Comments You Will Not Hear at the 1-22-06 WT Study (Obey)

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  • Forscher

    Your commentary was great. The article was more boring WTBTS fluff! The more they go on, the worse it gets.

  • AuldSoul
    14 In the years since the Nazis' efforts, others have joined the losing battle against Jehovah and his people. In a number of countries in Europe, crafty religious and political elements have endeavored to brand Jehovah's Witnesses a 'dangerous sect,' the same charge that was leveled against first-century Christians. (Acts 28:22) The fact is, the European Court of Human Rights has recognized Jehovah's Witnesses as a religion, not a sect. Opposers must know that. Still, they persist in slandering the Witnesses. As a direct result of this mischaracterization, some of these Christians have been discharged from their employment. Witness children have been harassed in schools. Fearful landlords have canceled contracts for buildings that the Witnesses have long used as meeting places. In a few cases, government agencies have even denied citizenship to individuals solely on the grounds that they are Jehovah's Witnesses! Still, the Witnesses are undeterred.

    Thanks again, blondie!

    They battle against those who claim to be Jehovah's people, not against Jesus or his people (i.e. Christians).

    The WTS provides no means to check the statements they make regarding slander, mischaracterization, harassment, reasons for canceled contracts with landlords, or reasons for denial of citizenship.

    In any and every case mentioned, their persecutions has nothing to do with them bearing Christ's name or bearing good news. They are not known as Christians. In most parts of the US they are known as either "Jehovah's" or "Watchtower people." The latter suits them best.


  • stillAwitness

    Great Review Blondie! As always!

    So good how well you are able to read between the lines! What's your secret?

    Interesting point about how the DUBS actually enjoy being persecuted cause they think they are doing something right. When I read that it brought me back to that link you posted about JW in Nazi Germany. What a great article that was!

    Never really thought about how succumbed to the WT most of those prisoners were. How sad! Especially since most of them were a bit loony:

    Witnesses could even work without guards because they would usually not attempt to escape."[104] In February, 1943, when a group of prisoners were being transferred, the train stopped to take on supplies which were loaded by the prisoners. One Witness was ordered to retrieve an item, and by the time he arrived back, the train had already pulled away. He immediately persuaded the workman to drive him to the next stop where he boarded his prison train--and the SS guards were not yet aware of his absence.

    That speaks volumes about the kind of control the Society has on people.

  • AlmostAtheist

    >>oh wait.....AAH..AAHH...AAHCHOOOOOOO!!!! I think I feel a severe cold coming , sorry I might not make it!!

    So sorry you're under the weather, IC! Take heart though, these things usually clear up by noon, or midafternoon. (Depending on when your meeting time is!)

    Great work, Blondie, as always. :-)


  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    Hi, Blondie, Another cracker of a WT study!!

    On behalf of us all may I say that your contract as our Official Watchtower Study Conductor has been renewed for another year and another...and another... etc


  • blindersoff
    *** w82 11/15 p. 20 Who Are God's Ministers Today? ***
    Well, salvation is still on the basis of Jesus' sacrifice. And those who wish to be saved still have to call on Jehovah's name. (Acts 4:12; Romans 10:13

    This WT comment has griped me since the day I read it. Here is a good place to share it.

    THE WATCHTOWER. FEBRUARY 15, 2005 page 19--------------------

    10 ------- "Faith follows the thing heard," stated Paul. (Rom 10:17) What did he mean by that?

    He meant that by feeding on God's Word, we

    build our faith and confidence in ­Jehovah his promises, and his organization

    By reading the context, we see that is NOT what he meant. H e was referring to the preaching about Jesus who is not even mentioned here.


  • BluesBrother

    Is this not the crafty use of figures?

    Why, in just one six-month period, the number of home Bible studies increased by an amazing 33 percent in that country

    I wonder which 6 month period that was? I believe that once had a massive push to counteract the bad publicity . Perhaps these were 'doorstep studies' and the pubs were especially urged to count everything they could? (That is a "perhaps")

    Look at the latest chart. The Studies are about 40,000 being 35% of the average publishers. Compare Britain where it is 38%.. Also last year they baptized 2318 in France but had a net gain in av. publishers of just 693. Where did they go?? (onto the internet, perhaps?)

  • mjarka911

    In paragraph 6 it quotes one of the "finest legal minds" to prop up their point, but then in the next breath will denounce "higher education" as worldly wisdom. Do these writers get ulcers having to swallow noxious diverse opinions?

  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    AlmostAtheist , I've got a few more hours to go before this clears up, I think that by 4 or 5 I will be OK !

    IC (of the suffering a case of Acute JWMeetingitis class)

  • willyloman

    In 30 years, I never sat through a WT study this good! Your logical on why they don't just give Caesar's things to Caesar as they acknowledge (elsewhere) the bible compels them to do, is brilliant. "Why not let yourself be wronged?" is the scriptural admonition we delivered to a brother during a weeks-long sticky-wicket judicial case some years back, advice that came from the Society itself after we called them for guidance.

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