    The WTS is trying to fire up the rank and file as if the end they have been advertising since 1874, 131 years ago, is just around the corner. Once again an OT setting is used. The analogy is faulty because the people executed then will be resurrected per the WTS.

    "How long will you sit on the fence?"

    What are the implications of Jehu "pretending to be a Baal worshpper himself"? After killing thousands of "false worshippers," did Jehovah stop worshipping false gods himself? How does the WTS get around that?

    It snowed today. I hate bare ground in the winter. The sun is out too. Yay!

    Love, Blondie

    Can You Answer?

    - What encouraging example did the apostles set for us by the way they faced
    - Why should we always obey God as ruler rather than men?
    - Our opposers are really fighting against whom?
    - What outcome can we expect for those who endure persecution?


    1. (a) What is the theme text for this study? (b) Why were the apostles taken
    into custody?
    2. What did an angel command the apostles to do?
    3, 4. (a) When ordered to stop preaching, how did Peter and John respond? (b)
    How did the other apostles respond?
    5, 6. Why did the apostles not obey the order of the court?
    7. Why did the preaching work anger the chief priests?
    8. What wise counsel did Gamaliel give to the Sanhedrin?
    9. What proves that the apostles' work was from God?
    10. From a human standpoint, why might Caiaphas have felt secure in his
    position, but why was his confidence misplaced?
    11. What end came to Pontius Pilate and the Jewish system of things, and what
    conclusion do you draw from this?
    12. How does the case of Jesus prove that obedience to God is the course of
    13. In modern times, what work proved to be from men, and what work proved to be from God? How do you know?
    14. (a) What efforts have opposers made to slander God's servants, and with what
    results? (b) Will such efforts bring any lasting harm to God's people? (Hebrews
    13:5, 6)
    15, 16. How have Jehovah's Witnesses in France reacted to opposition to their
    Christian work, and why do they keep on preaching?
    17. (a) Why are our enemies not to be feared? (b) What should be our attitude
    toward persecutors?
    18. (a) In what ways might Jehovah deliver his people? (b) What will be the
    final outcome?
    19. What is the yeartext for 2006, and why is it appropriate?

  • Woodsman

    Another great commentary. You're having too much fun. I just studied the article in my wifes WT on the memorial. It will be studied in March. I'll chime in with you on that one as it is blatantly deceptive and lacking foundation for statements made.

  • Elsewhere

    <----- That's all I got to say about that.

  • IronClaw

    Well done Blondie, I always enjoy this feature you present every week. The Mexico situation has bothered me ever since I read COC. Still cant anyone to respond to my questions on it.( witnesses that is )

  • jgnat

    I am so glad you pointed out that the Watchtower's leadership can be challenged by thinking Christians. I'm going to keep driving that point home, as the Jehovah's Witnesses earnestly recite this year's text, "Obey God rather than Men". Over and over and over.

    If we are NOT fighting God, merely imperfect men of a corrupt organization, cannot the Watchtower Society leave it in God's hands alone to deal with us...or not? WHY DID the Watchtower society find it necessary to bully a Quotes site off the internet? What information can assail against the "truth"? Unless, of course, the society itself has been less than truthful.

    I am disappointed again that the Watchtower society suggests that the Nazi's true target were the Jehovah's Witnesses. The Jews, whom the Jehovah's Witnesses also condemn, suffered far more. How do the JW's view the mass genocide of the Jewish people? God's judgement or persecution from the Evil one?

    I do think it is unwise to try and legislate the Watchtower Society out of existence as France and others are trying. Governments are notoriously awkward when they try and deal with religious issues. Consider attempts to ban the burqa.

    I find it interesting that the "crafty religious and political elements" responsible for modern-day persecution of the Jehovah's Witnesses, are not named. Except for France. Why wasn't Russia highlighted or named? Is it perhaps that the judicial investigation in to whether the Jehovah's Witnesses are harmful to family life have merit? Or is it that the Watchtower Society is far more alarmed about the hefty tax bill?

    I agree, this quote is hilarious, "Jehovah's Witnesses do not enjoy being persecuted." The JW's I've met revel in persecution. If they can engineer a bit of "persecution" through activism or stupidity, all the better.

  • Pistoff

    Ugh. The WT spits the same tired rhetoric, illogic and venom week after week.

    Preach; don't question, don't question.

    They are the equivalent of the crazy old great grandpa who keeps repeating the same stupid things over and over.

    Listening to their logic will make you CRAZY.

  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    DAMN!!! I have to go and listen to this CRAP tomorrow, oh wait.....AAH..AAHH...AAHCHOOOOOOO!!!! I think I feel a severe cold coming , sorry I might not make it!!

    Thank you Blondie for your sacrifice, it is very much appreciated, as always Excellent Work!!!!


  • xjwms


    Thanks again, ... even though is assembly weekend, I note the words, ... that... B R A I N ... W A S H .

    I am learning so much way to go.

  • heathen
    The Bible encourages us to check our beliefs against what it teaches. (1 John 4:1) Millions of readers of this magazine can testify that doing so has added purpose and stability to their lives. So be like the noble-minded Beroeans. 'Carefully examine the Scriptures daily' before you decide what to believe. (Acts 17:11)

    Yah right as long as you publically say the WTBTS is correct instead of pointing out thier mistakes . I only got about 75% thru this article ,it's pretty sad how they ignore the facts and keep trying to play righteous guy to everybody elses evil guy . Well researched blondie . I just can't stomac the self righteous attitude they always portray . They don't want to pay france it's tax because they only care about developing realestate . They are not a charity and france seems to recognize that ,thus the tax .Charities do not develope realestate they help people in need . I think the same can be said for most not for profit organizations , they could argue, why single us out ? That would be a better argument than religious persecution .

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Thanks for the great commentary again blondie - I knew you were going to have an absolute field day on this one!!

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